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Posted on: Mar 29th 2017 by Agro

Hey /r/tf2 | twitter | tumblr | pantsbook and all the other places you may have seen this message. I’m Agro, and I’m a Pyro. I’m also one of the hosts of this ‘ere TF2 podcast. Along with my other mundane duties I also get to do some fairly mad things I probably wouldn’t normally do if I wasn’t with KritzKast. One such thing was the time I wrote to one of the guys at Valve. It was a very specific email, asking them if they would let me interview them about the TF2 comics they’d written.

They said…

… sounds like fun

Shit! Now we’ve got to make it fun too!

So here’s the catch. When we do interviews (especially with Valve-type people) we’re thorough. We research a topic and have it on lock down before we get so far as to start to structure the questions. Trouble is, we’re not exactly experts on the lore of the comics. Personally, I like the pretty pictures. I think Uberchain is transfixed by the coloring, and Chronos, okay Chronos is pretty good – but he’s just one man who can’t be around very much.


What we could really do with is someone who knows their TF2 comic book lore inside and out. So this is it; our search for someone with the inside track on the six part [bi-monthly] series. Do you know something almost nobody else does about the comics? Do you know where the Australium is buried? Do you know the secret behind the thing that was written on one of the walls in the rest stop’s bathroom? Those kind of things.

Ideally we’re looking for 1-3 people to work with us to help craft the questions to ask Valve. We’re not going to make a huge quiz out of this or give away hats or signed merch. This isn’t that kind of deal. This one we’re hoping you’ll want to do because it’s something you’re passionate about in the first place. Your prize, if you want to call it that, is that you get to work with us. I know, I’m excited too. Beyond that I’m not going to promise anything.  If you’re still up for the challenge answer this question in the comments section below, (literally on this page):

What is the most interesting thing you’ve found from reading the comics?

The more original, better thought out, constructed and referenced the response, the easier it will be for us to decide to bring you in. Please use your real email address when you comment as that’s what we’ll be using to contact you. Comments won’t be released until after the interview, so it probably looks like you’re the first one here. Who knows, you might be. In which case, by default you’ve won! Congratulations, welcome to the team! I take my coffee black with milk, there’s a good chap or chappess.

So Long as there is TF2 there will be KritzKast


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