TF2’s awesome

Posted on: Aug 1st 2018 by CriticalFlaw

A curated list of the weird and awesomely wonderful Team Fortress 2 sites, tools, resources that continue to make this an amazing experience for established and new gamers alike.

heart mom

Posted on: Feb 5th 2018 by Agro

We were thinking, what with that Day around the corner, and us having reached the first of our Patreon goals (thank you, we love you all so much) that we should celebrate and make good on our pledge of giving back to the community. As it happens Beefer, our semi-domesticated pink Balloonicorn, is looking to get a tattoo to celebrate his long standing love of all things Team Fortress 2. […]

TF2 podcast seeks SFM animator

Posted on: Aug 7th 2017 by Agro

My lurching attempt to revitalise our YouTube channel brought with it the realisation that creating a video-a-week after editing a podcast-a-week is a lot of additional work. So I did the traditional YouTube thing; I just stopped, and didn’t tell anyone. That’s a really lousy *out* and has weighed heavy on my mind ever since. Up steps former KritzKast audio editor Micah,  (fresh from editing Podcast76 the Overwatch podcast) looking […]

Visit to Valve Jan 2017

Posted on: Jan 25th 2017 by Agro

I was lucky enough to visit Valve’s HQ this week. It was a social visit; checking in with a some people KritzKast has had the opportunity to interview in the past. I was joined by a couple of my fellows from TFCrew Uncle Dane, Jewlander as well as spectator mod coder – Pazer. We were given a “behind the scenes” tour of the offices. I can attest, Valve’s stationary closet […]

ESEA TF2 Open – KritzKast’s Offseason (S23)

Posted on: Nov 18th 2016 by feathers

So, our season has finally come to a close. We learned a lot as a team, and it was very fun. Though, I’ve learned quite a lot as a team leader as well. Here’s my advice as to what you should do. For one, always deal with toxicity in comms and other communication issues as openly and as soon as possible. This can always affect team reputation, gameplay, and relations. […]

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