KritzKast #381: 5 Years of Map Porn

Posted on: Jun 26th 2016 by Tempest

I know what your thinking. That episode name is rather weird. Well, lets just say that there is some weird stuff discussed in this weeks episode. We talk about Dream hacks finals that didn’t finished. A TF2 composer that you can download and play with, an awesome cowboy bebop TF2 video…….and map porn. I could explain what it is, buts you’ll enjoy it more if you listen to the episode. […]

KritzKast #380: Jasmine Tea

Posted on: Jun 21st 2016 by Agro

It’s still a little too early to hope for anything too wonderful from the nimphs of summer. Perhaps it will be pixies and dancing rainbows; perhaps it’ll be rivers of molton lava flowing around our underwater bases. Who can tell? Certainly not Tempest and I. But what I do want to see is a bunch of Australians kicking seven layers of snot out of Europeans and North Americans. Or at […]

KritzKast #379: Neato

Posted on: Jun 13th 2016 by Agro

“I need proof!” We may have had a brief insight from an actual Valve employee, known to be working on the next update that the update itself will be, in a word, “neato”. Read into that what you will but frankly I’ve been burned a little to often to take anything at face value. TF2 Dev Jill Hints on Facepunch – DreamHack Summer “Fundraiser Showmatch” – DreamHack Summer […]

KritzKast #378: Halloween Forever

Posted on: Jun 7th 2016 by Agro

You too could be experiencing the flesh melting horror of Halloween every day, with this one simple linkbait trick. As disturbing as that may seem it’s nothing compared to being trapped in a lift with Agro and Tempest. The dad jokes, the puns, the humanity!

KritzKast #377: Ye Olde Workshoppe

Posted on: Jun 2nd 2016 by Agro

Chronos and Agro have hatched a dastardly plot, trapping everyone else in a closet, leaving us on our own to discuss some good new workshop submissions and plans for world domination; but mostly the workshope. Dreamhack Talent & Teams Confirmed – Ye Olde Medieval Update – The Button Basher: An Engineer Taunt – The Subjugated Saboteur: The New Ap-Sap – Firestarter: Pyro Taunt –