Community Invasion

Posted on: Jan 22nd 2013 by Agro

Wednesday is Community Invasion night here at KritzKast. That probably sounds worse than it really is. As much as we do love playing on our own servers its good to take the night off from doing admin every so often and just relax on one of yours. If you’d like to have KrizKast’s hosts join you on your servers and bring a bunch of our steam group along with us, fill in the form below. The more information you give the easier it will be for us to warn you of our impending arrival.

If you happen to be hosted by Hypernia, all the better. We don’t mind showing a little favoritism for our own server provider.

Communities we’ve invaded so far:
Jan 16th 2013 – Bottle-Crew
Jan 23rd 2013 – Trashed Gamers
Jan 30th 2013 – Evergreen Terrace
Feb 06th 2013 – Couch Athletics
Feb 13th 2013 –
Feb 20th 2013 – TF2 Outpost
Feb 27th 2013 – Really Awesome Gaming Experience
Mar 06th 2013 – Fortress of Gamers
Mar 13th 2013 – Gaming Masters (interviewed during #36)
Mar 20th 2013 – The Black Night Gaming Community
March 27th 2013 – ???


letting the stream PC cooldown