KritzKast #325: Magic the Rambling

Posted on: May 20th 2015 by Agro

Bit of a change up this week as it’s just Tempest and Agro to shoot the breeze on topics as intellectually challenging as fully-immersive interactive porn,  Magic the TF2 and the longevity of TF2 itself. Featured on the show was this entry to the KritzKast art competition which is going to be pretty tough to beat now.

KritzKast #324: Crash Course in TF2 Mapping

Posted on: May 15th 2015 by Tempest

This week we are joined by UEAKCrash, the infamous name behind such maps as Trainsawlazer, WubWubWub and Glassworks (notice how we listed the serious map last). He talks with us about his personal career in map making, some of his previous and upcoming maps, But also about his new video series, teaching people from the ground up how to make a map. To round the episode off, We want to […]

KritzKast #323: Not out of Mana

Posted on: May 12th 2015 by Tempest

Firstly. Please accept our appology for the massive delay in this weeks episode. Long story short, Our servers moved at a time we didn’t expect and delays followed. Sorry With that out of the way OMFG MATCHMAKING!!! This week the guys at went to valve HQ and talked about competitive matchmaking for TF2, simular to Dota and CS:GO. What does this mean for TF2? We talk with Mana from […]

KritzKast #322: Workshop Bebop

Posted on: May 3rd 2015 by Tempest

The workshop was the focus this week. You may have heard about skyrim and mods being a chargeable commodity. That didn’t go down well. But on a brighter note, we let you know that valve might be working on a large video working with workshop item creators. all we know is that they’ve been asked to all make videos describing how the workshop has changed their lives. The community this […]

KritzKast #321: Just Pretend, Fox Peace

Posted on: Apr 23rd 2015 by Agro

The remarkably lovely Fox Peace joins us tonight. YouTube | Twitter | Twitch | Steam So that we can figure out if Makani’s comic #7 is real, TF2 is dead, needs talent, the Legend is endless and if anyone can ever really afford to go to Blizzcon.

KritzKast #320: The Uncle Dane & Uberchain Show

Posted on: Apr 18th 2015 by Agro

The show is brought you today by two of the brains and brawn behind TF2can which raised over $9000 for charity in Winter 2014. It just happens that they are awesome guys from the TF2 community too. Joining us we have SFM artist Uberchain Youtube | Steam | Twitter | deviantArt | Tumblr | Patreon And rising YouTube superstar, Uncle Dane Youtube | Steam | Twitter | Twitch Also discussed is […]

KritzKast #319: Not your buddy, pal

Posted on: Apr 12th 2015 by Agro

Always good to see an update, especially when it fixes a bunch of crashes, even better when manpower gets a look-in too. What we didn’t expect was a secret Engineer revolver animation and scout jumping in a little motor car. On possibly the worst day of the year to make a ground breaking announcement drop earbuds as currency. Our POTW Joerge Sprave earns his title with his wonderful creation of the […]

KritzKast #318: Blogging a dead horse

Posted on: Apr 3rd 2015 by Tempest

After going through in rigorous detail, the nature of this weeks ginormous update (see sarcasm for details) we talk about the issues UGC have been having. This week, they were hacked and the site was temporarily taken down for safety reasons. Listen to the episode for details, but needless to say if you have an account on there, change your username and passwords to prevent any future shenanigans. Have you […]

KritzKast #317: Grey doesn’t have 2020 vision

Posted on: Mar 29th 2015 by Tempest

This week we start something new. We know the spring Months are a little barron when it comes to updates and fan activity. So instead of us streching the little content we may have, we’ve decided to try and keep the episodes shorter and more to the point. This may not alway be the case as….well…. we can talk when we need to. This week is a prime example. We […]

KritzKast #316: Who can? TF2Can!

Posted on: Mar 20th 2015 by Tempest

Its Taunting time. 3 new taunts have been added to the game, but more importantly, we now have a functioning taunt area in the workshop that will now let people add taunts for valve’s consideration. Fancy giving it a try? check out the FAQ for more details. As usual we’ve had some fixes cleaning up the game, a bit of crate rotation and 2 medals, one by Ruskydoo and another […]