KritzKast #384: Frolicking on the Frontline

Posted on: Jul 17th 2016 by Agro

Joined by donhonk and SedimentarySocks we go through the week’s updates and tweaks. We dig into the community update, “Frontline” and find out what makes for a really great working environment. Saved you a click.. it’s memes, lots of memes. We’re going to need a bigger podcast. Update, 14th July – Frontline – TF2 Keycap – RallyCall – TF2maps 72hr Summer Jam – War Update […]

KritzKast #383: Meet Your Match

Posted on: Jul 10th 2016 by Agro

Uncle Dane and Uberchain return to the show to address the biggest update we’ve seen since… well since ever. TF2 finally has matchmaking; casual looks and plays completely differently and a whole bunch of changes to the classes means that the old meta for 6s is out. Oh and there’s also a war brewing between Heavy and Pyro. Go Day 1 Webpage – Announcement video – Day […]

KritzKast #382: Nerds Eat A Ton Of

Posted on: Jul 6th 2016 by Tempest

Not since the weeks leading to End of the Line, have so many people been so close to the edge of their seats. The long awaited “neato” update seemed to be coming out this weekend with a bunch of people making predictions that it absolutely, definitely, cut-me-own-throat if I’m a lying to you assuredly will be; turning sadly to another nope.taunt. Speaking of which… Nope.DMCA – Disgaea PC tie-in […]

KritzKast #381: 5 Years of Map Porn

Posted on: Jun 26th 2016 by Tempest

I know what your thinking. That episode name is rather weird. Well, lets just say that there is some weird stuff discussed in this weeks episode. We talk about Dream hacks finals that didn’t finished. A TF2 composer that you can download and play with, an awesome cowboy bebop TF2 video…….and map porn. I could explain what it is, buts you’ll enjoy it more if you listen to the episode. […]

KritzKast #380: Jasmine Tea

Posted on: Jun 21st 2016 by Agro

It’s still a little too early to hope for anything too wonderful from the nimphs of summer. Perhaps it will be pixies and dancing rainbows; perhaps it’ll be rivers of molton lava flowing around our underwater bases. Who can tell? Certainly not Tempest and I. But what I do want to see is a bunch of Australians kicking seven layers of snot out of Europeans and North Americans. Or at […]