KritzKast #340: Live @ I55

Posted on: Sep 3rd 2015 by Tempest

We say live. It’s recorded Live. That’s kinda the same thing right? Agro and Tempest spend the weekend at Insomnia 55, the UK’s biggest Lan and Gaming Festival. Not only that, but the home of the only International TF2 Event. Teams Ascent & froyotech came over from the states to show their prowess in thew ring of honor against the Euro might of nerdRage.tf2 and Reason Gaming. I won’t spoil […]

KritzKast #339: Balls, Bags and Bugs

Posted on: Aug 26th 2015 by Agro

Nathaniel Theis gets recognition for his exploit discovery and reporting skills. He also give us his feedback on his new hat, the Finder’s Fee. In this week a new game mode has dropped, PASS Time. This isn’t the first beta game mode Valve have running at the moment. Unusually though this one has been co-authored by a second studio, Escalation. Secreted away in the PASS time map is a darkened room. […]

KritzKast #338: Cavethrow

Posted on: Aug 21st 2015 by Agro

The big ugly trading bug Thread Tip of the Hats gets $5000 + a Golden Pan Pan Tweet | Twitch Tweet I Am Sandvich! DLC released Trailer | Steam Store New Custom Weapons Server Trailer | Steam Group | Weapon list | credits: Crafting TF2 Workshop: New Teufort Wasteland Link Overwatch on client Image | Thread Potential characters in Heroes of the Storm? Link | Thread

KritzKast #337: Battle Royale with Cheese

Posted on: Aug 14th 2015 by Agro

Here we answer all the important questions: How do you persuade high level players to take fight over money? Is there more concealed in the Concealed Killer vs. Craftsman Cases than reskinned weapons? What do you call a conflict to the death with cheese? Website | Promo Art | Trailer What’s less of a surprise than rain on your day off? Profile | Trailer | Gameplay

KritzKast #336: Just the Tip

Posted on: Aug 5th 2015 by Agro

Another great week for mapkind with’s 2015 Summer 72 hour mapping contest under full swing while we were recording. Erik Wolpaw give us a jolly good read on Penny Arcade. While Edge Gamers have their own beheading competition. TF2 tops out at an average of 60,000 con concurrent players in July, according to The most since records began in 2012. Creator of Meet your Makers – Void, calls for […]