KritzKast #359: Phlog Flambé Pugs

Posted on: Jan 31st 2016 by Agro

A couple of updates in the week fix a few issues and make one big change to the Pyro. This is also the week where the TF2 and cosplay community remember Nick Pivato. The world famous Saxton Hale Cosplayer who passed this week. Also In the episode is details about PugChamp, The new Comp Pick up service, The Iron Gauntlet a Workshop Showcase of MvM Themed items. From the Overwatch […]

KritzKast #358: HL3 – the story writes itself

Posted on: Jan 26th 2016 by Agro

A few choice cuts are added to from the Tough Break update. Mark Laidlaw has finally retired following 18 years of service to Valve, including writing Half Life 1, 2 and possibly 3.  The 2016 Winter 72Hr TF2 Jam is about to kick off. Find out what it is and how you can take part. Beginnings 3 isn’t possibly the best title for this now third iteration of the annual […]

KritzKast #357: Tough Breakdown

Posted on: Jan 17th 2016 by Tempest

With the full crew of all 5 hosts, We continue talking about the tough Break Update. This week, we take a look at all of the changes to all of the classes and the game itself. Its going to be long trip, so buckle in to listen to us break down the tough break balance changes and how the game now feels to us. Now I could put each individual […]

KritzKast #356: Mother Teresa, Tweeting and Twerking

Posted on: Jan 11th 2016 by Agro

The Tough Break Update (part 1) 26 new contract objectives 4 new Weapon Collections Cosmetic Cases 2 new community taunts, Bad Pipes & Bucking Bronco 1 new Valve taunt, Mannrobics 4 new community maps: Snowycoast Vanguard Highpass Landfall Things you might have missed: Updated the scoreboard, Strange Count Transfer Tool, ranked background by Makani, all Strange parts can now be applied to Strange cosmetics items, on spawning friendly players will show an outline […]

KritzKast #355: Smissmass 2015

Posted on: Dec 24th 2015 by Tempest

Schedule 1 – Outtake – Real Intro 2 – SingAlong – Rocky Theme 3 – Outtake – Renamed 4 – Outtake – Agro’s Heating 5 – Rapping – Crash Rap 6 – Outtake – Doubled Edged Dinosaur 7 – Outtake – BUTT FLUSH! 8 – Outtake – Cauterize the wound 9 – Outtake – you don’t know that you don’t know 10 – Outtake – Work Sucks 11 – Outtake […]