KritzKast #283: Seduce the Cactus

Posted on: Jul 22nd 2014 by Agro

We sink our teeth into the updated versions of the TF2 Beta maps, chewing on how they’ve changed the way they play. We also wonder if science has finally gone too far with the Red Neca Spy that has finally shipped. Meet the KritzKast Team (current hosts and editor) on the 8th of August for an evening off the air, off the game and generally off our faces. Be sure to RSVP on Reddit or FaceBook! Lastly, for those times in […]

KritzKast #282: Beta Bots

Posted on: Jul 16th 2014 by Tempest

Whats better than a huge update with a new game mode? Testing said new game mode and letting valve know how we feel and how to change it before its released? Seems good to me. This week we saw to start of the TF2 Beta Maps, Early Access. In this we are exposed to the new game mode in the works, Robot Destruction. How do you feel about? Think its […]

KritzKast #281: From the Mountains of Illinois

Posted on: Jul 9th 2014 by Agro

Comp TF2 gets quite a look-in this week with the new site, two teams from NA will be coming to i52, the Highlander Nations Cup has begun and both ETF2L and UGC are banning conga. Volcano Fragment is now a burger, TFTools have a charity stream, sadly not in a barrel of fish, and we should all relax and take a look at the scenery.

KritzKast #280: Conga Business Simulator 2

Posted on: Jul 4th 2014 by Agro

After the kerfuffle  caused with the demo-nerf last week it perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that Valve have unnerfed the nerf. Valve have also introduced Buy Orders to the Steam Marketplace to spoil bot’s fun. have run another 72hr mapping contest using The War of the Worlds as their theme. Elsewhere on their forums the idea of monetary compensation for mappers has sparked debate. Medi20 has released his art as a coloring […]

I think this is the first time we’ve ever released two shows in one week. There’s a good reason for that, we didn’t know we were going to do it until we were half way through #278 and realised there was still so much more to talk about. Most importantly there’s been nerfs applied to Pyro, Heavy and Demo’s favourite weapons. Oh, and here’s a few links you may need; […]

KritzKast #278: Overly Wibbly Bread

Posted on: Jun 26th 2014 by Agro

Some may say that “bread does not need to be this wibbly” and who are we to argue? The Love & War update is out! It was launched with an amazing SFM on the first day taking up the love portion of the title. War was met with 5 new weapons, 4 bready reskins tens of new cosmetic items. In fact so much has happened we have had to split […]

KritzKast #277: The Hunt for Bread October

Posted on: Jun 17th 2014 by Agro

Bread is clearly important, so in typical Valve fashion, they found a unique delivery method by having it randomly fall out of teleporters. This week’s update brings new life to the Eureka Effect. Leaked files, found by FacePunch user ‘testinglol’, reveal some interesting potential weapons, mechanics and game modes. Bored of exploding into meat chunks? CheezKurds and Greatjob_ have made a mod that replaces silly gibs with loaves of bread. […]

KritzKast #276: Sending American’s to the Moon!

Posted on: Jun 11th 2014 by Tempest

Our first hint at new weapons from valves mouth in over a year. That’s what the blog post released this week showed us. We also got exposed to a few ideas valve thought weren’t worth releasing….we can see why. the BASE jumper on the other hand. Its all about getting Americans over to England too. Chronos is heading over in August, which of course means a meet up of all […]

KritzKast #275: Moments of Fabulous

Posted on: Jun 3rd 2014 by Agro

What do you do when you can’t pick a video of the week. You get 3 videos of the week. Thats right, this week we have 3 videos that are required viewing. The first is a TF2 take on lion kings “Be Prepared” made by KungfuBellyDancer. The second is a mock up of a super smash bros game….but with valve characters made by CrazyHalo. Then there is Rappy ‘n’ Demo. Impressive, if […]

KritzKast #274: Some maps are more equal

Posted on: May 29th 2014 by Agro

Fr0z3nR is back to bring us up to date with the Tale of Two Skillsets and the mapper interviews, this first with Icarus. In the oddest story of 2014 a Serbian Communist Party have stolen a TF2 poster  created by Florida artist, Brian Houtz. There’s a new way to show your love for TF2 with a Buff Banner Backpack. Steam in-home streaming is available for everyone. ETF2L is running an experimental […]