KritzKast #331: Splat Overcrotch

Posted on: Jul 1st 2015 by Tempest

This week we discover some very important news about the Tf2 comics. Brace yourself. Its another 6-8 weeks away. However, we also discover that we are getting an issue 7……eventually. Plus we’ve got some great goodies for you. Splat fortress. Based on Splatoon but made inside of TF2. Interested? How about getting people to I55? That’s right 2 American teams are SOOOO close to rasing all the funds they need […]

KritzKast #330: Red Storm Rising

Posted on: Jun 24th 2015 by Tempest

Ruskeydoo is back. Its been a while, but he’s here to talk about all the updates to TF2. Not only that, but we talk about a very unexpected revelation about miss Pauling. Then Agro shows us a Voicepack taking audio from both Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm. That would be it, if it wasn’t for the lengthy amounts of chat about overwatch. We talk about the widowmaker & Winston […]

May’s Artwork Contest Winners!

Posted on: Jun 23rd 2015 by Tempest

Some of you may know, some of you may not, That every month our server admins do a wonderful little contest giving you guys a monthly chance to win a Lo-Fi. Normally its very simple. Grab a screenshot of the “Admin of the month”. The best screenshot wins the Lo-Fi. How do you know who is the admin of the month, Firstly check the steam group for details, secondly you’ll […]

KritzKast #329: Dungeon of the Endless Refunds

Posted on: Jun 22nd 2015 by Agro

The one where Dungeon of the Endless gets TF2 items Steam starts issuing refunds The summer sale kicks off, together with cookie clicker style minigame. Maps workshop sees a tonne of updates. And our Artist of the Month competition sees some winners.