KritzKast #288: Live from i52

Posted on: Aug 29th 2014 by Agro

Perhaps a little bit of a misnomer to title this one “live from” since we weren’t able to live stream the recording, though I’m hoping it will go some way to explaining why our audio isn’t perfect this week. We had a LAN party going on behind us. Not just any old LAN either. This was i52 the UK’s biggest LAN with somewhere in the region of three thousand BYOC […]

KritzKast #287: That noise

Posted on: Aug 26th 2014 by Agro

In the build up to i52 TF2 gets an update. Real life merch makes its way to the workshop. The End of the Line beta map goes into open beta. Valve have surreptitiously added “skill rating” to the game. has an invitational 6v6 just as opens their doors. opens as the relaunch of and the rather marvellous hudcreator goes live. YM via Reddit, gives us a […]

KritzKast #286: Soaking

Posted on: Aug 17th 2014 by Agro

It’s a big week and so, amazingly, we skip over this week’s update to talk about a historic moment when the entire KritzKast podcast was together in one place. Makani confirms the fourth installment of the current TF2 comic for the end of the month, but in the meanwhile you can view Kevin Lennertz fan comic about the sniper. Everyong gets access to the hugely useful, but it’s not […]

KritzKast #285: Beef is beef

Posted on: Aug 6th 2014 by Agro

It seems we can’t have another update to cactus canyon without having another cactus. There’s three in there now; Half Life 3 confirmed? No. What we do have back though is the level 3 mini-sentries. \o/ ValveTime, run through their Top 5 Valve maps, betting on matches with keys and metal becomes a thing with The i49 Fragumentary is on the horizon as is an item replacement service from […]

KritzKast #284: The mackerel awards

Posted on: Aug 1st 2014 by Tempest

We are loving the weekly updates to the beta maps. It gives us more and more to talk about each week. Thank you Valve. We also talk briefly about other items in the update…but really…..its all about the big changes to asteroid and subtle changes to canyon. Also Announced this week is the 4th annual Saxxy awards. This year you can start creating with portals since they have added the […]

KritzKast #283: Seduce the Cactus

Posted on: Jul 22nd 2014 by Agro

We sink our teeth into the updated versions of the TF2 Beta maps, chewing on how they’ve changed the way they play. We also wonder if science has finally gone too far with the Red Neca Spy that has finally shipped. Meet the KritzKast Team (current hosts and editor) on the 8th of August for an evening off the air, off the game and generally off our faces. Be sure to RSVP on Reddit or FaceBook! Lastly, for those times in […]

KritzKast #282: Beta Bots

Posted on: Jul 16th 2014 by Tempest

Whats better than a huge update with a new game mode? Testing said new game mode and letting valve know how we feel and how to change it before its released? Seems good to me. This week we saw to start of the TF2 Beta Maps, Early Access. In this we are exposed to the new game mode in the works, Robot Destruction. How do you feel about? Think its […]

KritzKast #281: From the Mountains of Illinois

Posted on: Jul 9th 2014 by Agro

Comp TF2 gets quite a look-in this week with the new site, two teams from NA will be coming to i52, the Highlander Nations Cup has begun and both ETF2L and UGC are banning conga. Volcano Fragment is now a burger, TFTools have a charity stream, sadly not in a barrel of fish, and we should all relax and take a look at the scenery.

KritzKast #280: Conga Business Simulator 2

Posted on: Jul 4th 2014 by Agro

After the kerfuffle  caused with the demo-nerf last week it perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that Valve have unnerfed the nerf. Valve have also introduced Buy Orders to the Steam Marketplace to spoil bot’s fun. have run another 72hr mapping contest using The War of the Worlds as their theme. Elsewhere on their forums the idea of monetary compensation for mappers has sparked debate. Medi20 has released his art as a coloring […]