KritzKast #458: Mermaids in the rear mirror

Posted on: Mar 19th 2019 by Agro

This was recorded some time after Copenhagen Games 2018. I sat down with two of the casters, one from 6s; GrumpyKoi and one from Highlander; jakeowaty, to get their take on proceedings. Updates March 28th – Competitive relaunch March 28th – Fixes 01 March 29th – Fixes 02 March 30th – Fixes 03 Also on the show TeamSource.TF | Update: A little of the conversation surrounding the “player of the […]

TF2’s awesome

Posted on: Aug 1st 2018 by CriticalFlaw

A curated list of the weird and awesomely wonderful Team Fortress 2 sites, tools, resources that continue to make this an amazing experience for established and new gamers alike.

KritzKast #457: Agent Gunn

Posted on: Jun 26th 2018 by Agro

We’re talking with two of the winners of the 2017 Saxxy Awards, UEAKCrash and FryingDutchman. These lucky, but incredibly well deserving gents, along with a crowd that reads like the “who’s who” of TF2 creative endeavors for 2108,  will be heading off to see Valve’s new studio, just as soon as they can all get time off work. Nominees Action | Comedy | Drama | Short | Extended Winners Action: […]

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