KritzKast #372: Check out the Show Notes

Posted on: Apr 25th 2016 by Tempest

An odd episode this week. Even though Agro and Tempest were in the same location, due to the gods of technical issues looking unfavorably upon them, only tempest was able to present on this weeks episode. That didn’t Prevent Chronos joining him to talk Drama, Hype and Nerf guns being thrown around TF2. Meanwhile, Comics, Cosplay and Crashed Cars surrounded Overwatch.

KritzKast #371: Tough Break down, open beta up

Posted on: Apr 17th 2016 by Tempest

Tough Break is over, no going back to contracts…..for now. But how did we feel it went? We also discuss Russian News using the golden pan price in an economic report and us at kritzkast being added to tf2stadium. Over on overwatch, we dig through the latest patch notes and how we feel competitive play will play out.

KritzKast #370: Nope.mp3

Posted on: Apr 13th 2016 by Tempest

Joining on the show is Crazy Halo, a huge part of why Nope.Taunt has become a thing this week. We talk to him about how he went about it and some of the issues he had with putting it together. We also Discuss the latest update to overwatch and of course the short video “Alive”. Plus a great heartwarming Email

KritzKast #369: Riding the Mannshaft

Posted on: Apr 7th 2016 by Tempest

This was the week of April Fools. Always a great time for TF2 and it seems good fun for overwatch too. This week we talk about the Pranks, the updates and a great interview with Jeff Kaplan.

KritzKast #368: Stream on TF2

Posted on: Apr 2nd 2016 by Agro

TF2 Update РMarch 22/24, 2016 TF2 Streamers Now on Main Menu (community) Steam Workshop Now Supports Sketchfab Previews (workshop) Overwatch New Animated Short: Recall (lore) Update РMarch 22, 2016 New Weekly Brawls Figured Out (data-mining/gameplay) Former TF2 Invite Team Classic Mixup Picked up by Luminosity Gaming for OW (competitive)