KritzKast #447: Snow and Fear

Posted on: Jan 15th 2018 by Agro

Ah 2017, what a year that was. Full of nightmares and updates. Well, update at least. Which is better than no update, let me tell you. How much better? Not much. On the show: Smissmass 2017 Nightmare before Smissmas showcase Connect 5 Py-bun’s birbs 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Official update of the year!

KritzKast #446: Badgernado

Posted on: Dec 23rd 2017 by Agro

The one where Agro admits he’s nuts… about the Saxxy Awards VII. Also on the show: Heals for Reals raises more than twelve thousand dollars and makes it onto the TF2 blog UEAKCrash announced the 2018 April Fools mini-contest Cyanic releases a frag movie from i52 Sigafoo announces the Prolander One Day Cup TF2 update for December 13th 2017 Special thanks to all of our Patrons: Save_us.626, NiceAsh, CriticalFlaw, Murlock Jonny, […]

KritzKast #445: Feel the Heal

Posted on: Dec 3rd 2017 by Agro

We have two guests today, eXtine from eXtelevision and Chicobo from UGC League. Heals for Reals Steam Group | Money Donations | Donator and comp Medals | Ultiduo tournament signups  Also covered on this week’s show: Dec 1st‘s Update UGC Snowfort Nullcore is now VACbanned Crash talks to Freya Special thanks to all of our Patrons: NiceAsh, CriticalFlaw, Murlock Jonny, RTGame, Donkie, Viking34

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