KritzKast #389: Rydercycle meets his match

Posted on: Aug 23rd 2016 by Agro

You know when you have a podcast and you invite someone on and they are awesome and accept and you tell you you’ll start early for them and then you fall asleep right before you start and then you’re late and you don’t get so much time with them? Just me huh. So we had Rydercycle on (for the start of) the show together with Benjamoose, who up till now […]

KritzKast #388: Isometric

Posted on: Aug 15th 2016 by Agro

If you’re anything like me you’ll like your podcasts how you like your maps, dimensionally challenged. Which is to say that we have a great episodes for you today, so long as you’re prepared to squint a little and look at it side on. The little Update that wasn’t – Valve Time – Announcing the 2016 Saxxy Awards – Isometric TF2 maps – The (nearly) Complete […]

KritzKast #387: The Cool Confirmer

Posted on: Aug 8th 2016 by Agro

Before we go any further I want to give a big shout out to our new 6s ESEA team. Watch out for a blog post on this and where you can follow them. Best to mention that we still don’t have Uberchain’s intro music sorted yet. In our defence it’s been less than 3 years since she joined us; what do you guys want, efficiency? Update – 3rd August – […]

KritzKast #386: A spectacle of graphics and sound

Posted on: Jul 31st 2016 by Agro

Jasmine Tea will be making their way to i58 – the biodome in the National Exhibition Center – where computers grow on treas, sponsored by Tetley eSports. It’s possible they will be joined by North American legends, Froyotech. They will also be playing pl_drawpu in the finals. Some of the facts listed here may not be real things. Update – Tip of the hats – ETF2L is looking […]

KritzKast #385: Hiding viewmodels in Summer Jam

Posted on: Jul 24th 2016 by Agro

Over the course of this weekend we recorded this episode of KritzKast, edited and released it. While this is not in the least bit unusual, we did have a little bit more incentive to get it done. As LeSwordfish pointed out. Content created within this period may qualify us for entry into the Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam. And who doesn’t like Jam? July 14th Blogpost – WeLoveFine balloonicorn […]