KritzKast #393: Pitching a tent in the dog park

Posted on: Sep 26th 2016 by Agro

There are few casters who’ve managed to rise up the roster quite as surely and determinedly as Dreamboat, and now he’s here with us. There’s little doubt about his commitment to TF2 as an eSport though. Any Canadian who’s willing to wake up at 4am to cast a game in Australia deserves everything coming their way: fame, money, the ladies, in fact all the hallucinations one suffers from during a […]

KritzKast #392: Beyblade Heavies

Posted on: Sep 18th 2016 by Agro

Apparently I appeared to be quite energetic for the 30 seconds KritzKast was on Tip of the Hats. Maybe it was just the though that oh so soon afterwards I’d be hanging out with The Jewlander and The Biological Machine on this week’s podcast. Either that or it was the four cups of coffee I’d just knocked back. Will we ever know? Yes. Updates – 12th September 2016 and 14th Sept. […]

KritzKast #391: Medic loves bears

Posted on: Sep 14th 2016 by Agro

Chronos and Agro finally address the jazz elephant in the room. Hello Mr. Elephant, they say, please don’t wrap your trunk around us and force us to play in your band. Their request goes unheard, because it’s an elephant – it only understands the blues. Tip of the hats – Merasmus is talking to himself – Robert Atkin Downes performs “meet the medic” – Comp 6s Global […]

ESEA TF2 Open – KritzKast’s Preseason

Posted on: Sep 7th 2016 by feathers

Hello all! My name is Heather, any my alias is feathers. I play Medic for the newly-sponsored KritzKast ESEA 6s team. I’ve been asked by Agro to write about my experiences playing in ESEA in an Open-division team. My awfully secret and diabolically evil agenda for these posts is to help you get into some form of competitive, or at least arouse your curiosity. Preseason has gone very, very well considering we’re […]

KritzKast #390: FreddieTF2, secretly handsome

Posted on: Sep 4th 2016 by Agro

What to do when you finally get invited to the party but find everyone has buggered off to PAX West? Find the one guy who’s still around and demand that he podcast with you, of course! It just so happens that I lucked out on that one and managed to snag FreddieTF2 – possibly because he was too short to ride on the plane. Though we will never really know. […]