ESEA TF2 Open – KritzKast’s Preseason (S23)

Posted on: Sep 7th 2016 by feathers

Hello all! My name is Heather, and my alias is feathers. I play Medic for the newly-sponsored KritzKast ESEA 6s team. I’ve been asked by Agro to write about my experiences playing in ESEA¬†in an Open-division team. My awfully secret and diabolically evil agenda¬†for these posts is to help you get into some form of competitive, or at least arouse your curiosity. Preseason has gone very, very well considering we’re […]

Invasion: Behind the Update

Posted on: Oct 9th 2015 by Tempest

Its no secret that Kritzkast has been involved with Invasion. But to what extent? In fact who actually did what during the development of invasion? We’ve attempted to unravel all of the mammoth work that has gone into bringing you the Invasion update. Behind The Update

May’s Artwork Contest Winners!

Posted on: Jun 23rd 2015 by Tempest

Some of you may know, some of you may not, That every month our server admins do a wonderful little contest giving you guys a monthly chance to win a Lo-Fi. Normally its very simple. Grab a screenshot of the “Admin of the month”. The best screenshot wins the Lo-Fi. How do you know who is the admin of the month, Firstly check the steam group for details, secondly you’ll […]

Meet Your Makers 2

Posted on: Jun 3rd 2015 by Tempest

Just over a year ago, we posted an astonishing set of interviews conducted by Void. These Interviews spanned people who’s lives had changed because of the workshop and valve’s involvement with the team fortress 2 community. It is that time again. Over the next few days, Interviews with many of the people who create content for the game we love so much, will be available for you to view. Some […]

SourceOP closes their doors to traders

Posted on: Jan 26th 2014 by Sir Grey

SourceOP has seen some major changes over their lifetime but none has hit quite as hard as the announcement that their forums will no longer be available as a reputation site for traders wishing to turn their items into real world cash. Sir Grey sat down with SoureOP‘s You Are The One to get some answers. Sir.Grey: First of all, for those who don’t know SourceOP, what do you all […]

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