KritzKast #317: Grey doesn’t have 2020 vision

Posted on: Mar 29th 2015 by Tempest

This week we start something new. We know the spring Months are a little barron when it comes to updates and fan activity. So instead of us streching the little content we may have, we’ve decided to try and keep the episodes shorter and more to the point. This may not alway be the case as….well…. we can talk when we need to. This week is a prime example. We […]

KritzKast #316: Who can? TF2Can!

Posted on: Mar 20th 2015 by Tempest

Its Taunting time. 3 new taunts have been added to the game, but more importantly, we now have a functioning taunt area in the workshop that will now let people add taunts for valve’s consideration. Fancy giving it a try? check out the FAQ for more details. As usual we’ve had some fixes cleaning up the game, a bit of crate rotation and 2 medals, one by Ruskydoo and another […]

KritzKast #315: Meet Dean Fortress and Olivia Watch

Posted on: Mar 13th 2015 by Agro

Valve drops a huge update on us. The once fabled Source 2 is real, free to developers and looks shiny on low spec graphics. Sadly no word on when it comes to TF2. Also announced and earmarked for release before the end of the year are the Steam Universe devices SteamVR headset, Steam Machines, SteamOS, Steam Link and of course the Steam Controller. In Overwatch news we have two new […]

KritzKast #314: 15926535897932

Posted on: Mar 3rd 2015 by Tempest

We hit it. Episode Pi. and what do we have on this most Pi-full of episodes. Obviosuly we cover the most recent updates and their implications on the game. Plus we also show you some of the latest TF2 Merch Available from WeLoveFine. Awesome concepts, but be warned, if you click on that link, you will be angry…..just saying. Its all very cute…..just very unstoppable Over at PAX East, There […]

KritzKast #313: Mmmmmmhmmmmm!!!!!!

Posted on: Feb 28th 2015 by Tempest

You get a fix, You get a fix and guess what…..even YOU get a fix of kritzkast. The updateless spell is over. Plus its crate rotation time, crate 90 & 91 have been added to the drop list. but be warned, 90 is not as rare as one would have you believe. But with that update, a hint of a new cheat reporting system. Could this be steam wide….is this […]

KritzKast #312: Now with British History

Posted on: Feb 18th 2015 by Tempest

First, Sorry for the delay. The next episode should be with us shortly. In the mean time you’ve have this episode to play with. At the time of recording there was very little that happened in the world of TF2. But that couldn’t stop us from talking about our new servers and how we feel the state of servers currently is. This leads us from, Personal experiences on servers, all […]

KritzKast #311: Knob Feel

Posted on: Feb 7th 2015 by Tempest

After paying our respects to Kitty0706, We talk about the update to manpower which has started to tweak how the power-ups work with individual classes/weapons. We also stumble upon possibly the best and only way that man power should be played. Want to know what it is? then download and tune in. We also make it very aware that Greese will now have a financial minster that was once in […]

KritzKast #310: Too Confusing For New Listeners

Posted on: Feb 2nd 2015 by Tempest

There is only 1 thing worth talking about this week. That would be TF2maps The 2015 72hr Winter Special! But instead of just chatting about it as if we knew what we were talking about, We’ve asked YM to put down his thoughts on the process, this years mappers and how the contest is going. But why would we have somebody as note worthy as YM and just talk about […]

KritzKast #309: What a bunch of Nutbags

Posted on: Jan 22nd 2015 by Tempest

Medals from a year ago, Promo items being purchasable and some fixes from the last update. Seems like standard stuff from the update. But that’s not good enough for us. We want to talk about player rankings. Where do you place, Are they acurate, how are they even made? Plus, have you heard about the possible TF2 series? Yeah, thats right a web series on machinima prime called Escape from […]