KritzKast #435: Support with your body

Posted on: Sep 10th 2017 by Agro

A return for HiGPS and Wack is merely the start of things making a come back. Insomnia 61 TF2 fans 72 hour showcase Arms race III winners #WildTF2UpdatePredictions Dane Visits Valve JPRAS’s comic

KritzKast #434: 50 percent Woolen

Posted on: Aug 24th 2017 by Agro

Woolen is a lovely person who I completely forgot I had met before at I regret forgetting him and a dubiously large number of other things. Also on the show: Woolen – YouTube / Steam / Twitch / UGC Plat / Comp vs YT Proposed changes to case system Funko’s blog Tip of the hats

KritzKast #433: We’re no Stangers to love

Posted on: Aug 14th 2017 by Agro

Newest member of TFCrew, Sir Stanger – the old rogue – joins our crew for his first taste of podcast life. Lets see if he lives up to his spy pseudonym. Also on this week’s show: Sir Stanger | YouTube August 2nd 2017 Update Blapature summer jam raised some money in 24 hours TF2 maps the summer 2017 72 hour Jam Arms Race III – voting REKT Trailer

Waiting for Pyro update