KritzKast #304: Rapidly Approaching Ducks

Posted on: Dec 16th 2014 by Tempest

This week its all about End of the Line. Not just the final product, but everything around it. We didn’t get what we were originally expecting to get from the update, which has lead to a lot of hate being thrown around the TF2 community, Mainly due to the map being rejected at the very last second. We try to stay nice as we dissect the update, The final SFM […]

KritzKast #303: In the Barrel of Dicks

Posted on: Dec 13th 2014 by Agro

If your expecting a huge talk about the end of the line, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, this episode was recorded before the update was released. So instead we talk about the rocketing price of keys and there impact on the economy. We also take a look at streaming over steam. Yep steam broadcasting service is now available for everybody….as long as you opt into it. We also discuss […]

KritzKast #300: This is KritzKast

Posted on: Dec 7th 2014 by Agro

300 is just a number, no more important than the annual celebrations of the escaping from your mother’s womb. So making a big song and dance about having recorded 300 episodes of the Team fortress 2 podcast may seem a little self congratulatory of us. You know what, fuck it! This is our show and we’ll feels if we want to. For our 300th episode we’ve brought previous hosts, B00bies and […]

KritzKast #302: Smooth Minigun

Posted on: Dec 5th 2014 by Agro

TF2 Mercs have been cropping up in the latest steam sale, exploring the world and generally doing things you don’t normally associate with killing each other. Speculation as to this activity is rife. Which was lucky because other than that, and the Jazz Minigun (link through the picture) it’s been all quiet on the Eastern Front for TF2. In Overwatch Watch; the Blizzard dev interview (where someone dared to compare […]

KritzKast #301: A Foosball Circle Jerk

Posted on: Nov 23rd 2014 by Agro

How do you follow 300? Why, with a super dooper pl_upward update (okay, it’s an extra stair) of course. In the same week that launches the final voting on the Mercs vs Aliens Fubar launches his own mini map-pack.  Muselk raised circa. $5K AUD for THP Australia. In our new section Overwatch Watch: nothing happened last week, as confirmed on fan site Overwatch Universe. Oh and Ruskey, if you want even more […]

KritzKast #299: Is overwatch the new TF2?

Posted on: Nov 15th 2014 by Tempest

Overwatch could very well be an attempt by Blizzard to muscle in on TF2’s territory. We talk about its potential future impact on the game and the community. Also this week; how Square Enix are out sourcing their promo items to the workshop. We’ve played Instant Muffins TF2Kart, a game mode in development before Halloween’s bumper cars. To round it off, there’s an 8inch 3A Ghost of Zepheniah Mann figure which you just can’t buy. […]

KritzKast #298: Every Hole is a Goal

Posted on: Nov 7th 2014 by Agro

If this is the first time you’ve listened to KritzKast, I feel I should apologise for the show name. It’s a gross misrepresentation of the content. No holes were destroyed in the making of this show. Although that may be a better explanation for Scream Fortress 6 [*shudders] than Valve came up with. Along with the actual updates, and the gifts there’s been rampant speculation that we may be getting another WAR […]

KritzKast #297: The Ugly Spyling

Posted on: Oct 29th 2014 by Agro

The horror that was the NECA spy has been rather cleverly hidden with a paper mask. TF2 hits over 100,000 concurrent players. The HoUWaR creeps closer to becoming a reality. Valve makes $2m a year just from reselling keys. TF2 makes its way into CS:GO and Speedrunners. BETALAN happened, as did the ETF2L & Teamfortress TV’s Highlander Invitational.

KritzKast #296: The Tempest Spectacular

Posted on: Oct 25th 2014 by Tempest

Look, Look. RD_Asteroid looks like a Moonbase. Looks like Team Moon takes the lead. But for how long? We talk about the changes to the map above and also the vote system created by this weeks update. We also return to the comic like we promised. Sir grey is here to give his opinions on the story and the direction its moving. On top of that he also brings news […]