KritzKast #458: Mermaids in the rear mirror

This was recorded some time after Copenhagen Games 2018. I sat down with two of the casters, one from 6s; GrumpyKoi and one from Highlander; jakeowaty, to get their take on proceedings.

March 28th – Competitive relaunch
March 28th – Fixes 01
March 29th – Fixes 02
March 30th – Fixes 03

Also on the show
TeamSource.TF |

Update: A little of the conversation surrounding the “player of the week” section has been lost to time. Hence the outcome being totally different from the initial conversation.

This was recorded some time after Copenhagen Games 2018. I sat down with two of the casters, one from 6s; GrumpyKoi and one from Highlander; jakeowaty, to get their take on proceedings. Updates March 28th – Competitive relaunch March 28th – Fixes 01 March 29th – Fixes 02 March 30th – Fixes 03 Also on the show TeamSource.TF | Update: A little of the conversation surrounding the “player of the […]

KritzKast #457: Agent Gunn

We’re talking with two of the winners of the 2017 Saxxy Awards, UEAKCrash and FryingDutchman. These lucky, but incredibly well deserving gents, along with a crowd that reads like the “who’s who” of TF2 creative endeavors for 2108,  will be heading off to see Valve’s new studio, just as soon as they can all get time off work.

Action | Comedy | Drama | Short | Extended
Action:  Board Room, jig
Comedy: Chicken Strike, mori
Drama:  Legacy Baron, Mouseholidays
Short: Player’s Portrait Crazyhalo, Mall, testinglol, SedimentarySocks, 2P, Hex
Extended: Leak! Anomidae, Toyoka, Fames, Kostamoinen, ItalianNinja, EDJE, ttmr, Taco_, The Winglet, Woozlez, XB33, dekker, Sgt. Bash, Pumodi, Blade x64, Py-Bun, CoBalt
Overall Winner: Agent Gunn : Hypo, Nonamesleft, SedimentarySocks, Callegos, Donhonk, Populus, Blaholtzen, Square, Five, UEAKCrash, Void, Fuzzymellow, Zoey, NeoDement, Harry, DatGmann, Colteh, Frying Dutchman, Bapaul, Additional Sound by Soundsnap

Also on the show:
Journey to the East –
Copenhagen Games –

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We’re talking with two of the winners of the 2017 Saxxy Awards, UEAKCrash and FryingDutchman. These lucky, but incredibly well deserving gents, along with a crowd that reads like the “who’s who” of TF2 creative endeavors for 2108,  will be heading off to see Valve’s new studio, just as soon as they can all get time off work. Nominees Action | Comedy | Drama | Short | Extended Winners Action: […]

KritzKast #456: better than I remember

Recorded 8th March 2018: Joined initially by Muhai and eventually by Aar to go through our views on the 2017 Saxxys, the Titanium Tank deadline and other stuff.

Some of the SFM mentioned on the show:

Also, we’re on the blog

Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons:
Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, Allyson, [YAK], Ben55, Knusperfrosch, Viking34, RTGame, Critical Flaw, Donkey, NiceAsh

Recorded 8th March 2018: Joined initially by Muhai and eventually by Aar to go through our views on the 2017 Saxxys, the Titanium Tank deadline and other stuff. Some of the SFM mentioned on the show: LEAK Agent Gunn Art of Justice Mann Co.: Employee Training Extraction Also, we’re on the blog Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons: Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, Allyson, [YAK], Ben55, Knusperfrosch, Viking34, […]

KritzKast #455: return to REWIND II

Recorded on 1st March 2018: 7th Annual Saxxy Awards are upon us.
RGL are having a European Prolander Cup.
The Famous 15 go to the Nordics SFM Competition was launched.
REWIND II: Why go to LANs?
Titanium Tank Deadline
Chloemew shows us how to make war paints

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Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, Allyson, [YAK], Ben55, Knusperfrosch, Viking34, RTGame, Critical Flaw, Donkey, NiceAsh

Recorded on 1st March 2018: 7th Annual Saxxy Awards are upon us. RGL are having a European Prolander Cup. The Famous 15 go to the Nordics SFM Competition was launched. REWIND II: Why go to LANs? Titanium Tank Deadline Chloemew shows us how to make war paints Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons: Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, Allyson, [YAK], Ben55, Knusperfrosch, Viking34, RTGame, Critical Flaw, Donkey, NiceAsh

KritzKast #454: Sami Engine

LAN hero, and world traveller Samiface joins the stream. She reveals the secrets that lead to her breaking the land speed record at Nevada in ’83. Only kidding – was just checking to see if you were awake. Which you clearly are. Well done.

Also on the show:

Copenhagen Games
TeamSource.TF CG competition
TF2 community challenge for Feb 2018
Prolander Newbies Cup
Newbie Cup
The Palaise MGE Double Community Clash
One Day Prolander Cup

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KritzKast #453: End of Inferno

Ding Dong the Inferno update is dead. Or to be more precise it has been put into a long slumber, as of Feb 14, though it is still possible to complete whatever contracts you’ve left over. It’s another Agro only show for this one, thought I’m getting better, not nearly half as mad sounding as last time. That is better, isn’t it?

Also on the show:
Metal Slug Fortress 2
Heart-mom tattoo contest
10 Years later
Copenhagen Games TF2 Discord

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KritzKast #452: B4nny

It almost doesn’t matter at this point if you’re into TF2 esports or not. There are just some people who have been knee deep in it for so long that they seem to transcend the question of whether or not it’s a good idea. One such person is B4nny. And we were lucky enough to get him to ourselves for nearly a whole hour.

Also on the show:
TF2 Pro League
B4nny Twitch | YouTube | Twitter

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KritzKast #451: Titanium STN

STN Trading have started to make a name for themselves, sponsoring pretty much everything that moves. Finally we have a chance to sit down with the owner, Spyfly and one of his admins, Ben55. Origin stories incoming.

Also on the show:
ETF2L Season Awards
MvM Titanium Tank, Servers | wiki | medal progress
Minecraft Fortress 2 by u/StoneBana
One man’s Hat collection, 352 stout shakos
STN Trading,

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KritzKast #450: To Aar is human

We welcome to the show a TF2 YouTuber Aar, who’s been making a name for themselves as a no-nonsense UX evangelist.
Also on this show:

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KritzKast #449: Competitive as Cocaine

Sigafoo is the consummate professional and we’re always privileged every time we have him on the show. We could have easily named this episode but we have to have some class eventually.

Also on the show:

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KritzKast #448: Comeback King (Return Raja Return!)

It’s been a long time since we’d had actual Royalty on the show. And for King Raja it’s been a long time since he’s been anywhere at all. At least his Youtube life has been on hold for a while. We took some time to find out what has been keeping him away, and what we can expect to see now that he’s looking to return. Don’t call it a King Back!

Shit that would have been a better name for this episode!

King Raja on YouTube | Twitch | Twitter

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KritzKast #447: Snow and Fear

Ah 2017, what a year that was. Full of nightmares and updates. Well, update at least. Which is better than no update, let me tell you. How much better? Not much.

On the show:
Smissmass 2017
Nightmare before Smissmas showcase
Connect 5
Py-bun’s birbs 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
Official update of the year!

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KritzKast #446: Badgernado

The one where Agro admits he’s nuts… about the Saxxy Awards VII.

Also on the show:
Heals for Reals raises more than twelve thousand dollars and makes it onto the TF2 blog
UEAKCrash announced the 2018 April Fools mini-contest
Cyanic releases a frag movie from i52
Sigafoo announces the Prolander One Day Cup
TF2 update for December 13th 2017

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KritzKast #445: Feel the Heal

We have two guests today, eXtine from eXtelevision and Chicobo from UGC League.

Heals for Reals

Steam Group | Money Donations | Donator and comp Medals | Ultiduo tournament signups 

Also covered on this week’s show:
Dec 1st‘s Update
Nullcore is now VACbanned
Crash talks to Freya

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KritzKast #444: Bladex64’s Cool Beans

Recorded 18th Nov, a tough week for Team Fortress 2 as we had lost Flan’s Miggy.  The creator of Jungle Inferno map, Banana Bay was here to discuss his maps.

Also on this week:

Banana Bay
Giant Beefer spotted at Valve
Mixed reality is now a steam reality
HL2 is 13
Nightmare before Smissmass

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KritzKast #443: Fuel of my Fire

HiGPS returns to fill our brains with information and a critical look at the biggest update TF2 has had in years.

I’d also like to thank all of our Patrons, and since this is my show, I will.

Thank you, NiceAsh
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Show recorded 11th Nov. 2017

KritzKast #442: Feast or Famine

Agro is alone again, and feeling the pinch, what with the mammoth swell of updates and fixes. It’s enough to make a man yearn for a simpler time when nothing happened to anything anywhere. This episode was record on October 28th.

Also on the show:

Updates: October 23rd October 24th October 25th October 27th
Engineer Update Teaser Trailer
Jungle Inferno HUD hotfix
Despair screenshot competition

KritzKast #441: Meet CeeJaey

October 21st 2017 will be the date that many players first started playing TF2. It was, by no coincidence also the time that the biggest update for Team Fortress 2 since unsliced bread dropped Jungle Inferno. All this pales into insignificance since it was also the day we finally got to have CeeJaey on the podcast.

KritzKast #440: Big Blog Twist

Recorded just before the big update we realised this may sound a little peculiar now. If ever there’s a lesson to be learned here it’s “get the editing done while what you said is still true enough”.

Also on the show:
10th Anniversary of Orange Box

Community Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Medli20 /r/tf2
Cake by GoldMineTurtle
SFM by RuffianSFM
Painting by IJCT
Mouse Mod by thiebucon

PC Gamer Interview Robin Walker
Episode 439
KritzKast vs the World winners
NHBL – what’s new?
TFCL Highlander

KritzKast #439: Legendary, part 1

wait4itAfter months of predictions that TF2 would have its massive update on October 6th…. we can finally report, that the wait is over, and it is legendary.

Everything we’ve ever hoped for and more. So much more, in ways that we were unexpected and delightful. So much so that we’re just going to have to release it in chunks. Hot messing chunks that will rot your inners and mess with your minds.

Full length stand alone comic book

  • Written by DC’s Hope Larson
  • Used to introduce the female classes into the game.

TF2 Motion Picture

  • Created in association with Pixar
  • Full length -1:35:00
  • Budget exceeded Toy Story 2 and Cars 2 added together
  • Former Saxxy Winners used in the credits.

100s of new and updated weapons

  • Including all-class steak knives
  • Can be used in conjunction with Heavy’s food based taunts

Fixed Spy class

  • Facestabs now cause Spy to take self damage
  • Backstab now only works on actual spine
  • Backstab now takes only 99% of target’s health

Fixed Scout class

  • Scout is now a true “class cannon”. Starts out with 15 HP. So much as landing funny will shatter him

Fixed Pyro class

  • New IP Stack to reflect now works like you’re at LAN
  • Flame’s cone-of damage is much more predictable.
  • New flamethrower
  • Does less damage
  • Slows other classes
  • Axtinguisher returned to full glory
  • Pyro gets incendiary grenades – cannot be washed off

Fixed Soldier class

  • Using market gardener will instigate a permanent VAC ban on user.

Fixed Demo

  • Takes DoT from explosions
  • Drink to gain extra flight time, can no longer walk straight
  • Bottle now has 1 in 10,000 chance to smash
  • Will have bleed effect on Demo and target

Matchmaking fixed

  • Matchmaking fixed
  • Now only play with people of similar skill level and experience
  • Meme-ing and BM causes your queue length to get significantly longer
  • Three international championships will be funded by Valve.
  • HL | 6s | RGL  
  • Finals hosted in a different city each year – like the Olympics, only good
  • Invite teams will be flown there / accommodation provided
  • Teams / Casting Groups / Podcasts will receive their own in-game items/skins to help support them
  • Must have been covering TF2 for at least 8 years to qualify

KritzKast #438: Your move Valve.

In a week were a Valve employee quietly announces that their world is turning upside down, TF2 Highlander caster, Jakeowaty joins Agro and Wack to talk our way through boardgames and female mercs.

Also in the show:
Valve are moving
TF2 may have had female models – story broken by ValveTime
Team Fortress Monopoly Edition
Shapeways Partnership with Valve
KritzKast vs. The World, and SFM competition

KritzKast #437: Roadie Pump Action Hibernation

This week, Agro was left on his own for far too long. He went mad and then decided those were the perfect conditions under which to podcast. This is the terrible result.

SweLan Announced
Tip of the Hats
KritzKast Highlander
NHBL enters Frankfurt

KritzKast #436: Look at the Beefers

Recorded 9th September, back when Essentials had just completed their coverage of i61,
Also on the show:

Liamzigge has made their own lo-fi – | finished 01 | finished 02 | the back | Materials construction

KritzKast covers EU Highlander

KritzKast #435: Support with your body

A return for HiGPS and Wack is merely the start of things making a come back.

Insomnia 61 TF2 fans
72 hour showcase
Arms race III winners
Dane Visits Valve
JPRAS’s comic

KritzKast #434: 50 percent Woolen

Woolen is a lovely person who I completely forgot I had met before at I regret forgetting him and a dubiously large number of other things.

Also on the show:

Woolen – YouTube / Steam / Twitch / UGC Plat / Comp vs YT
Proposed changes to case system
Funko’s blog
Tip of the hats

KritzKast #433: We’re no Stangers to love

Newest member of TFCrew, Sir Stanger – the old rogue – joins our crew for his first taste of podcast life. Lets see if he lives up to his spy pseudonym.

Also on this week’s show:
Sir Stanger | YouTube
August 2nd 2017 Update
Blapature summer jam raised some money in 24 hours
TF2 maps the summer 2017 72 hour Jam
Arms Race IIIvoting
REKT Trailer

KritzKast #432: MrPaladin here

I have found a kindred spirit. Another old git who remembers the good old days of Team Fortress, Quake and Wolfenstein from the first time around.  His name is MrPaladin and he does the best darn impression of a cassette audio tape being fast forwarded you’ll ever hear.

Community sites updating: version 1.4.0 version 1.2 unlisted
MvM lobby is closing

Mr Paladin’s Links:
Discord | Website | Steam Group | Youtube | Facebook | Twitter

Blapature 24hour stream 1 night Cup

MrPaladin hitsound

KritzKast #431: OneUp Pizza

I have no mouth yet I must burn. Or not, as the case may be. Also on the show:

Update on the OneUpSecurity fix from June
AstroPilot’s “Characters holding pizza”
3D print by created by Mylakovich and gold leafed by by 3DexklusivDruck
Insomnia 61 fundraisers for HighPander and SVIFT
Blapature Co. SummerJam

KritzKast #430: ozfortress forever

Suspicions abound over an update to an application that may or may or not be a new version of TF2. Okay, it probably isn’t but you can’t blame me for getting excited. Although some of that is probably because I’ve got obla or fozzlm from ozfortress here.

Link to ozfortress discord – (edit thanks to commenters)

Also on the show:
TF2 spawn redone in Unreal Engine 4
Gabe Gifts away his Heavy Statue
The Mayann Project lives
SFM | Workshop

KritzKast #429: Bonk, Crash, Ban

No week in TF2 is complete without either a massive update, or a visit from UEAK Crash and Bonk Nickletoon. We lucked out and got both! Except without the update.

Also, this:

40,000 VAC Bans
Bonk Nickeltoon’s workshop files
LEGO Memory Maker
Heart’s Smissmas Art Contest 2.0
Winner’s Podium
TF2 Jungle update Workshop

News on the next 72hour TF2 Jam

KritzKast #428: The Keys to Good Trading

I don’t get to use superlatives enough anymore. Which is why I’m glad that I can finally say that we had a chance to talk this week with Geel. He is the co-owner of the three largest trading resources in Team Fortress 2; and now finally It’s hard to see it any other way. Geel is the most important man in TF2 trading.

Also on the show

The Breadmonster plushie from Welovefine.

KritzKast #427: Showlander

Sigafoo is a man we’ve had on the show before. Yotts is a man who’s things we’ve had on the show before. Freelands is a man no show can hold for very long. Together they form (part of) RGL.GG, the answer to a question no-one asked but everyone was happy to listen to.

Also on the show:

Proposed Balance Changes
SourceCBL the global ban list

KritzKast #426: Uncle Dan, the RTGame man

YouTuber and hastily assembled potato lover, RTGame joins us this week. A week when Valve breaks their vow of silence to let us know they are still thinking about palm trees, tigers and vines. Not the wine type, though maybe them as well.

Also on this week’s show:

RTGamertgame YouTube | Twitch | Twitter

Update June 16th 2017

TF2 Blog Post on the Jungle Update!
In-theme maps on workshop
Crash’s Overgrown | Void’s Lazarus | 200’s Jump_Aqua

Multilplay’s Official announcement for i61
Running it as an Headline event with an Open format

Stabby Stabby’s everything pack

KritzKast #425: ETF2L, black on green

etf2l_ logo on blue

For the longest time Europe has had one clear winner when it comes to TF2 esports. Unlike the big pay to complete kings of North America, this giant is free. Run exclusively by volunteers who selflessly give up their free time and energy so that the game they love has a place to be played. Recently the role of head admin has been divided in two, with one half falling on the shoulders of our guest this week Stinson.

Also on the show this week:

Freshmeat Frag movie comp
Highlander Nations Cup
i61 announce tweet
Jay Pinkerton has left Valve

KritzKast #424: r TF2

We’ve coaxed three of the /r/tf2/ mods out of their safe places to come talk about the subreddit that drives much of the community discussion around Team Fortress 2. Meeting these guys really puts it in balance, the level of sustained professionalism required to look after everyone, and keep this sub one of the best on reddit.

Also on the show:

SPUF (Steam User Forums) shutting down on June 5th
Arms Race III
Elon Musk playing TF2
LMAOBOX Detected buys

Thanks to Wiethoofd, A_Satanic_Fish, Murky (Deadshot_Calamity), duck74UK, wickedplayer494, Acksor, angrypotato1, Brewster_The_Pigeon, smhxx and all the moderators of /r/tf2 past present and future for keeping us safe and sane(ish).

KritzKast #423: GermanPeter works Overtime

A bit of one on one time was called for this week. We spent it getting to know GermanPeter, the creator of Overtime, a parody love letter to both Team Fortress 2 and Undertale in game form.

overtimeNHBL – Season 7 signups

Medli20 – Earth Bonk

German Peter – Overtime |  Twitter | YouTube

Overtime let’s plays – Lambda Plus | Hiper | PepperoniPie

KritzKast #422: Agro in the SkyBox

Agro_SkyminIn case it’s not clear from the title, we have Skymin and MaxBox joining us on the show this week. Skymin is a brilliant YouTuber who makes her own SFM Thumb art, bursts into song at a moment’s notice and appears to have achieved the impossible. MaxBox used to be a hacker/script kiddie. He’s turned over a new leaf, chosen washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin can openers. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got hats?

This and promotional posts feature art created by Opium.

KritzKast #421: stabby mc stabbyface

Never has a player been more infamous than stabby stabby. He is the old school spy, more myth than man.  The most French California has ever spawned.

And now he’s here with us on this podcast, somewhere, probably.


KritzKast #420: Live from

hugs 17 teamI don’t think I’ve been quite so sad to see a LAN end as I was when finally packed up and everyone went their separate ways. The show here comes to you as it was recorded, live. I was joined by lor_is and Squirrel and we chatted about the event itself, the distinct lack of sleep everyone was getting and how much something like this means to the TF2 community as a whole.

The medal was awarded to anyone who donated £10 or more, or that equivalent in items.

Shout out to Special Effect and the amazing work they do. If want to get involved with them, or figure out how to run your own event head over to their site.

KritzKast #419.5: Chloemew two

At last, we finally get to talk to Chloemew. She’s had something of a massive rise in popularity, having seemingly come from nowhere to now be featured pretty much everywhere. Yeah, I’m looking at you Fenrir, and with your YT interview. We also pulled Teleportato (I’m worried that my spellcheck now knows how to autocorrect this) out from the post show MvM, he’s the one who always sends us to Virginia, and into the podcast.

hugs 2017 medal

April 26 Update

YouTube | Tumblr | DeviantArt | Twitter

Imgur | Twitter

Fight Songs Vinyl Double LP is being shipped 
Looks oddly beautiful, here more shots and ambient sounds

KritzKast #419: Minimalist Config

Wack (no dot) and Agro (never has been a dot) are joined by Tobiased (SFM thumbmaker to the stars), to bring you news of:

KritzKast #418: Biggy Givey Hibby

Peterscraps and Doomsday.exe are very definitely our guests on the show this week.

A week that sees two updates, April 12th and April 13th (including a fix for all pre-Sandybridge processors).

There are two ETF2L Experiment Cups, a Gamers Assembly viewing guide and two long lost artists return, Rammy and Hoo.

Lastly, Nate confirms there’s to be a new animated short.

KritzKast #417: PANG Vs Machine

The top trio of Chronos, Uberchain and Agro are back togehter. There is much to discuss; from comic book lore to the work of Julien Renoult, TFC coming of age, a wet Pyro, Fresh Meat, MvM and Hugs dot TF.

We’re interviewing Valve, need lore nerds
Unpublished Team Fortress 2 comic
Julien Renoult – Artstation
TFC is 18
Rainy day pyro
Fresh Meat
TF2Map’s Mappers vs Machines
and their Medals schedule + guests announced

KritzKast #416: Sun Flittzy Tzu

Flittzy, the impressive songsmith of TF2 is here with us to treat your eardrums. You may recognise him from such iconic tunes as “Flames” and “Edgy Scout Main“. are doing another April Fool’s Gameday
Diana Nock’s TF2 Art – Pyro wants to show medic something
Fan made – 3D printed Soldier – Andrew Cothill’s Artstation Page
Esports Arena presents: b4nny documentary

KritzKast Interviews: NHBL

NHBLThere are two types of Heavies in this world; those that have beaten the cheesecake out of their opponents in a boxing ring and those that plan to do it tomorrow.

We caught up with two such hardballs, Clayface and The Gentlemann’s Fedora, who have taken hand to face combat into a whole other level by creating the National Heavy Boxing League. A safe place for gentle persons of the bulky Russian variety to converse using the medium of fists.

KritzKast #415: The Bare Essentials

Valve have fiddled with the back end, upgrading and updating TF2 to the very latest SDK; 2013. This may seem like nothing to the layman but it means a great deal. For one thing, it broke Source Mod and for another it broke Macs. So there’s that going for it. Altogether it’s a very important step in the development of TF2, to bring it up to date smartly and allow it to have a life beyond where we ever thought was possible. Or something like that. I really don’t know anything.

Luckily this has never stopped me from seeking out clever people to explain it to me, like my guest tonight, Wolf Machina. Wolf has been working on Essentials for the best side of three years. The site is at last ready to have people pokes hole in it. He seems eager for that to happen. *poke*

KritzKast #414: I have no face and I must flex

One month between updates is kinda a long time but that’s nothing when you’re a wizard, Harry. Speaking of wizards, Lunar Scythe joins us for the podcast this week.

Also on the show:
Duffy’s IRL Longwave
556pm completes 7 days
PC Guia’s ‘5 Best Free-to-play’
Artvader’s TF2 voice lines Rap Battle

KritzKast #413: bowel evacuating hugs

We answer all the big questions here on the show, like what is a loris and how do I catch my own? Actually, best not to since that’s probably illegal in most states. They are cute and cuddly and loris probably doesn’t want to be captured and forced to live in a small bucket under the stairs; kept in darkenss for nine months of the year and told to wear a suit to the cinema, even when it’s not an adventure flick.
Fight Songs, an update
TFCL Ultiduo season 2
Math is hard and heavy
Medli20 did an AMA
A new contender arrives
Uncle Dane is nuts

KritzKast #412: New tricks for an old game

There’s a new version of TF2 that’s just hit beta. It features all old levels, the original characters, completely unchanged gameplay and weapons from what you can play now. And somehow we’re all really rather pleased about this.

Jill is looking for beta testers
Gabe Newell interview on VNN
Rally Call 2017
TFTV Map Cups
Mapchamp by
Interview with Mappers by TFTV
TF2 lego Concept
2017 Winter 72hr TF2 Jam Showcase

KritzKast #411: A box of sweets and tears

The magnificent twitch streamer Jewlander returns to furnish us with his wisdom. Which is lovely because he notices things other people take forever to see, then he kills those people before his disguise is blown. Admittedly there was a lot to see since Valentine’s day had Valve drop a massive love heart on the TF2 fandom by way of a massive pack of updates.

Also, there is music coming to Amazon, and (no matter what you may have heard) no one person is leaving Valve; they all are.

14th Feb 2017
Sigsev fixed 10yr old hit-box bug
The TF2 Sound track – Fight Songs (affliate link) | CulturedVultures‘ report
Valve leave Valve HQ, Wolpaw and Pinkerton too

KritzKast #410: discount Jam

In an effort to reach out to the community, we reached out the community, and got That’s not a site, although it probably will be soon. In a show filled with sentences that probably should have ended a lot sooner than they did, I just wanted to say

/r/tf2 is beautifulTF2 maps Winter 2017 Jam

Void’s maze
Uberchain + Kichizone’s thing
Robot thing
Yotts’ Phat Platt Dueling Badge
TF2 Pancakes
GameRevolution Valve interview
Sticky Sweeper
/r/TF2 back to quality

KritzKast #409: conflict with HiGPS

Here’s a couple of tips for you. If you really want to piss off Valve, get your entire fan base to email them at the same time. If you really don’t want to come on KritzKast, ask us to come on KritzKast. This is true in 99.9% of cases. the 0.01% apparently, is if you are HiGPS

HiGPS’s weapons update/nerf sheet
Workshop items

Rainbow Vomit Tee
Banjo Taunt
Panda hat

TF2 betting site is down
Top 12 plays of 2016

KritzKast #408: the wins of the tf2dove

O’ for the win, for the wins of the tf2dove. I was going to be lazy and just put the rest of the lyrics in as the show notes, but it appears Felix Mendelsohn and William Bartholemew beat me to it in 1844 by writing a song so repetitive those few words you’ve memorised from it, actually make up 90% of the whole. A hundred years later and an entire industry sprang up using their ground unbreaking talents as a template.

Ahem, enough of that.
TF2dove – YouTube
CriticalFlaw – Twitter | FuckYeahTF2
Update – Jan 16th 2017
TF2 Item gambling crack down – Jan 27th Blog post
Rewind Starkie’s Tripple Backstab | Final Play | H2Overdrive’s personal blog is RIP – Farewell
Official rayshud support ends – Raysfire is on HUD Hiatus
Medic Tattoo – I’ve seen worse

KritzKast #407: Adventures of Naked Soldier

After a small fortune in buy months have past we were long over due a jolly good sell month. And boy did we get it? Yes, we did. Or to put it slightly more simply, we got the comic.

Comic #6 – The Naked and the Dead
4th Annual Jump Competition – Beginnings #4
Minimalist TF2 Image by /u/Phantomazing
No KritzKast next week because of REWIND – trophey
Fundraiser (now over $11K USD)

KritzKast #406: Holy FUNKe!

What a way to start a new year! We have YouTuber FUNKe on the show, so you know we have to grill him within an inch of his life.
Also featured:
Jill responds to CELT sound issue
comic speculations, will it/won’t it drop?
ESA REWIND Teamfortresstv thread | Teaser video with Fribs | did you know both Uberchain and Agro are in attendance?
The “Test of Time” doesn’t go to TF2
Map selector gets a fan made revamp
and Swiftwater map maker “What is Schwa” reveals how TF2 has saved his house and his kid.

KritzKast #405: method not allowed

It’s my absolute pleasure to have been joined by the consummate amateur of audio, a.k.a. Soundsmith. For the sonically underprivileged among us, he is the creator of such delights as DemoDemoPan: Orchestral Arrangement and Dapper Dog: Frontier Justice (Orchestral Arrangement). Please take a listen before weeping openly, like the men I’m assuming you to be. Then visit his YouTube and follow him on twitter.

Also on this show:
New TF2 Merch in the Valve Store
Post to your Discord when TF2 blog updates
FUNKe covers TF2’s learning cliff

KritzKast #404: podcast not found

I’m not sure what you were looking for, but while we go look for it I thought you might want to listen to this show we recorded with the delightful power couple of TF2, Medli20 and Bobsplosion.

blinking lo-fiMedli20 Tumblr | YouTube | Twitter| Patreon
Bobsplosion Twitter | Outpost
Orchestral remix of the Uncle Dane Theme: Frontier Justice
Heavy’s Family Portrait by Apostronaut
Zhanna | Yana | Bronislava


Detjumper by /u/tehdankbox
Jarate by /u/TheRedstoneBlaze
Lime Paint by /u/ZentoZekto
2fort, Process (and now) Lo-Fi Voxel art by anabundanceofsquids

KritzKast #403: forbidden

6s lineup by xmindblowx“n” is for niceAsh from
“A” is for Steam Awards
“B” is for DreamBoat
“C” is for Content we didn’t use
“D” is for DreamHack Winter 2016

Hope you appreciate our first ever nAlphabet show notes. This will also be our last nAlphabet show notes, since we discovered that it isn’t a real thing.

KritzKast #402: Grizzly boy and Sandbag man

For many people Thanksgiving means family and friends, relaxing, drinking and turkey. For one of our guests it’s all about the potatoes. Lots and lots of potatoes. This is not a reference to Admirable’s heritage, instead we welcome back UEAKCrash. Sharing the star dressing room with him is the many-time winner of Player of the Week, but first time guest host, Grizzly Berry.

Updates Nov. 21st | Nov. 23rd
Blog post Welcome to the Jungle
Banny’s Climb competition
TTMR destroyed their 2016 Saxxy for Best Action

Grizzly Berry Twitter | YouTube
UEAKCrash Twitter | YouTube

KritzKast #401: Seven Sigafoo

Bandits approach a mountain village, but their chief decides to spare it until after the harvest because they had raided it before. The plan is overheard by a podcaster. Three podcasters ask Wiethoofd, the village elder and miller, for advice. He declares they should hire Sigafoo to defend the village. Since they have no money, Wiethoofd tells them to find hungry Sigafoo.

Update – Nov. 14th Nov. 18th
6th Saxxy Awards –
KritzKast on YouTube, we need your art –
Dreamhack Winter 2016 –
FaceIT Open Beta Cup
Sigafoo –

KritzKast #400: ArraySeven and the comeback game

Can you believe it, we’re at episode four hundred already? Why it seems like only eight years, two months and seventeen days since I was but a wee sprog thinking about the very possibility of spending every weekend between then and now recording a podcast about a game that, in all sincerity, I’m not all that good at. How time flies. But here we are, eight years, two months and seventeen days (give or take a few years) later enjoying our fireside chat. This week we are doubly lucky. Not only do we get to spend some time with the facestabbingly wonderful ArraySeven, but we also release on YouTube. Hazzah!

Update – Nov. 10th
6th annual Saxxy Awards –
KritzKast on YouTube, we need your art –
ArraySeven –

KritzKast #399: Don’t lick knives

I’m reliably informed that Lucario is a character from Pokémon. Something that you too may need to know one day so as not to be ostracised by the other people on your podcast. I speak from experience here, as Lucario and Ryan (who may also be a Pokémon for all I know) join us from Gameshock servers to talk about community TF2 and what it takes to make it in a world that Valve seem to have sewn up for themselves. It’s celebrity endorsement btw, I’m not going to clickbait it for you.

Update: November 2nd 2016
Workshop of Horrors II –
Gameshock / TFcrew servers –
Ryan | Lucario

KritzKast #398: The Teemo and Ranch Mystery Show

Teaming up with Teemo and Ranch was possibly the best thing I’ve ever done. Okay, second best maybe… wait, there was that one time in Coventry. Hmm, well it was a good time at least. Two of the pleasantest people in TF2 at the moment. This is a super long show though, which can’t really be helped since even after I’d cut half of it out there were some things I figured you’d not mind me leaving in. If it helps we did player of the week in the middle and spent the rest of the time wallowing in these dude minds. Mmm, moist.

Fan Scream Fortress VIII update image
Updates: Oct 25th 2016 part 1 | part 2
Sigafoo Cup – Prizepool

Ranch info:
YouTube | Twitter | Steam | Twitch
Teemo info:
YouTube | Twitter | Steam | Twitch

KritzKast #397: Updated Communization Files

This is the best time of the year. Especially if you live in a dwelling with the ghost of your former flatmate, haunting your every waking thought. Or if you like candy. Or both. I don’t think these activities are mutually exclusive. Speaking of exclusives, Jewlander returns to us from his hidden lair, under the stairs, firing flares, in his underwear. Not into his underwear. We’re not judging, but we’re pretty sure that would hurt and might be fatal. We should know; we’ve lost one flatmate that way already!

Update October 21st Part 1 | Part 2
Santa Ana eSports Arena REWIND event

KritzKast #396: A Circle of Dicks

All I can think of saying is that I’m glad we don’t post pictures on the show notes anymore. Why is that anyway? I should have asked Chronos and Uberchain since they were on this show this week, but what with, SEA Jumping and Mr Slin’s Essay I clear forgot.

Update – October 12 2016
SEA Jumphelp 2016
Tip of the Hats shirts mailed out
State of TF2 – by MR SLIN
Belated Happy Birthday Orange Box

KritzKast #395: Medalpalooza

Sleepingbear and CriticalFlaw are on this week. They give us the low down on some resin medals, find pumpkins in the TotH medals and explain the flaw in Washington State’s plan. I hear Sleepingbear is also pretty good at the trading too. You’d have to wake up pretty early in the morning to pull the wool over those eyes. Or you could just pass him a heavy sheep while he is yawning.

i58 highlight video
Comic Book update
Jaunty Medals dropped
“Real” medals by Yotts
Washington State trying to ban Valve trading Auctions

KritzKast #394: Do not visit

We’ve mentioned Omnibombulator and Wiethoofd many times on this show. The later has even been on; the former we could never seem to find. It turns out he was hiding in plain sight, in a small red car, wheeling around dustbowl. Who knew?

Update – 27th Sept | 28th Sept
Sigafoo Challenge Cup | | | | | | | | WietHUD

KritzKast #393: Pitching a tent in the dog park

There are few casters who’ve managed to rise up the roster quite as surely and determinedly as Dreamboat, and now he’s here with us. There’s little doubt about his commitment to TF2 as an eSport though. Any Canadian who’s willing to wake up at 4am to cast a game in Australia deserves everything coming their way: fame, money, the ladies, in fact all the hallucinations one suffers from during a massive case of sleep deprivation.

Update – 20th Sept | Edge servers
TotH – $180K
B4nny “announces” TF2 @ eSports Arena Cali
An actual LAN in France – Galloween
Ozf Season 17
Burning through space 2 –

KritzKast #392: Beyblade Heavies

Apparently I appeared to be quite energetic for the 30 seconds KritzKast was on Tip of the Hats. Maybe it was just the though that oh so soon afterwards I’d be hanging out with The Jewlander and The Biological Machine on this week’s podcast. Either that or it was the four cups of coffee I’d just knocked back. Will we ever know? Yes.

Updates – 12th September 2016 and 14th Sept.
Tip of the Hats
11K accounts VAC banned on Wednesday 14th
Lo-fi caption competition

The Jewlander | Bio

KritzKast #391: Medic loves bears

Chronos and Agro finally address the jazz elephant in the room. Hello Mr. Elephant, they say, please don’t wrap your trunk around us and force us to play in your band. Their request goes unheard, because it’s an elephant – it only understands the blues.

Tip of the hats –
Merasmus is talking to himself –
Robert Atkin Downes performs “meet the medic” –
Comp 6s Global whitelist –
Feather’s pre-season blog post –
[overly]Dramatic Spy –

Special thanks to The Biological Machine for his VO work as Scout.

KritzKast #390: FreddieTF2, secretly handsome

What to do when you finally get invited to the party but find everyone has buggered off to PAX West? Find the one guy who’s still around and demand that he podcast with you, of course! It just so happens that I lucked out on that one and managed to snag FreddieTF2 – possibly because he was too short to ride on the plane. Though we will never really know.

Update 23rd Aug 2016 –
Update 29rd Aug 2016 –
KritzKast & FreddieTF2 joins TFCrew –
Freddie TF2 – Youtube | Twitter
Blizzard Petition –
i58 –
Mal’s Twitter –
7.2hour Map making event –
Comic 6 will be 70 pages long –
Tip of the Hats –

KritzKast #389: Rydercycle meets his match

You know when you have a podcast and you invite someone on and they are awesome and accept and you tell you you’ll start early for them and then you fall asleep right before you start and then you’re late and you don’t get so much time with them? Just me huh. So we had Rydercycle on (for the start of) the show together with Benjamoose, who up till now I haven’t bigged up at all but he’s this really amazing VO guy who’s done tones of stuff in the community over the years.

Anyway, enjoy the show. If you want us to have these guys back, let us know in the comments.. wow, that felt too YouTube.

Update 14th Aug 2016 –
Update 16th Aug 2016 –
Comp mode blog post –
Meet your Match : Pyro –
Next comic book “soon” –
Red Fury 2 creator hit by Copyright ban –
7.2 hour mapping contest –


KritzKast #388: Isometric

If you’re anything like me you’ll like your podcasts how you like your maps, dimensionally challenged. Which is to say that we have a great episodes for you today, so long as you’re prepared to squint a little and look at it side on.

The little Update that wasn’t –
Valve Time –
Announcing the 2016 Saxxy Awards –
Isometric TF2 maps –
The (nearly) Complete list of TF2 bugs –
I58 Schedule is set for TF2 –
The sandwich stacking game –

KritzKast #387: The Cool Confirmer

Before we go any further I want to give a big shout out to our new 6s ESEA team. Watch out for a blog post on this and where you can follow them.

Best to mention that we still don’t have Uberchain’s intro music sorted yet. In our defence it’s been less than 3 years since she joined us; what do you guys want, efficiency?

Update – 3rd August –
ESEA team KritzKast
FACEIT TF2 League Opens for North America –
“Recent” user reviews of TF2 are down to “mixed” –
TF2 Summer Jam Showcase –
Sandvich Stacking competition –

KritzKast #386: A spectacle of graphics and sound

Jasmine Tea will be making their way to i58 – the biodome in the National Exhibition Center – where computers grow on treas, sponsored by Tetley eSports. It’s possible they will be joined by North American legends, Froyotech. They will also be playing pl_drawpu in the finals. Some of the facts listed here may not be real things.

Update –
Tip of the hats –
ETF2L is looking for coders –
British TF2 League –
Jasmine Tea coming to i58 –
PL_Drawpu –

KritzKast #385: Hiding viewmodels in Summer Jam

Over the course of this weekend we recorded this episode of KritzKast, edited and released it. While this is not in the least bit unusual, we did have a little bit more incentive to get it done. As LeSwordfish pointed out. Content created within this period may qualify us for entry into the Summer 2016 72hr TF2Jam. And who doesn’t like Jam?

July 14th Blogpost –
WeLoveFine balloonicorn slippers! –
Hiding viewmodels in Comp TF2 –
TF2maps 72 hour summer Jam 2016 –

KritzKast #384: Frolicking on the Frontline

Joined by donhonk and SedimentarySocks we go through the week’s updates and tweaks. We dig into the community update, “Frontline” and find out what makes for a really great working environment. Saved you a click.. it’s memes, lots of memes. We’re going to need a bigger podcast.

Update, 14th July –
Frontline –
TF2 Keycap –
RallyCall –
TF2maps 72hr Summer Jam –
War Update –

KritzKast #383: Meet Your Match

Uncle Dane and Uberchain return to the show to address the biggest update we’ve seen since… well since ever. TF2 finally has matchmaking; casual looks and plays completely differently and a whole bunch of changes to the classes means that the old meta for 6s is out. Oh and there’s also a war brewing between Heavy and Pyro. Go

Day 1 Webpage –
Announcement video –

Day 2 Webpage –
Showdown comic –
Baloonibouncer –
The Carlton –
Disco Fever –
Fubar Fanfare –

Full patch list –
July 8th blog post –

New Valve Store –

Uncle Dane:
Youtube | Twitter | Twitch

Youtube | Youtube2 | Twitter | Tumblr | Twitch

KritzKast #382: Nerds Eat A Ton Of

Not since the weeks leading to End of the Line, have so many people been so close to the edge of their seats. The long awaited “neato” update seemed to be coming out this weekend with a bunch of people making predictions that it absolutely, definitely, cut-me-own-throat if I’m a lying to you assuredly will be; turning sadly to another nope.taunt. Speaking of which…

Nope.DMCA –
Disgaea PC tie-in –
Mr SLIN goes to Valve –
Saxxy winners “Turbulence” went to Valve –
Saxton Hale leak –
TF2 Advanced Lobbies v.2.0 – is closed –
Random Acts of TF2 –

KritzKast #381: 5 Years of Map Porn

I know what your thinking. That episode name is rather weird. Well, lets just say that there is some weird stuff discussed in this weeks episode. We talk about Dream hacks finals that didn’t finished. A TF2 composer that you can download and play with, an awesome cowboy bebop TF2 video…….and map porn. I could explain what it is, buts you’ll enjoy it more if you listen to the episode.

Update –
Dreamhack surprise ending –
Fortress Paint Composer Video –
Fortress Paint Composer Download –
Cowboy TF2 –
Map Porn –
TF2 F2P 5 Year Anniversary –Über_Update

KritzKast #380: Jasmine Tea

It’s still a little too early to hope for anything too wonderful from the nimphs of summer. Perhaps it will be pixies and dancing rainbows; perhaps it’ll be rivers of molton lava flowing around our underwater bases. Who can tell? Certainly not Tempest and I. But what I do want to see is a bunch of Australians kicking seven layers of snot out of Europeans and North Americans. Or at least, that’s what I told my therapist.

TF2 Maps 72hr Summer Jam –
Abyss –
Australian Team raising for i58 –
How Quickplay killed TF2 communities –

KritzKast #379: Neato

“I need proof!” We may have had a brief insight from an actual Valve employee, known to be working on the next update that the update itself will be, in a word, “neato”. Read into that what you will but frankly I’ve been burned a little to often to take anything at face value.

TF2 Dev Jill Hints on Facepunch –
DreamHack Summer “Fundraiser Showmatch” –
DreamHack Summer Schedule + Poster Announced –
Taunt Fortress 2 by The Winglet –
El-Cid’s “Bonk!” Remake by Py-bun –
Red Fury 2 by Mecha the 4th –
KritzKast Controller –

KritzKast #378: Halloween Forever

You too could be experiencing the flesh melting horror of Halloween every day, with this one simple linkbait trick. As disturbing as that may seem it’s nothing compared to being trapped in a lift with Agro and Tempest. The dad jokes, the puns, the humanity!

Update 1: 31st May 2016 –
Update 2: 31st May 2016 –
More Vac Bans –
Mann Co Monthly Issue 2 –
Halloween Transmutes hack –

KritzKast #377: Ye Olde Workshoppe

Chronos and Agro have hatched a dastardly plot, trapping everyone else in a closet, leaving us on our own to discuss some good new workshop submissions and plans for world domination; but mostly the workshope.

Dreamhack Talent & Teams Confirmed –
Ye Olde Medieval Update –
The Button Basher: An Engineer Taunt –
The Subjugated Saboteur: The New Ap-Sap –
Firestarter: Pyro Taunt –

KritzKast #376: Unusual HUDS

Tempest and Agro are joined by rough voiced American, Grey.. or is that Chronos? To discuss the greatest moments in TF2’s history that have ever happened [that week]. Including the all new and delightful changes to, the utterly miserable fate of TF2 YouTuber, “Rapid”, and the meaningful longings of the near overwhelmingly talented Grizzly Berry. Damn that guy and his dulcet tones.

Update May 17th –
HUDS.TF Submissions –
#ReviveRapid –
“Wish I had an unusual (Song)” by Grizzly Berry –

KritzKast #375: Goodbye Overwatch, hello TF2

This is probably going to be the last time you’ll see Overwatch in the title. It was a great game and will probably continue to be a great game long into the future. It just won’t be covered by KritzKast. We’re reverting to our first love, Team Fortress 2.

Update 11th May –
B4nny’s tweet –
Pyrah’s question –

Oh, and we’re giving Overwatch its own podcast. I probably should have lead with that.

KritzKast #374: You’re freaking dead kiddo

After last week’s hack revelations it seems that self gratifying crocodile has taken action on those hackers, distributing bans like slurry on a growing field. Agro remains firmly unimpressed by a number of things. Tempest wants to see OW on at his cinema and Ruskeydoo loves the comic book action.

UGC League revokes LMAOBox’ users medals –
Scout VA does Navy Seals meme –

Junkrat & Roadhog comic –
Tracer Pose explained –
Watch Overwatch your Cinema –

KritzKast #373: Better than Battlefield Earth

While Overwatch is on hiatus TF2 is making up for the shortfall of updates with a bevvy of their own. This coincides nicely with the fall of LMAOBox, the notorious game hacker software, which I’m sure we’re all pleased to see the VAC of. Terrible wordplay to one side, we’re very pleased to Uberchain on hand to lead Chronos and Agro through this week’s goings on with our favourite first person shooters.

April 25th update 1 –
April 25th update 2 –
April 26th update –
April 28th update –
LMAOBox Premium VAC Banned –
Comp players using LMAOBox –
TF2 Blog shows fan content –
Insomnia 58 floorplan –
VR for users with Diplopia –

Overwatch Early Access –
McCree comic animated –
Reinhardt Dragon Slayer Comic –
“Batgirl” artist’s fan art –

KritzKast #372: Check out the Show Notes

An odd episode this week. Even though Agro and Tempest were in the same location, due to the gods of technical issues looking unfavorably upon them, only tempest was able to present on this weeks episode. That didn’t Prevent Chronos joining him to talk Drama, Hype and Nerf guns being thrown around TF2. Meanwhile, Comics, Cosplay and Crashed Cars surrounded Overwatch.

Iron Gauntlet Changes –
B4nny’s Rage –
TF2 Nerf Video –
Florida LAN –
Florida LAN Promo Video –

McCree Comic –
GameSpot Overwatch Video 1 –
GameSpot Overwatch Video 2 –
GameSpot Overwatch Video 3 –
Tacobell Overwatch Promotion –
Overwatch Uber Vehicles @ Pax –
Overwatch Vehicle Crash –
Gender Bender Zarya Has a Gun –

KritzKast #371: Tough Break down, open beta up

Tough Break is over, no going back to contracts… for now. But how did we feel it went? Russian News using the golden pan price in an economic report and kritzkast is added to tf2stadium. Over on overwatch, we dig through the latest patch notes and how we feel competitive play will pan out.

Kritzkast Voices in TF2stadium –
Golden Pan in Russian News –
Fan Made ARG –

April 13th update –
Competitive play in Overwatch –
OneAmongstMany likes Alive –
Overwatch Beta weekend –

KritzKast #370: Nope.mp3

Joining on the show is Crazy Halo, a huge part of why Nope.Taunt has become a thing this week. We talk to him about how he went about it and some of the issues he had with putting it together. We also Discuss the latest update to overwatch and of course the short video “Alive”. Plus a great heartwarming Email

Nope.Taunt Workshop –
Nope.Taunt Video –
Nope.Taunt Reddit post –
The Mayann Project –

Overwatch April 5th Update –
Animated short “Alive” –
TF2 Remix “Meet the Assassin” –

KritzKast #369: Riding the Mannshaft

This was the week of April Fools. Always a great time for TF2 and it seems good fun for overwatch too. This week we talk about the Pranks, the updates and a great interview with Jeff Kaplan.

March 29th TF2 Update –
TF2 Emporium April Fools Day Scullcutter –…
TF2 Emporium Mr. Mundee’s Wild Ride –…
TF2Maps Crashes April Fools Event –…

Overwatch Subreddit April Fools Prank –
Overwatch Korea April Fools Watch –
Overwatch Korea April Fools Watch Explaination –…
Th3Jez Interview with Jeff Kaplan –
Breakdown of the Interview  –…
G2 Esports Team Disbands –…

KritzKast #368: Stream on TF2

Update – March 22/24, 2016
TF2 Streamers Now on Main Menu (community)
Steam Workshop Now Supports Sketchfab Previews (workshop)

New Animated Short: Recall (lore)
Update – March 22, 2016
New Weekly Brawls Figured Out (data-mining/gameplay)
Former TF2 Invite Team Classic Mixup Picked up by Luminosity Gaming for OW (competitive)

KritzKast #367: The wrong shorts

Update 1 – March 17
Update 2 – March 18
Update 3 – March 18
Competitive Beta Gift Passes
TF2Stadium Released Launched

Overwatch’s expanded universe
Behind the Animated Short: Recal

KritzKast #366: Competitive Dick Drawing

AHpvZwQIn this week’s KatKast, the only TF2, Overwatch and Cat based podcast:
Update March 7, 2016
Update March 10, 2016
TF2 Comp Discussion

Update 7th March, 2016 #1
Update 7th March, 2016 #2

KritzKast #365: You’d beta believe it

TF2 Comp beta went live
B4nny gives “official” announcements
Steam Trading – 15 days to trade
All part of the plan

Dev Update Topic #2 (29th Feb)
Tracer Cosplay Pistols

KritzKast #364: I clay to win

utopiaTF2 sees no updates, but that’s okay because we’re all busy getting ready for Stream VR. raises thousands of pounds for charity.

Uberchain gets a spot in SourceSTUFF magazine.

Overwatch sees a fresh batch of BETA passes.

Funko blogs about their Overwatch POP! figures.

Flowerain1612 wins us over with clay versions of D.Va

Our thanks go to Molly from Team Husky for sharing some insights into her Overwatch community.

KritzKast #363: Only Vive

CbSLzBBW8AAOP_OHTC Vive gets a release price

Valve explain how to get in to their competitive beta

We play on cp_priderock_a2

Overwatch gets an update

Life imitates art, imitating art

Jeff addresses OnlyWatch

KritzKast #362: How to get in Overwatch BETA

WidowMaker_b1There’s not really been an update this week, not to TF2 at least. This would have made for a really short podcast. That’s not the full story though since Team Fortress 2 Competitive gets a new logo, which makes us think something is about to start happening here. Which Kotau appears to have picked up on.

As luck would have it, KritzKast made it into the Overwatch BETA. Well, I say luck…

Biggest changes are that we now have a new game mode, KOTH Control, and two new maps.

Oh and player progression, which slowly reveals skins, emotes, sprays and animations.

KritzKast #361: Jam Envy

TF2 Jam Winter 2016TF2 Jam was last week, hence the artwork featured here. We walked through our experiences with it.

In that time another update dropped, YAY!

However someone took this as a good time to troll Valve with some shoddy content. Which raises questions about the nature of trust in this industry.

The Overwatch beta is returning. And why do we care? Well that’s a very good question. Good enough for player of the week.

KritzKast #360: No Scope

Your chance to be a part of the Matchmaking beta is NOW! A steam group created by valve gives you the chance to sign up for the beta, but also check out the changes they are making to the system. If you want to give it a go, Check it out here.

However, More news that might interest you, Random Hats are now dropping in the game again. Thats right you too could walk away with the TF2 hat without buying a key. Just keep playing…thats all we ask.

While your at it, why not check out the National Heavy Boxing League (NHBL) Who are putting on shows with their fighters this weekend. Check here for all the details.

KritzKast #359: Phlog Flambé Pugs


A couple of updates in the week fix a few issues and make one big change to the Pyro.

This is also the week where the TF2 and cosplay community remember Nick Pivato. The world famous Saxton Hale Cosplayer who passed this week.

Also In the episode is details about PugChamp, The new Comp Pick up service, The Iron Gauntlet a Workshop Showcase of MvM Themed items. From the Overwatch side, the beta has been held back til the mid February. But the reason, new maps and more importantly, new game modes. Plus region specific merch. Its a good week.

KritzKast #358: HL3 – the story writes itself

bdogA few choice cuts are added to from the Tough Break update.

Mark Laidlaw has finally retired following 18 years of service to Valve, including writing Half Life 1, 2 and possibly 3. 

The 2016 Winter 72Hr TF2 Jam is about to kick off. Find out what it is and how you can take part.

Beginnings 3 isn’t possibly the best title for this now third iteration of the annual Jump competition.

In Overwatch the fans be making the music.

KritzKast #357: Tough Breakdown

400px-Tough_Break_UpdateWith the full crew of all 5 hosts, We continue talking about the tough Break Update. This week, we take a look at all of the changes to all of the classes and the game itself. Its going to be long trip, so buckle in to listen to us break down the tough break balance changes and how the game now feels to us.

Now I could put each individual item changed in the show notes, but you really don’t want me to list the changes…… you?

KritzKast #356: Mother Teresa, Tweeting and Twerking

ranked_backgroundThe Tough Break Update (part 1)

26 new contract objectives
4 new Weapon Collections
Cosmetic Cases

2 new community taunts, Bad Pipes & Bucking Bronco
1 new Valve taunt, Mannrobics

4 new community maps:

Things you might have missed:
Updated the scoreboardStrange Count Transfer Tool, ranked background by Makani, all Strange parts can now be applied to Strange cosmetics items, on spawning friendly players will show an outline for 10 seconds.

In Overwatch news, there’s a new official theatrical trailer which you must see.

Please note, this was recorded just before Smissmas 2015, so we may mention things that have been subsequently fixed or are just plain wrong, but felt oh so beautifully right at the time. Sorry.

KritzKast #355: Smissmass 2015


1 – Outtake – Real Intro
2 – SingAlong – Rocky Theme
3 – Outtake – Renamed
4 – Outtake – Agro’s Heating
5 – Rapping – Crash Rap
6 – Outtake – Doubled Edged Dinosaur
7 – Outtake – BUTT FLUSH!
8 – Outtake – Cauterize the wound
9 – Outtake – you don’t know that you don’t know
10 – Outtake – Work Sucks
11 – Outtake – Donkie Beats Tempest
12 – Outtake – Overwatch, Oversexed
13 – Smissmass Song – 12 days of Smissmass (Thanks to Miss Eight)

KritzKast #354: God beats the Queen

tubbsThe one where:
Crash does map making tutorials
77K steam accounts get compromised a month
The Aperture science facility is real
Workshop Wonderland is just about to close
B4nny was seen in TF2 matchmaking
Overwatch Beta is off until next year
Comp overwatch is a thing… kinda
Blizzard asks the community to help build their site
and we learn from an excited Jeff Kaplan that any new heroes and maps will be free.

Oh, and Uberchain has officially joined the show. Wahoo!

KritzKast #353: Tell Blizzard I Said Hello

We were so close to having a full line up this week, unfortunately, 1 of our hosts couldn’t make it. Who you ask. Listen and you’ll find out. Even with out him, it was still a great show where lots of fun was had by all.


Its been a busy week. As such we talk about the Arkham Knight workshop contest winners, the Workshop Wonderland, a secret nerf to the charge and targe, the Yogscast Jingle Jam, b4nny spotted in matchmaking and the amazing (player of the week winning) Comic made by Medli20.

All that is just TF2. Even after all that we still talk about the overwatch beta shutting down for Christmas and some of the overwatch models making their way into SFM.

KritzKast #352: No Mo Froyo

Last week Agro took the huge Journey, traveling through dense jungle and endless deserts to visit Tempest. So it seemed only logical to do an episode with the 2 in the same room (and Doug locked up in the next basement).


While here we talk about TF2 at Dreamhack, The steam Authenticator hack and the promotional Sale on the market because of it. But all importantly we chat about Froyotech as we know it dispanding. Over in the world of overwatch, we look at the stats gathered and revealed from the stress test weekend beta. Plus a graphics comparison so you can see how it will run on your PC.

KritzKast #351: Everything’s Coming Up Tempest

This week saw 3 very important things to discuss on the show. Firstly we’ve had the Nominees and winners of the Saxxy Awards. some of our predictions from last week were very Accurate. Go us. Secondly, we talk about Escrow. At the time of the recording, not everybody had worked out the true magnitude of the issue. That doesn’t stop us from slowly figuring out which services are going to be hurt the most and what effect it will have on the trading community as a whole.

However, this is also the week where Tempest was able to play a full weekends worth of Overwatch. That right. Although Tempest doesn’t claim to be the huge Overwatch knowledge base, He does take questions for the other casters and chat room about their worries and/or misunderstandings.


KritzKast #350: Too Saxxy for SFM2

as_saxxyBiggish update on fixes and the like, super sexy Asiafortress medal. We’re finally free of the MvM phantom cosmetics too.

Uberchain is back with us to dissect the Saxxys, along with a couple she’s contributed to herself System Leak and Pombay.

PC Gamer interviews the Overwatch game devs to find out how they’re getting on with the Beta… grumble, grumble, not bitter.


KritzKast #349: Ruskey’s Turbo Hookers

kk new logo

Its been a heavy couple of weeks. Halloween for TF2 and…..WHATS THIS. Tons of overwatch goodies. How could we not devote most of this episode to overwatch.


  • TF2 Updates
  • Saxxy Submission date
  • Payment model for overwatch announced
  • New Overwatch Characters
  • Overwatch animated shorts
  • Razer overwatch branded hardware


KritzKast #348: I PICK UP THE AMULET


Wooo00000oooo. Its all hallows eve and as always valve are giving us a feast of items, Maps, Comic and more to celebrate the holidays. Joining us as we natter about all of the changes is UEAKCrash. Not only the maker of Proped from the invasion update, but also a man with his feet deeply embedded in the Halloween update too. Join us as we all roll our d20’s and discuss….

  • Scream Fortress 2015 Update
  • Mannpower Mode out of beta
  • “Gargoyles & Gravel” TF2 Comic
  • Batman TF2 Workshop Contest (workshop)
  • Master of Classes – TF2 School? (comp + pubs)

KritzKast #347: Three Wheatleys Doing a Podcast

Due to a Tempest based Clerical Error, this episode was recorded last week but only now released. Hear us talk about the future past and such topics as….



KritzKast #346: Spooky Beta Keys

Join us for part 2 of our invasion episodes…But we’ve got so much else to talk about, we can’t just lock it down to invasion. Such things include…..

In the world of Overwatch

KritzKast #345: We’re in the beam

weareinthebeamWe are talk about the invasion update. At least the first few bits of it:




and the 4 weapon reskins.

KritzKast #344: Live On Lego

03_LD_PO_LP_PortalOctober 1st TF2 update adds item inspect, HL medals and hit sound options.

The last of the Gun Mettle Campaign – Oct 12th is the final day.

Lego Portal

Steam App is updated

Steam Controllers have shipped! At least mine has.

KKBC: Neither do men live nor die in vain

KKBC Credits (in order of appearance):

William Dicks – Ruskeydoo
Donald – Chronos
Jonny Birtwistle – Tempest
Director – Doug
Claude Bittay – Sir Grey
Daisy – herself
POTUS – Chronos

Edited by – Doug

Previous episodes
KKBC: No one would have believed
KKBC: Yet across the gulf of space

So long as there is TF2 there will be KritzKast

KKBC: Yet across the gulf of space

KKBC Credits (in order of appearance):

voiceovers – Benjamoose
small child – Chronos
mother – Lady Grey
Jonny Birtwistle – Tempest
William Dicks – Ruskeydoo
Bruce – Chronos
Percy Tamland – Agro
Reginal Remmington – Sir Grey

Edited by – Doug

KKBC: No one would have believed

So long as there is TF2 there will be KritzKast

KritzKast #343: Roadhog and Junkrat

polycount_hog_twitterTF2 has an update, just not the one we were hoping for. Speaking of which, there’s stuff we will not be talking about, and we’re not going to talk about why we’re not. Well, Agro may but there’s no helping some people.

Valve say what they’re up to; so it’s okay for them but not us, eh?

Some games never die, they just get made into board games, like Portal.

Overwatch has more new heroes – Roadhog and Junkrat.

Lastly, the Bottom Frag website is kinda born yet. idk, this bit may have been edited out.

KritzKast #342: Plan B from Out-a-Time

planbWe had plans for this week’s episode. It was going to be great, just great.

Only something happened and those magnificent plans had to be put on hold.

We hope you’ll forgive us.

This is Plan B.

KKBC: No one would have believed


KKBC Credits (in order of appearance):

John – Ruskeydoo
Marsha – Dr Minimus
Voice Over – Benjamoose
Jonny Bertwhistle – Tempest
William Dicks – Ruskeydoo
Reginald Remmington – Sir Grey
Fireman – Agro
Farmer Bill – Ruskeydoo
Dr Hirnloss – Chronos
Percy Tamland – Agro

Edited by – Doug

KKBC: Yet across the gulf of space

So long as there is TF2 there will be KritzKast

KritzKast #341: Meet the Amazing Woman


In TF2 news

TF2 Comic
DeutschLAN 2015 this week
Meet the amazing Pyro


Gamescom Interview w/ Jeff Kaplan & Matthew Hawley
Overwatch statues – making of.

KritzKast #340: Live @ I55

We say live. It’s recorded Live. That’s kinda the same thing right? Agro and Tempest spend the weekend at Insomnia 55, the UK’s biggest Lan and Gaming Festival. Not only that, but the home of the only International TF2 Event. Teams Ascent & froyotech came over from the states to show their prowess in thew ring of honor against the Euro might of nerdRage.tf2 and Reason Gaming. I won’t spoil it for you. But I will say that you can watch all of the games as they were streamed from We had a blast and hopefully conveyed that as we talk about the event, the tournament itself and all the people we bumped into over the weekend.

We didn’t talk just about I55. Tempest got to say his bit on Pass Time. Lets say its not good. But we also chat about Trade ups and how that will effect the contracts and how we look at them. Plus all of the other weird and game warping bugs that they solved this week.

KritzKast #339: Balls, Bags and Bugs

502602742_preview_1Nathaniel Theis gets recognition for his exploit discovery and reporting skills. He also give us his feedback on his new hat, the Finder’s Fee.

In this week a new game mode has dropped, PASS Time. This isn’t the first beta game mode Valve have running at the moment. Unusually though this one has been co-authored by a second studio, Escalation.

Secreted away in the PASS time map is a darkened room. Imgurian DaveTB and a “tf2g dude” have shed some light, literally on what the room holds.

The 2015 Saxxys have been announced. Time to get started on your SFM entries.

Lastly there’s been a rash of new weapon skins, as showcased on this facepunch thread. Make sure you do your bit by upvoting the good ones on the workshop.

KritzKast #338: Cavethrow

bread_600The big ugly trading bug

Tip of the Hats gets $5000 + a Golden Pan
Pan Tweet | Twitch Tweet

I Am Sandvich! DLC released
Trailer | Steam Store

New Custom Weapons Server
Trailer | Steam Group | Weapon list | credits: Crafting

TF2 Workshop: New Teufort Wasteland

Overwatch on client
Image | Thread

Potential characters in Heroes of the Storm?
Link | Thread

KritzKast #337: Battle Royale with Cheese

lucio-overwatch_smHere we answer all the important questions:

How do you persuade high level players to take fight over money?

Is there more concealed in the Concealed Killer vs. Craftsman Cases than reskinned weapons?

What do you call a conflict to the death with cheese?
Website | Promo Art | Trailer

What’s less of a surprise than rain on your day off?
Profile | Trailer | Gameplay

KritzKast #336: Just the Tip

lucioAnother great week for mapkind with’s 2015 Summer 72 hour mapping contest under full swing while we were recording.

Erik Wolpaw give us a jolly good read on Penny Arcade. While Edge Gamers have their own beheading competition.

TF2 tops out at an average of 60,000 con concurrent players in July, according to The most since records began in 2012.

Creator of Meet your Makers – Void, calls for Themed Crates.

Over in Overwatch there’s a hint so large it has it’s own ZIP code that we’re getting a support character called Lúcio

Finally you too can have an editor like ours for just $5; hire a Doug at fiverr.

KritzKast #335: A wonderful case of Battles


Changes to TF2, EVL Battle Royale on the horizon and Hackers being put out of business. Just some of the things we are going to talk about this week…..wha? you want more. Well how about we tell you the astronomically small odds that you’ll open the “Perfect” weapon from a case. Still not enough? How about we let you in on a little info about the next TF2 Comic? Really that’s got to be enough TF2 to keep you satisified. Right. What about this…a fully automated, to scale, level 1 sentry…that is actually….wait for it….A PC CASE!!!

FINE! Then have a comic based on Overwatch……or is it?

Oh…and don’t forget our video of the week.

KritzKast #334: Heavy is Still Alive

toth2So much content, where do we start? In TF2 land there’s been a bevy of updates, mostly relating to Gun Mettle but also with a few things like new the ETF2L 6v6 Season 21 tournament medals, and Hammer fixes.

YM runs a Strawpoll to see what redditors think should happen to the community maps after the event.

Tip of the Hats announces their 2015 event date with a countdown timer on the site.

Insomnia 55 is to be held in a tent for the TF2 guys this year. If your’e going look for Tempest and Agro, we’ll be lurking near the stage, smelling faintly of happiness.

Blizzard do a Q&A on reddit about Soldier 76.

Special shout out to Sanc Tuary and Stevoisiak for sending in emails recently. Stevoisiak even takes the prestigious PotW title both for his short Heavy is Still Alive after which this week’s show is titled, but also for his excellent question.

KritzKast #333: Not what you’d expect.


After a week of the update, Tempest and Chronos have returned to give their views on the update as a whole.Plus all the “Minor” updates in the mean time. Like fixing winning a payload match with out the payload.

NOT ONLY THAT, but we discuss how valves new policy on scamming. It is big, it is clever. How does it effect us, how does it effect you?

NOT ONLY THAT, the comic. We almost forgot about it last week, So lets natter about it now. Miss Pauling scamming Saxton Hale, We never thought we’d see the day.

NOT ONLY THAT, have you ever fancied playing out a TF2 fan fiction and try to date one of the characters from them game you love so much…..No…Oh, Neither did we, But obviously somebody else did and made the TF2 Dating Simulator. I swear I’m not making any of this up.

NOT ONLY THAT, But a new class in overwatch too. Soldier 76…basically every single generic shooter class in every single generic shooter game ever.


KritzKast #332: Test my Mettle

bg_08The wonderful Sigafoo joins us, together with now published (cp_snowplough anyone?) map maker, Fr0z3n to bring you news of the first big official update from Valve in yonks. That’s a real word and you can’t prove otherwise. We take a stab at breaking the Gun Mettle Update down to its component parts before building it back up again, spraying it pretty colours, burying it in the snow out back and marking it with a sprig from a cherry blossom tree so we can find it again in spring. Also a clever reference to Borneo!

KritzKast #331: Splat Overcrotch

This week we discover some very important news about the Tf2 comics. Brace yourself. Its another 6-8 weeks away. However, we also discover that we are getting an issue 7……eventually.

331Plus we’ve got some great goodies for you. Splat fortress. Based on Splatoon but made inside of TF2. Interested? How about getting people to I55? That’s right 2 American teams are SOOOO close to rasing all the funds they need to be sent to the insomnia Lan. How close, check it out here and help them get over the top. We also want to let you know about Steamspy, a service that lets you look at some of the stats of steam that valve might have. Such as, which games are being played the most and what games are doing well in the sales.

Ok fine. So you want a bit more. How about a few videos of overwatch gameplay. Bastion and Zarya.

KritzKast #330: Red Storm Rising

Ruskeydoo is back. Its been a while, but he’s here to talk about all the updates to TF2. Not only that, but we talk about a very unexpected revelation about miss Pauling. Then Agro shows us a Voicepack taking audio from both Red Orchestra 2 & Rising Storm.

That would be it, if it wasn’t for the lengthy amounts of chat about overwatch. We talk about the widowmaker & Winston gameplay videos that have appeared, A hint at a new character and some speculation about how some of the game mechanics will work. Join us for a good time.

KritzKast #329: Dungeon of the Endless Refunds

ss_8ff6c8709a2bbfd50d105049b2b27a8be3077ddf.1920x1080The one where Dungeon of the Endless gets TF2 items

Steam starts issuing refunds

The summer sale kicks off, together with cookie clicker style minigame.

Maps workshop sees a tonne of updates.

And our Artist of the Month competition sees some winners.

KritzKast #328: Push up Bra

mapsbetaThis has been an interesting week for us. Firstly, Chronos made a huge journey to The UK. This results in Less Chronos Lag than usual, But more echo as he was in the same room as tempest…Weird. This was also the week that we released the 2nd Meet your Makers. A fantastic look at the people who make the game what it is. From cosmetic creators, to T-shirt Designers, to….Valve themselves. Yep, its been kinda busy this week. Especially if you stay to the end of the episode.

But it wasn’t all about Kritzkast (hard to believe i know) Valve did a huge favor for the community this week. We now have maps available in the workshop. This means that you can now have custom server maps that get the info straight from the workshop. Its amazing guys. We live in a bright new world. oh, i forgot to mention, you know thjat whole, steambox and steam controller……yeah, you can now pre-order them. its no longer a pipe dream

KritzKast #327: Advanced TF2center

tf2 centerWe’ve interviewed a lot of people on here, which is another way of saying that the Team Fortress 2 community is massive and brilliant. Occasionally we get the chance to revisit with some of our previous guests. Find out where they are now on their various projects and chew the cud with them on where they see their sites going in the future. This is one of those episodes. Sitting down with Masternoob and Foxy from TF2center we explore the site as it is now and look into the very near future to see Advanced Lobbies.

KritzKast #326: Kings and Peasants

meet-the-king_blogKing Raja has graced us with his magnificent presence for one the greatest day of our worthless peasant lives.

All hail the king! Long live King Raja!

Ahem, in more relevant news May 18th update saw a number of fixes reported by white hatter Nathaniel Theis. There’s a fan-made TF2 documentary in the making. New news site is gains momentum.

Over at Hanzo has his own video, with some quite disturbing voice lines.

KritzKast #325: Magic the Rambling

Bit of a change up this week as it’s just Tempest and Agro to shoot the breeze on topics as intellectually challenging as fully-immersive interactive porn,  Magic the TF2 and the longevity of TF2 itself. Featured on the show was this entry to the KritzKast art competition which is going to be pretty tough to beat now.

KritzKast #324: Crash Course in TF2 Mapping

This week we are joined by UEAKCrash, the infamous name behind such maps as Trainsawlazer, WubWubWub and Glassworks (notice how we listed the serious map last). He talks with us about his personal career in map making, some of his previous and upcoming maps, But also about his new video series, teaching people from the ground up how to make a map. To round the episode off, We want to let people know about our latest Chance to get a Lo-Fi. Our admin of the month contest has been changed for one month only. This month you can enter by submitting a photo, screenshot, drawing, SFM, anything creative to show your love for the Lo-Fi. Head here for more details. Also worth a mention is some of the new Overwatch Merch.

KritzKast #323: Not out of Mana

Firstly. Please accept our apology for the massive delay in this weeks episode. Long story short, Our servers moved at a time we didn’t expect and delays followed. Sorry With that out of the way OMFG MATCHMAKING!!! This week the guys at went to valve HQ and talked about competitive matchmaking for TF2, simular to Dota and CS:GO. What does this mean for TF2? We talk with Mana from who went on this journey of discovery. He lets us know all the little details about the upcoming update. Plus he lets us ask him mountains of questions he doesn’t know the answer too. We also let you know about the 2nd wave of blind boxes coming your way, Plus the new Video Series by UEAKCrash on how to make maps. Pro tip, If you want to know more about UEAKCrash, wait til the next episode.

KritzKast #322: Workshop Bebop

The workshop was the focus this week. You may have heard about skyrim and mods being a chargeable commodity. That didn’t go down well. But on a brighter note, we let you know that valve might be working on a large video working with workshop item creators. all we know is that they’ve been asked to all make videos describing how the workshop has changed their lives.


The community this week has been working over time. We bring you “Who wants to f***?“, plus a great cowmangler prop (see above) and a Balloonicorn Onesie. Plus we bring you a local radio interview with Ellen McLain, John Lowrie. Then, from overwatch…watch, There is a great article in PCgamer talking about the blueprints of the game and future development. Plus your usual banter and good times.

KritzKast #321: Just Pretend, Fox Peace

Fox_PeaceThe remarkably lovely Fox Peace joins us tonight.
YouTube | Twitter | Twitch | Steam

So that we can figure out if Makani’s comic #7 is real, TF2 is dead, needs talent, the Legend is endless and if anyone can ever really afford to go to Blizzcon.

KritzKast #320: The Uncle Dane & Uberchain Show

chain_daneThe show is brought you today by two of the brains and brawn behind TF2can which raised over $9000 for charity in Winter 2014. It just happens that they are awesome guys from the TF2 community too.

Joining us we have SFM artist Uberchain
Youtube | Steam | Twitter | deviantArt | Tumblr | Patreon

And rising YouTube superstar, Uncle Dane
Youtube | Steam | Twitter | Twitch

Also discussed is Winglet’s medic taunt and Team Fortress 2 Classic; the re-imagining of all forms of Team Fortress into a TF2 mod, available for download now.

KritzKast #319: Not your buddy, pal

tf2-earbudsAlways good to see an update, especially when it fixes a bunch of crashes, even better when manpower gets a look-in too. What we didn’t expect was a secret Engineer revolver animation and scout jumping in a little motor car.

On possibly the worst day of the year to make a ground breaking announcement drop earbuds as currency.

Our POTW Joerge Sprave earns his title with his wonderful creation of the Heavy Slingshot. Lastly SFM creations by MaGGot4th: Grand Theft Fortress – Alien Fortress – The Red Fury

Overwatch is back in the news with Innovis Labs submitting their 2nd trademark filing.

KritzKast #318: Blogging a dead horse


After going through in rigorous detail, the nature of this weeks ginormous update (see sarcasm for details) we talk about the issues UGC have been having. This week, they were hacked and the site was temporarily taken down for safety reasons. Listen to the episode for details, but needless to say if you have an account on there, change your username and passwords to prevent any future shenanigans.

Have you seen Its a very interesting site where you can place bets on competitive TF2 matches. using real money….Don’t be silly, using In game items. Want to support your friends team? Place a bet. Want to maybe make some easy keys? Place a bet. Want to give up gambling? Visit gambleaware. To top it off, we talk about this fantastic piece of art as seen above.

KritzKast #317: Grey doesn’t have 2020 vision

This week we start something new. We know the spring Months are a little barron when it comes to updates and fan activity. So instead of us streching the little content we may have, we’ve decided to try and keep the episodes shorter and more to the point. This may not alway be the case as….well…. we can talk when we need to. This week is a prime example. We only really have 2 things to talk about. the From the Cart charity stream, which ran over the course of the weekend raising a whoping $10,820 for ablegamers to help gamers with disabilities. Fantastic work guys.

We also discuss the recent update and a new podkast you may have heard of called the learningcliff. Featuring the one and only Ruskeydoo.

KritzKast #316: Who can? TF2Can!

2canlogoIts Taunting time. 3 new taunts have been added to the game, but more importantly, we now have a functioning taunt area in the workshop that will now let people add taunts for valve’s consideration. Fancy giving it a try? check out the FAQ for more details. As usual we’ve had some fixes cleaning up the game, a bit of crate rotation and 2 medals, one by Ruskydoo and another we can’t be associated with. Also more and more changes to Mannpower, including a ctf conversion of Thundermountain. Check it out, it’s very different from what we’ve had before.

However the big news this week is Flares that care and TF2Can. We’ll explain more on the show, but we’ll say that out of the ashes of a charity event under very injudicious management came a weekends worth of money raising with a great community feel in the form of TF2Can

In other news, we talk about Valve’s F rating for customer service, A great looking Ubersaw prop and the fact that one of the characters in overwatch is based on one of their employees.

KritzKast #315: Meet Dean Fortress and Olivia Watch

OverFortress_400Valve drops a huge update on us. The once fabled Source 2 is real, free to developers and looks shiny on low spec graphics. Sadly no word on when it comes to TF2. Also announced and earmarked for release before the end of the year are the Steam Universe devices SteamVR headset, Steam Machines, SteamOS, Steam Link and of course the Steam Controller.

In Overwatch news we have two new characters to look at; McCree (the cowboy with ‘deadeye’ as his special) and Zarya (the Russian bodybuilder (shoots beams of pure sandvich out of her eyes (do people actually read the show notes?))).

Star_ and Banny give us their takes on the Overwatch experience, without saying too much, because that would be against the NDA.

KritzKast #314: 15926535897932

We hit it. Episode Pi. and what do we have on this most Pi-full of episodes. Obviosuly we cover the most recent updates and their implications on the game. Plus we also show you some of the latest TF2 Merch Available from WeLoveFine. Awesome concepts, but be warned, if you click on that link, you will be angry…..just saying. Its all very cute…..just very unstoppable

Over at PAX East, There are TF2 pin badges available for trade with none other than overwatch badges. hhhmmmm. Speaking of overwatch, Blizzard really seem to be aiming the game at us. In fact, they have invited several TF2 streamers and youtubers over to their headquarters to play the game first hand. Including friend of the show Muselk. Although he can’t legally say much at this time. This also on the same week that blizzard hinted at a new character and a new….very TF2 looking map.

KritzKast #313: Mmmmmmhmmmmm!!!!!!

S&SYou get a fix, You get a fix and guess what…..even YOU get a fix of kritzkast. The updateless spell is over. Plus its crate rotation time, crate 90 & 91 have been added to the drop list. but be warned, 90 is not as rare as one would have you believe. But with that update, a hint of a new cheat reporting system. Could this be steam wide….is this meant for public eyes? who know, we sure don’t. Doesn’t stop us guessing mind you.

Also joining us for the rise this week, we talk about the new TF2 Tech support sub reddit. So if your having issues with the game, big or small, you now have a sanctuary to go to. Plus news of Overwatch at PAX East and we all sit and watch a simply fantastic piece of animation. Spy & Sentry.

KritzKast #312: Now with British History

No ExitFirst, Sorry for the delay. The next episode should be with us shortly. In the mean time you’ve have this episode to play with. At the time of recording there was very little that happened in the world of TF2. But that couldn’t stop us from talking about our new servers and how we feel the state of servers currently is. This leads us from, Personal experiences on servers, all the way to future ideas and some of the best we’ve seen.

We also talk about a great little piece of SFM. showing us all how it should be done. Sit back and relax with this chilled out and relaxed episode of kritzkast.

KritzKast #311: Knob Feel

After paying our respects to Kitty0706, We talk about the update to manpower which has started to tweak how the power-ups work with individual classes/weapons. We also stumble upon possibly the best and only way that man power should be played. Want to know what it is? then download and tune in.

We also make it very aware that Greese will now have a financial minster that was once in charge of letting us play with hats. Yanis (no last name) the once valve economist is look for world domination. we chat about how the item makers can get a breakdown of what items are giving them what money, The news that Overwatch is looking like a game of 2016 and we ask the burning question that everybody has forgot about. Is Steam OS relevant anymore?

KritzKast #310: Too Confusing For New Listeners

photo.jpgThere is only 1 thing worth talking about this week. That would be TF2maps The 2015 72hr Winter Special! But instead of just chatting about it as if we knew what we were talking about, We’ve asked YM to put down his thoughts on the process, this years mappers and how the contest is going.

But why would we have somebody as note worthy as YM and just talk about whats new. This is the man behind Hoodoo don’t forget. Plus a map that you will have heard about, but possibly not played. Snowplow. The map supposedly deemed as too confusing for new players and cut from the End of the Line update. We talk all that and more with YM and get his thoughts on how a modern day map maker feels.

KritzKast #309: What a bunch of Nutbags

Medals from a year ago, Promo items being purchasable and some fixes from the last update. Seems like standard stuff from the update. But that’s not good enough for us. We want to talk about player rankings. Where do you place, Are they acurate, how are they even made?

Plus, have you heard about the possible TF2 series? Yeah, thats right a web series on machinima prime called Escape from Team Fortress. It seems to be about a group of friends that get trapped in a game of TF2 and can’t get out. Seems like an interesting idea. Who knows if it will see the light of day or if it could possibly live up to our expectations. If that’s not the TF2 viewing pleasure your looking for, then take a look at EVL’s slick new trailer. EVL are a new casting team starting their broadcasts very soon.

In OverwatchWatch, we bring the news that we may have to change the name of that segment as overwatch may also have to change its name due to a patient issue. Plus we show you crossovers already creeping into working there way into other blizzard games.

KritzKast #308: No, I’m Sean Connery

Not happy with the changes they made to the demoman recently, Valve have had another try. This time, they have fixed more things than changed them. But this has resulted in a clearer idea of what we think valve were looking for when they changed the demoman. But in the process of doing so, they have made Ruskey a sad man, by slowing down the heavies reaction times to anything and everything.

Outside of updates, somebody has discovered a way to make your weapon models semi transparent. Letting you read all the information your weapons give you but still being able to see through the heavies screen filling fists. However, is this breaking Steams TOS? We discuss. Plus, 2 major collectable items have suddenly been added to the Community. Another burning team captain and another golden pan. Don’t forget out video of the week, Backstab Jumping……..yes, its a thing.

Don’t worry, its not all serious talk. we have a Sean Connery off. yeah, deal with it.

KritzKast #307: Bandolier? I hardly knew her!

BandolierScarfSome weeks we are flooded with content from valve (see last week) Other weeks its all about the community (See this week). Join us as we talk about TF2mixup 7 event which helped raise $927,495. Yeah, your right, that is a lot of money. We also talk about how TF2center went out of beta and promoted their Archimedes Cup. Whats that? Think of a 6v6 cup where only new player are able to play. Yes. that means you! (Unless of course you currently play in 6v6)

We also chat about how the price of keys compared to metal are dropping dramatically. Why is this? How does it affect you? Why are we asking so many questions?

We can’t forget, Bandolier scarf. Yes. doesn’t it look lovely. Also overwatch art

KritzKast #306: Sleep Dreams

Tempest called it wrong. He said we would have no Smissmas Update. Boy was he wrong. Not only do we have a new set of nice and naughty crates, BUT THATS NOT ALL. we also have 3 new weapons to play with. mix that with a whole pile of changes to the demoman and we suddenly have a new playing field for competitive demomen. BUT THATS NOT ALL. Valve also used this time to show us their latest beta project. Mannpower. Take CTF, add grappling hooks and powerups and you suddenly have a brand new way of playing TF2. This has been a great Smissmas present.

Thank you Valve.

KritzKast #305: Smissmas Time!

1 – Outtake – Agros Ponys
2 – Outtake – Benjamoose Mic test
3 – Outtake – Slinky
4 – Phone Call – Kevin Walker?
5 – Outtake – Public Intoxication
6 – Outtake – Don’t listen to Ruskey
7 – Christmas Song – Saxton Baby
8 – Outtake – Stupid Wedding
9 – Outtake – Heavy Parkor
10 – Outtake – You ready for this?
11 – Outtake – Brian Cox & The Cure
12 – Outtake – Sir Grey, Swink Way
13 – Outtake – Muselk
14 – Outtake – End of the Rant
15 – Bad Karoke – Logging in for christmas
16 – Outtake – Its beginning to look a lot like dustbowl
17 – Outtake – What will you do when your dying?
18 – Outtake – If I had a hammer
19 – Benjamoose’s journey into madness

KritzKast #304: Rapidly Approaching Ducks

This week its all about End of the Line. Not just the final product, but everything around it. We didn’t get what we were originally expecting to get from the update, which has lead to a lot of hate being thrown around the TF2 community, Mainly due to the map being rejected at the very last second. We try to stay nice as we dissect the update, The final SFM itself and how we got to this point. If your shy and sensitive, maybe skip this episode.

eotlWith all the End of the line news flying around the place, you wouldn’t be alone in missing a few other things this week. Have you tried the steam holiday auction? Basically its a way for you to convert your extra trading cards, backgrounds and other steam inventory items into gems, which can then be used to bid on any game in the steam store. Want some competitive? is trying out a 6v6 showmatch with no restrictions on items. “Valve’s Game” as its known, could be an experiment waiting to fail….or the beginning of a new chapter in competitive TF2. Plus /r/tf2 gets scraptipping and Gary Swartz has another Kickstater, which means another chance for you to get a voice over from the heavy or demo.

KritzKast #303: In the Barrel of Dicks

If your expecting a huge talk about the end of the line, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait, this episode was recorded before the update was released. So instead we talk about the rocketing price of keys and there impact on the economy. We also take a look at streaming over steam. Yep steam broadcasting service is now available for everybody….as long as you opt into it.


We also discuss how the Tomb raider promo items turned out and if we like the process. Do we think this is the way promo items will be produced from this day forward? Also, can we please point you in the direction of how about the yogcast humble bundle. Ok, technically they are the same thing. Check them out, you can help out a great charity and get yourself a “Thought that counts” medal.

KritzKast #300: This is KritzKast

xT25Jd6300 is just a number, no more important than the annual celebrations of the escaping from your mother’s womb. So making a big song and dance about having recorded 300 episodes of the Team fortress 2 podcast may seem a little self congratulatory of us.

You know what, fuck it! This is our show and we’ll feels if we want to. For our 300th episode we’ve brought previous hosts, B00bies and Postman Pat to talk about the times that was when we were young and impressionable and we thought we had it all figured out. And I’m not just talking about last Tuesday.

This is a long episode. We’re not going to apologise for that. It took a long time to edit, and even longer time for the hats we gave out at the end to be released.

So long as there is Team Fortress 2, there will be KritzKast.

KritzKast #302: Smooth Minigun

hqdefaultTF2 Mercs have been cropping up in the latest steam sale, exploring the world and generally doing things you don’t normally associate with killing each other. Speculation as to this activity is rife. Which was lucky because other than that, and the Jazz Minigun (link through the picture) it’s been all quiet on the Eastern Front for TF2.

In Overwatch Watch; the Blizzard dev interview (where someone dared to compare their class driven Team FPS game to it to *gasp* TF2) has been doing the rounds. And Tracer becomes the first character to become immortalized with her own statue.  Buy it now and they’ll deliver it sometime in April next year.

KritzKast #301: A Foosball Circle Jerk

medic_slothHow do you follow 300? Why, with a super dooper pl_upward update (okay, it’s an extra stair) of course. In the same week that launches the final voting on the Mercs vs Aliens Fubar launches his own mini map-pack.  Muselk raised circa. $5K AUD for THP Australia.

In our new section Overwatch Watch: nothing happened last week, as confirmed on fan site Overwatch Universe.

Oh and Ruskey, if you want even more Medic Sloth, [S.T.A.R.S] TotoroTrash has you covered.

KritzKast #299: Is overwatch the new TF2?

team_fortress_overviewOverwatch could very well be an attempt by Blizzard to muscle in on TF2’s territory. We talk about its potential future impact on the game and the community.

Also this week; how Square Enix are out sourcing their promo items to the workshop. We’ve played Instant Muffins TF2Kart, a game mode in development before Halloween’s bumper cars. To round it off, there’s an 8inch 3A Ghost of Zepheniah Mann figure which you just can’t buy. Har Har!

KritzKast #298: Every Hole is a Goal

bg_06If this is the first time you’ve listened to KritzKast, I feel I should apologise for the show name. It’s a gross misrepresentation of the content. No holes were destroyed in the making of this show. Although that may be a better explanation for Scream Fortress 6 [*shudders] than Valve came up with.

Along with the actual updates, and the gifts there’s been rampant speculation that we may be getting another WAR themed update. Soldier, jump in your cart, bring your rocket launcher and play some  match making TF2.

KritzKast #297: The Ugly Spyling

paper_spyThe horror that was the NECA spy has been rather cleverly hidden with a paper mask.

TF2 hits over 100,000 concurrent players.

The HoUWaR creeps closer to becoming a reality. Valve makes $2m a year just from reselling keys. TF2 makes its way into CS:GO and Speedrunners.

BETALAN happened, as did the ETF2L & Teamfortress TV’s Highlander Invitational.

KritzKast #296: The Tempest Spectacular


Look, Look. RD_Asteroid looks like a Moonbase. Looks like Team Moon takes the lead. But for how long? We talk about the changes to the map above and also the vote system created by this weeks update.

We also return to the comic like we promised. Sir grey is here to give his opinions on the story and the direction its moving. On top of that he also brings news of the most expensive trade topping out at close to $17,300. What did they trade. Listen in to find out.

PS, want to see a hidden spy…..we know how, but can valve stop it?

KritzKast #295: Don’t Starve the Pyro

end-of-the-line-movieWhat do you call a mod made by Star? Why, Starmod of course! Just as you’d name doors that appear only big enough to fit little tiny pixie man, TF2 Fairy Doors.

End of the Line is ramping up the hype (again) with their EotL Tee and poster. Don’t Starve has an unused Pyro class, and Monopoly Fortress could be the next game to appear in WeLoveFine. Well it’s not, but how cool would that be?

KritzKast #294: We’re bringing Saxxy back

sexyTempest is back! In other updates.. there’s been another update. Theoretically this makes macs more stable, you may disagree. There were another few changes to things like voting for alltalk and teambalance to be disabled. But the thing that’s big for us today is the 4th annual Saxxys. As with any event where there are winners and looses, we get deep into it.

Finally the 4th comic is out too.. huh, 4th Saxxys, 4th comic.. huh. Which is almost more than we are prepared to talk about the comic this week.  Don’t worry, we’ll get to it.

There’s a completely legit Engineer wrench for sale at Lastly.. play along at home with Terrzyl’s KritzKast Bingo.

KritzKast #293: Put it in Escrow

spy_01_front_largeThe 4th Annual Saxxys are on us again. The official blog brings to our attention a new TF2 mod, Respawn:Arena. There are updates a plenty with 9 new items, all part of the Limited Late Summer Pack. BETA Lan gets their own medal and Captain Canteen is finally killed off. Finally a fair favourite of Sir Grey, a small sculptured bust of a Spy. And yes, he has ordered one for himself.

KritzKast #292: I Killed a Man

horaceThis was recorded the week the 2014 Saxxys started accepting entries! The Horace hat is finally revealed in all its fury goodness. There’s been a boat load of updates (admittedly that’s true of every week recently). Battle Nations is a thing with TF2 in it and Alien: Isolation is a thing with its thing in TF2. The only thing better than Chris’s configs, it seems, are Rhapsody‘s. There’s hat related Flair for everyone in our reddit group, and then of course there’s the video of the week.

KritzKast #291: Cranwell’s Big Plan

ausmercWe are joined by‘s creator Brad Pitt and their lead developer Fiskie to discuss such important issues as the latest TF2 update, Cranwell86’s worst ever trade and WeLoveFine’s recognition.

Did you know some of the Blind Box Merc’s are actually made of Australium? And are available in Europe now too? Binding of Isaac items have been sudo confirmed.

And lastly the cart can be moved, if incredibly slowly, when the other team is on it.

KritzKast #290: Pretentious Propaganda

fb_Tf2PortableMercsBannerWe all love, almost as much as the guys in that brass band at PAX Prime’14 like playing their music LOUD! Most especially this week because they have given us lots of TF2 merch including the Portable Merc Blind Boxes. We can unbox them while we listen to our SteamMusic while watching Russian TV mistaking TF2 propaganda for real propaganda.

Honestly, it’s not like there’s anything better to do while waiting for McVee’s SFM to render. That is unless you want to try your hand at building a TF2 Lego sentry gun.

KritzKast #289: Amazon Plays Twitch

saxton_punch3Highlights from this week’s update include; all community weapons being renamed as “map” items, Australium Scattergun now looks purdy, RockPaperShotgun’s Horace the Endless Bear promo item added, and stage 2 of cactus has been cut.

Amazon bought Twitch for $970m in cash (not in REF), the bi-monthy comic isn’t out again and TF2 has characters in Super Time Force.

KritzKast #288: Live from i52

i52castPerhaps a little bit of a misnomer to title this one “live from” since we weren’t able to live stream the recording, though I’m hoping it will go some way to explaining why our audio isn’t perfect this week. We had a LAN party going on behind us. Not just any old LAN either. This was i52 the UK’s biggest LAN with somewhere in the region of three thousand BYOC attendees. Joining us on the hastily made up “sofa” were, the winners of the i52 Highlander match (We’re only in it for the Pizza), Lange (from, Aclus (TF2 fan artists) and Xerxes (still the VP of UKCS).

KritzKast #287: That noise

3bread_moon_previewIn the build up to i52 TF2 gets an update. Real life merch makes its way to the workshop. The End of the Line beta map goes into open beta. Valve have surreptitiously added “skill rating” to the game. has an invitational 6v6 just as opens their doors. opens as the relaunch of and the rather marvellous hudcreator goes live.

YM via Reddit, gives us a chance to look at the original versions of Goldrush and Badwater. Finally, a developer of Binding of Isaac wants us all to think of TF2 items.

KritzKast #286: Soaking

KK14meetIt’s a big week and so, amazingly, we skip over this week’s update to talk about a historic moment when the entire KritzKast podcast was together in one place.

Makani confirms the fourth installment of the current TF2 comic for the end of the month, but in the meanwhile you can view Kevin Lennertz fan comic about the sniper.

Everyong gets access to the hugely useful, but it’s not the only thing that’s heating up as we discuss the changes made by The DOTA 2 Workshop sparks interest as people find references to Source 2.

For our cats in trees, we’re all rather taken by a fan-made Bonk Boy Mask. Lastly, we announce that kritzkast is leaving Feedburner.

KritzKast #285: Beef is beef

beefIt seems we can’t have another update to cactus canyon without having another cactus. There’s three in there now; Half Life 3 confirmed? No. What we do have back though is the level 3 mini-sentries. \o/

ValveTime, run through their Top 5 Valve maps, betting on matches with keys and metal becomes a thing with The i49 Fragumentary is on the horizon as is an item replacement service from  and McDonalds still haven’t made the TF2 connection with the Volcano Fragment Burger.

Lastly, our servers‘ new build is almost, almost done. I can almost smell it.

KritzKast #284: The mackerel awards

portal_saxxy_announcementWe are loving the weekly updates to the beta maps. It gives us more and more to talk about each week. Thank you Valve. We also talk briefly about other items in the update…but really…..its all about the big changes to asteroid and subtle changes to canyon.

Also Announced this week is the 4th annual Saxxy awards. This year you can start creating with portals since they have added the portal 2 DLC pack to load SFM up with aperture goodies.

Out in the community we talk about TF2 retrospective, Spains first International TF2 Tournament . Why its called a retrospective is beyond us, but the promo video feels retro. Plus We have no idea how good it actually is, but seems good on the outside. If you know how good it is, tell us. Post a review in our subreddit.

KritzKast #283: Seduce the Cactus

seduceCactusWe sink our teeth into the updated versions of the TF2 Beta maps, chewing on how they’ve changed the way they play.

We also wonder if science has finally gone too far with the Red Neca Spy that has finally shipped.

Meet the KritzKast Team (current hosts and editor) on the 8th of August for an evening off the air, off the game and generally off our faces. Be sure to RSVP on Reddit or FaceBook!

Lastly, for those times in your life when you need to say something properly, say it with the help of our favourite mercenaries and Grizzly Berry’s TF2 Greeting Cards.

KritzKast #282: Beta Bots

beta_rd_blueprintsWhats better than a huge update with a new game mode? Testing said new game mode and letting valve know how we feel and how to change it before its released? Seems good to me.

This week we saw to start of the TF2 Beta Maps, Early Access. In this we are exposed to the new game mode in the works, Robot Destruction. How do you feel about? Think its better with clap traps? Find out how we feel in the show. Plus the new PL map Cactus Canyon. Good times are coming.

Plus watch our video of the week, Zero to Hero, promoting and its new Jump mentoring system.

KritzKast #281: From the Mountains of Illinois

KK281Comp TF2 gets quite a look-in this week with the new site, two teams from NA will be coming to i52, the Highlander Nations Cup has begun and both ETF2L and UGC are banning conga.

Volcano Fragment is now a burger, TFTools have a charity stream, sadly not in a barrel of fish, and we should all relax and take a look at the scenery.

KritzKast #280: Conga Business Simulator 2

8 Bit LoFiAfter the kerfuffle  caused with the demo-nerf last week it perhaps shouldn’t be a surprise to discover that Valve have unnerfed the nerf. Valve have also introduced Buy Orders to the Steam Marketplace to spoil bot’s fun. have run another 72hr mapping contest using The War of the Worlds as their theme. Elsewhere on their forums the idea of monetary compensation for mappers has sparked debate.

Medi20 has released his art as a coloring book. And finally MrShadowNinja (a.k.a. Zonicboom) earns player of the week for his pixelated Lo-Fi Longwave.

KritzKast #279: An exceptionally small, very fast carrot

desireI think this is the first time we’ve ever released two shows in one week. There’s a good reason for that, we didn’t know we were going to do it until we were half way through #278 and realised there was still so much more to talk about.

Most importantly there’s been nerfs applied to Pyro, Heavy and Demo’s favourite weapons.

Oh, and here’s a few links you may need; Jerma shares his impressions of Fat Guy Engie, Unnecessary Censorship Central works their magic censoring Expiration Date, and there’s unusual taunts now.

KritzKast #278: Overly Wibbly Bread

conga04Some may say that “bread does not need to be this wibbly” and who are we to argue? The Love & War update is out! It was launched with an amazing SFM on the first day taking up the love portion of the title. War was met with 5 new weapons, 4 bready reskins tens of new cosmetic items. In fact so much has happened we have had to split this week’s podcast in two.  #279 will be coming very soon. For now though you’ll just have to make do with Agro’s rant on how Conga is ruining the game.

KritzKast #277: The Hunt for Bread October

Bread is clearly important, so in typical Valve fashion, they found a unique delivery method by having it randomly fall out of teleporters. This week’s update brings new life to the Eureka Effect. Leaked files, found by FacePunch user ‘testinglol’, reveal some interesting potential weapons, mechanics and game modes.

Bored of exploding into meat chunks? CheezKurds and Greatjob_ have made a mod that replaces silly gibs with loaves of bread. Similarly, a Market Gardener mod by Murray0722 let’s you finally slam dunk your opponents. Tumblr VS Reddit (NA East) Round 2 happened, you may watch it here. As the communities battle it out, ETF2L announce the 3rd Highlander Nations Cup.

For those with a Wii you can finally use your favourite TF2 class as a Mii. World Bread Day begets/baguettes some intriguing speculation. Finally we invite you to listen to an interview with the mapper Heyo watch this week’s video of the week: Meet the Bread Heavy.

KritzKast #276: Sending American’s to the Moon!

Our first hint at new weapons from valves mouth in over a year. That’s what the blog post released this week showed us. We also got exposed to a few ideas valve thought weren’t worth releasing….we can see why. the BASE jumper on the other hand.

Its all about getting Americans over to England too. Chronos is heading over in August, which of course means a meet up of all of us and YOU, if your in london on the 8th of august (exact location tbc). The fundraiser for getting 2 US teams over for I52 starts now. We need to raise $1200 to get 2 teams to try and take on the EU powerhouses. Finally the score will be settled in an arena built for a contest of such magnitude.

Also getting some talk time is the TF2 mod that brings quake to life again (or player of the week), A calculation of how many sticky bombs it would take to get to the moon, Amazing work from the lego community who have made an amazing machina, News that the medic could have been in poker night 2 and a couple of fantastic videos of the week. One take Hotline Miami and puts a TF2 spin on it, the other takes frozen and….well….puts a Tf2 spin on it.

KritzKast #275: Moments of Fabulous

ssbsWhat do you do when you can’t pick a video of the week. You get 3 videos of the week. Thats right, this week we have 3 videos that are required viewing. The first is a TF2 take on lion kings “Be Prepared” made by KungfuBellyDancer. The second is a mock up of a super smash bros game….but with valve characters made by CrazyHalo. Then there is Rappy ‘n’ Demo. Impressive, if for nothing more than its 26 minute run time, but if your easily confused this may not be for you.

June 27th. Mark that date as the start of the next 72hour mapping contest. The theme is yet to be announced, But we’ve been informed its worth waiting for. Looking forward to EOTL? You may be impressed by the progress made and how it differs from the original trailer we once saw. Also out this week is the continuation of the moments of glory montages. watch the best of the best from clip #200-#300

Also, props to Pip for adding Lo-Fi’s to the KK subreddit

KritzKast #274: Some maps are more equal

cap_the_intelFr0z3nR is back to bring us up to date with the Tale of Two Skillsets and the mapper interviews, this first with Icarus.

In the oddest story of 2014 a Serbian Communist Party have stolen a TF2 poster  created by Florida artist, Brian Houtz.

There’s a new way to show your love for TF2 with a Buff Banner Backpack. Steam in-home streaming is available for everyone. ETF2L is running an experimental cup featuring 3 new maps: koth_fuel_a4, cp_intermodal_rc3a and pl_rust_b7.

KritzKast #273: The Newer Game

Prophunt TNGTF2 modder, InstantMuffin, joins us to talk about his and Stice’s creation Prophunt TNG. The update drought has ended with a fairly liberal smattering of fixes and improvements. 3A releases images of their new Robot Pyro model.

In the community there’s fan made greetings cards, lego classes, hand carved models and the truth behind the end of the line. Speaking of which we also bring you further news of the EotL map.

KritzKast #272: The Last Latte

def_notThis week we disprove that old adage, “two items added to the UGC Higlander whitelist does not a podcast make.”

Also worthy of note is that they defiantly haven’t been testing the End of the Line map.

Exclusive to KritzKast, FRaGiMuS_MaX reveals part 1 of his 6 year effort to bring his Team Fortress Universe to life.

Sin has his own Sunday production now, though there’s some descorde between presenters as to whether this constitutes content or just more of the same from him. And lastly Babies. Need I say more? No.

KritzKast #271: Catch up

TFC_catchupIt seems fitting that in a week were only the things were changed in the updates we have only three hosts to share them with you. Tempest, Chronos and Agro; far from TF2 n00bs themselves share this distinctly n00bish flavoured show. Starting with the next of the Valve “bi-monthly” comics. This of course came out a month from the last one, just in time for free comic book day. Now that everyone is up to speed on the comic books it’s time to bring your friends up to speed on the game itself thanks to DYKGaming. When your friends know everything, but are woefully lacking in experience enter them in the Highlander Open. You final mission is to sit everyone down, even you, in front of Muselk’s Mythbusters videos to complete your understanding of TF2.

KritzKast #270: Ready, Set, Square

14067004065_297633d128_bJoining us on the show this week we have Zemnmez, the second person to get a unusual hat given to him by valve because he found security loopholes in steam. He joins us this week as another unusual has been given out that has caused a bit of a ruckus. Exploits all round as we discuss what they did to earn said hat and also an exploit you can try at home.

With very little else this week, we discuss the minor changes in the latest update (unless your Australian, in which case,they are,minor changes). We also show you a hud in development and the latest news on the end of the line.

KritzKast #269: The New Generation

tf2cendvichThere’s a new generation on the horizon. TF2lobby has been usurped by TF2Center, we are joined by Foxy and Mastern00b to help explain the reason for their site.

Steam have been attracting attention recently. Steam Guard was broken and it looks like the controller for their Steam Machine will be out in Fall (Valve time). An exploit for using the Giftapult as a key was found and reported in.  In other Valve news; the 3A Sandvich is back in stock and we have new ETF2L medals.

There’s a new version of Prophunt to look out for. Wolfenstein has some pre-release promo items, Die Regime-Panzerung and Der Maschinensoldaten-Helm. Finally here’s an April Fool’s joke you may have missed, the Bush Belly.

KritzKast #268: HUDoo Juju

KK368_blogSo that’s both new maps and new weapons confirmed as coming with the “End of the Line” update. Although James McVinnie also made it clear that there would be no new voice lines recorded for his SFM lead update.

Reddit and Tumblr will be facing off again in their 2nd annual (valve time) series of matches. You can put your name down to compete here.

Finally! At least that’s what you’ll all be crying when you discover there’s every HUD under the sun available for download in this new site,  made possible by  omnibombulator.

Friend of the show and prolific artist, ProtoWilson, has been busy again making this amazingly lifelike celebration of all things dead the Voodoo Juju.

Finally we take a look at the new guys of TF2 let’s plays, TFTools.

KritzKast #267: Taunt At The Moon

It finally happened, the update we’ve been waiting for, no not end of the line, an update to our backpack and it’s interface. New crates with killstreak kits and chemistry sets. Plus strange weapons can now be placed on the market.

Comic3 ImageTo wrap this altogether, we also have the latest issue of the comic series. Another great read, but suddenly it starts to tie all of the lore together in a way that only sir grey can understand. Plus we’ve been shown what valve are currently working on. We’re going to the moon guys, we’re going to the moon.

We also experienced April fools day this week. Some great sites that played with April fools were, tf2outpost and tf2maps. Listen to the episode to see what they did.

Elsewhere we found out about the promo item that comes with the 3A robot heavy figure, we talk about skial closing servers, extremely fast artwork based on the comic, plus more epic tf2 Lego.

KritzKast #266: Tip of the Wub

Last week we talked about the Meet Your Makers event that we ran, this week we talk about how valve decided to put it on the front of their blog. It’s been nearly a year since the last none valve promoted item was added to the blog. So why us? Why now?


Tip of the hats also happened last weekend and raised over $100,000. They did an awesome job of making a very entertaining stream for the weekend. don’t forget to vote on their charity hat. In light of the event, star_ did an AMA on reddit, which can be found here.

We also talk about TFCSA’s one night cup, princess cherry’s massive SFM picture, Doug’s ukulele and 2 great videos TF2 mythbusters and of course wub wub wub.

KritzKast #265: A rollercoaster of emotions

pyroJoining us this week is void. Not only is he a superb contributor to tf2, but he is also the mind behind the meet your makers event we ran this week, documenting how the workshop has changed the life’s of those now earning a living from it.

Also featured this week, we talk about the ongoing issues with Mann up mode, plus we look at how people are using bots to game the workshop in dota 2…But does the same issue affect tf2’s workshop? Not to mention the discovery that the level of control while turning as a charging demoknight is actually effected by the FPS on your computer……..WHAT!?

However is charity is your bag, then there are 2 charity events you want to look at. The first is a Montage of market gardener kills produced by MrMuselk in a bit to get over $1000 worth of donations. The second is Tip of the hat 2 which is on this weekend. Be sure to tune in for all the sweet content they have in store for you.

Also on the show is this awesome minecraft pyro (above) and out video of the week, Shrink Ray.

KritzKast #264: /r/kritzkast

1451601_626834734051844_80109887_nNo update this week, not for the game anyway, but there is an update as to which NECA figure is next. It’s the smooth looking spy and the robust engineer. Both look like great additions to the collection and will be available from June.

Following up from lasts week’s discussion of account hijacking and phishers, another high profile trader has been hacked (RandomBrother). Also HelenAngel has written a great guide to keeping yourself safe from these attacks.

Over at, they have finished the first stage (making a themed, balanced map) and have starting the 2nd stage of the mapping contest; making the maps aesthetically pleasing. While you’re clicking links here’s the HY:PE Train and our video of the week.

Check out our KritzKast sub Reddit /r/KritzKast that received a huge life-pumping shock to the heart this week. We all hang out there and we’ll be looking out for your content to bring to the show.

KritzKast #263: Grand Theft Taco

eotl_cosplay1A few maps received fixes this week, though none of that matters compared to the hugeness that is hud_combattext_batching_window. I know what you’re thinking, and yes we did explain what that means in the show.

On a equally dramatic note, The Guardians of Destiny are now officially on the same network as KritzKast, ““, the same place you’ll find content from Reachcast, How to Murder Time and Podtacular. Go take a listen and let us know who you want us to drag on to our show.

Gabe Newell did a Reddit AMA and let slip his TF2 habits. He could be anyone! drop their big Japan content pack.

In trading news, Pink Taco gets hijacked, the highest value trade (in TF2’s history) goes down and Pika decides to go on the offensive with phisher fighting.

We shall leave you with some excellent End of the Line themed cosplay to browse through while you listen to this week’s episode.

KritzKast #262: TF2C

lineart_morningThe best websites are the ones that when they appear you think to yourself, “I’ve been waiting for this forever” but you’re not actually sure you have been until just then. This is the case with and The first a dress-up site for your classes and only really in early beta, the latter a lobby-replacement which is pushing into release candidate status.

In lieu of an update Sir Grey pulls up a soapbox to give us something to think about. Mainly with regards to Premium Accounts servers, in particular how they may be breaking what’s left of TF2 community quickplay with their evil botish ways.

There’s a slew of art for your attention with Pixel Medic, TF2 Lineart, Ceramic Archimedes and an updated TF2 paint swatch.

Lastly ETF2L are recruiting. I know of at least two previous senior admins who’ve gone on to have careers in gaming, so if that’s what you’re aiming for, and you love TF2 there could be worse ways to spend your evenings while you listen to this week’s show.

KritzKast #261: Lego Fortress

8VCmWCPDid you hear the news. We have an interview with Gary Schwartz. The voice of the Heavy & Demoman. Click to to listen to it now…..NOW! Of course we’ll be talking about the interview, but in this episode we’ll be talking about the Thief promo items added to the game this week.

Over at facepunch, its Competition season. They’ve just finished their Arms race weapon mod contest providing the workshop with gallons of weapons for valve to look at…..and add to the game…..we hope. But they’ve started the Vehicle Prop Contest. Where people are encouraged to make props of all the possible vehicle in the TF2 univerise. Why? facepunch feels that map makers need a little more love now and again. We agree.

Then there’s the lego. All the lego. Some of the things people have been making this week are amazing. Imagine a working (minus death) scatter gun made out of lego, Or PL_upward or even a gunslinger. Also take a look at the End of the Line train Gif, the trailer for the Free to Play documentaryartwork for 1 refined Plus the VIDEO OF THE WEEK

KritzKast #260: Banana The Reckoning

cyborg_fortress_2This week’s update was all about the fixes, baby.

Valve adds tags to their game descriptions which means we can now officially list TF2 as hats and our guest host STAR_ can list Towns as scam. 

Steam’s VAC utility seems to be tracking your domains.
After recording this week’s episode Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, released this information to reddit explaining what what going on.

N5vhIAyIn the community we get to go “oo” and “ah” at DarkLitria’s interpretation of pyro as well as her more dystopian cyborg team fortress 2. We take a look at tophercrez‘s Pyromancer ceramic mask.

Over in ozfortress the 9th Ultiduo event was opened, closed and played out on the same day. [update: And here’s the video, thanks to ooloops] Staying on comp for a moment, ETF2L Highlander Season 6 signups have opened. You have until Feb 27th to get your team signed up.

One of our brave/reckless listeners, Voltz, had offered to compose an image of your favourite class and its loadout in SFM. Since we pushed out the message in Facebook the demand for his images was somewhat overwhelming and we were forced to lock the thread. Since then an overflow thread was opened and we’re looking for budding SFM artists to give it a go.
Looks like we’ve had a couple of artists, ?UP | Darkbluematter and >{GHS}< Princess Cherry Picklers come to our rescue and Voltz is back on form now too.

Lastly we take a look at the ZaziNombies’ LEGO syringe gun.

KritzKast #259: Apples and Oranges

tumblr_n0r3ib0QYk1rsfdaco1_500The moment has come, we can finally reveal what hidden in the strongboxes. Cosmetics. Very good cosmetics, but cosmetics none the less. With the update we also gained some bioshock promo items, weapon balances and massive change to the way quickplay works. Listen now for all the details.

Also covered this week is the steam music beta, many of Gary Schwartz voice lines for fans, the winners of the 72hr mapping contest and the SA show match using one of the winners. Plus our video of the week ten thousand feet.

KritzKast #258: Ice Cold Haiku

TF2__Haiku_1_by_SleepDepJoelSocial groups collide

Moments of Winter Classic

Yellow snow… profit



Our thanks go to SleepDepJoel for the use of his artwork in this week’s show notes.

KritzKast #257: Source Opting out

It’s amazing how little changes can make such a huge difference. Valve made their own servers the default for Quickplay causing a torrent of tears from devastated server owners.

That too is how some traders felt after SourceOp appeared to shut down their PayPal rep forums. So many well regarded traders almost lost years of work they’d put into building their reputations. While the issue may have been resolved now, at the time of recording the only information any of us had was from an interview Sir Grey did with one of their admins.

Following up on last week’s visit by Fr0z3n, we look at the maps which have emerged from the 72hr Winter Classic. We’ve played some of them but come on …. there’s over fifteen hours of gameplay there! If you want to try them out before voting ends we have a server running all the entries.

Featuring our own Ruskeydoo we give you the Reddit vs Tumblr Showmatches, but with so many matches happening will the question of which has the best TF2 players be answered here? Staying on comp for a moment, Team Awesome also had their one day HL cup  on the Sunday while we recorded.

Finally, a shout out to redditer corlore for using his intelligence to craft the only sign of intelligence you’re likely to see here for a while. And Legopie3 gets a mention too for his lego teleporter.

KritzKast #256: Deathtraps and Trains

72 hours may seem like forever when you’re waiting to go on holiday but it flies by when that’s all the time you have to build, test and finish a map from scratch.  Fr0z3n from joins us to explain what was involved in their first ever 72hr Winter Classic. Perhaps it’s good that they are following that competition with the comparatively more sedate Major Mapping Contest #10. This is in two parts; testing the metal of map makers’ layout prowess. Then the detailing stage, where the previously untextured maps are coloured in and made pretty.

rwalker_headSpeaking of pretty, Robin Walker’s head has been removed from the game. And speaking of heads, Gaming Heads have a new item: The Engineer, yours for a mere $269.99.

Gabe is looking to raise some coins by racing cars. A donation of just $700 will get you a free t-shirt and that warm feeling you can only get from giving kids [your salary].

James McVinnie clears up some of the confusion surrounding his End of the Line update. You can buy a fully coloured 3D printed turret for €20 and lastly we welcome you to check out the glory that is Beard Fortress.

KritzKast #255: Steam-e-oes

More changes have been made to the Short Circuit. We still question if this weapon can be balanced as its new version makes a huge difference to the way engie is played. From the very same update we have started to receive strongboxes. Could this have to do with the end of the line update? Only time will tell.

In other news, 3A have shown off their new Machine Pyro figures for the first time. showing off that they look like they intend to do all (or most) of the Machine classes. We also found out the price tag for the Machine Heavy. Its too much for us to say outloud, click on the link to see for yourself.

Last weekend also marked CES, at which, many prototypes for steam machines were on display. We go through the look and feel of these machines and say which ones we would pick up and why. However, if its a pickup group your looking for, but TF2lobby is down. Then why not take a look at which is currently in open beta. We’ve talked about it before, but now anybody can jump in and give it a go.


Or maybe a Female Demoman is more what your looking for? These fantastic models created by Chemical Alia are her latest work on changing the gender on all of the classes in TF2. Then to top it all of, Sir grey has provided another video of an even larger Spy crab bet. this time worth over $16,000 in unusual hats. Wow.

KritzKast #254: Steam Server Short-Circuit

Our hosts on the show this week are not what you’d normally expect. Along with Tempest and Chronos we also have Heartsman, Sirgrey and Jimo. The man behind at least 1 of the steam guides you’ve read. But he is also lucky enough to be part of the steam machine beta. As such we’ve asked him onto the show to talk about his experiences with the machine and the controller. Its also a great time to get his impressions (along with that of SirGrey and heartmans) of the Smissmass Events.
1538660_629817037053618_608915143_n - CopyHowever, Its not all good news. We talk this week about that fact that steam was Attacked on the last day of its sale, via DDOS. We chat about the flaws in the current system and the flaws in other people. So much so, that we talk about a claimed sharking case on TF2outpost. Instead of pointing fingers, we ask how could valve or the community prevent these things from happening?

Also featured this week is the first picture of the Vinyl merc….painted. They look so cute. Plus a fantastic SFM video that we felt the need to show you. Mainly because its nice to see people making SFM videos that aren’t for the saxxies.

Don’t forget to check out our post on Thenodi’s latest creation. A real life HoUWaR


KritzKast #253: Strange Festivities

I know, I know. The Smissmas update was last week, but we didn’t talk about it last week, as we were to busy flipping through the archives of humor (see episode 252 for details). Now we have the time to digest the mass of Smissmass items, Festive weapons, and balances. Lots of weapon balances. As with any patch involving weapon changes, we talk in great depth about their effect in competitive, pub and mvm scenarios.


Outside of TF2, the rest of steam is still in the holiday sale. Featuring, sales, flash sales, Community sales, boat sails…..wait. Scratch that last part. But it does feature holidays cards that can be crafted into badges. But its when you do the crafting that you could end up with an exclusive TF2 cosmetic.

Over the month of December, TF2 Mixup have partnered up with Yogscast & the Humble Bundle to run another round of charity matches…..However, in a revolutionary move, its no longer between 2 teams, its against 4. A 4 team arena tournament. Featuring Team Yogscast, Team Star_, Team Captainsparklez & Team Nilesy. Watch all of the matches including the explosive final here.

Then to round it off is Hatmash. A great site trying to find the greatest hat of all time. you are presented with 2 cosmetics from TF2. You click on your favorite. Its that simple. Check it out here.

KritzKast #252: Smissmas Outtakes

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_18373_previewSmissmass is upon us again and its that time of the year where we open our archives and show all of our screw ups over the last year. However, last year Smissmas it was our 200th episode. So we actually have 2 years worth of outtakes for you. Yes there are a few skits requested by fans and bad christmas karoke for you. But mostly, this is an insight into how we make the show. Enjoy

1 – Outtake – How to segway into Scout vs Witch
2 – Outtake – Why does Windows 8 suck?
3 – Skit – The birth of Christ
4 – Outtake – Chronos’ pony troll
5 – Outtake – How to deal with shit coffee
6 – Bad Karoke – Last Smissmas
7 – Outtake – Heartsmans Dog
8 – Outtake – Tight spot for a PS3
9 – Outtake – Dear future tempest
10 – Outtake – Forbidden planets delivery service
11 – Outtake – Edit out Heartsman
12 – Trailer – Little buddy Scout
13 – Outtake – How does one intro?
14 – Outtake – Merrrrrrrrasmus
15 – Outtake – Words we can’t say
16 – Outtake – Merrrrrrrrasmus!!!
17 – Outtake – Clunge pack?
18 – Outtake – Piss discing

KritzKast #251: Shorter than a Scout

Its the run up to Christmas, So we have no update to talk about this week. But that’s fine. I’m sure something will be dropped soon….please….Valve. But in the mean time, we decided to make content of our own. What am I talking about? I’m of course talking about our interview with Makani. She is the person responsible for drawing the latest comic series that were enjoying on We ask a whole host of questions in our stand alone interview, which you can check out here.

However, its not just us blowing our own trumpet on how good an interview we got, We also talk about the 300 Steam machines that have now gone out for beta testing. We’re a little upset that it turned out to be a US only affair, but laws are laws. If you want to have a look first hand at somebody uncrating (yes I mean uncrating) one of these, check out this video, or to see how TF2 plays on a steam machine, take a look at this.

Have you ever wanted the heavy to wish you happy birthday? Or the demoman record your voice mail message for you? Now you can. Gary Schwartz, the voice of said 2 classes and other valve characters, is doing a kickstarter for a project to help theatre actors be better prepared. What does that have to do with me getting a custom ringtone you say. Well, if you donate $50 to his kickstarter, he will record a personal message in the voice of one of his characters. Awesome or what?

Then lastly, its all about the raffles.’s crystal raffle has now ended, but you can still go back and check out the games that were available, including a little reference to our editor Doug doing a cooking show. Plus are holding a Christmas raffle where you can get your hands on a pile of items to make your friends jealous.

KritzKast #250: Lovely

sandvichI wanted to call this episode “Team Fortchess 2” but Doug got his way, and frankly I’m okay with that. This is after all a lovely episode. This week’s update was a simple one, Crates 75, 76 and 77 have been added along with the 2013 Naughty and Nice winter crates. There were a few new strange parts added too, best of which was the Unusual-Wearing Player Kills, something for the poor and Irish.

Just three months after the first, there’s a new Team Fortress comic out called unhappy returns. The covers look uncannily like some classic comics. Best of all we have had an interview with Makani, the artist who draws these comics and a quite a few of those that came before.

Raffles are getting pretty common place now but have set their apart with their Crystal Bazaar; if you look very closely you can even see Doug getting a mention on The BZ quiz.

Vladar, more famous for his real-life Heavy’s minigun, has created the festive sandvich which we all seem to like a lot more than the TF2 Chess for which but for the love of Doug this episode would have been named.

KritzKast #249: Panning for gold

MajineIt’s all about the gold this week; those who have it, those who win it and those who want it so much they are willing to do just about anything to get it. We’re joined by Majine who has the distinction of being the first person to ever get a Golden Pan. He also sold it for five and a half thousand dollars. ozfortress gets their own gold-ish (more a sort of coppery-brass) medals to distribute to winners of their various events.

The Saxxys happened and we were lucky enough to have been streaming with him when CobaltGemini realised he had won with the Lil’ Guardian Pyro SFM. is back! And this time it’s going all Arena. You can give your money to all the charities involved by donating to Yogcast Humble Bundle and you will walk away with a Heart of Gold.

Dreamhack, the single biggest LAN event in the world featured an MGE TF2 event in Sweden this week. Ruskeydoo and Agro were there to do their own version of commentary.

The Starfox TF2 team have themselves a developer website which you should defiantly check out.

KritzKast #248: End of the Mannhatten Line

scene3_scoutJust when we were starting to think it was the end of the line for Valve made additions to the game we get a huge Mann vs Machines update. The Two Cities update features two new MvM advanced maps, Mannhattan and Rottenburg. Medic gets three new MvM-only weapons in the form of the ghostbusters style Reanimator, the Shield and the Mad Milk Syringes.  A few other weapons are tweaked too to make them work better in MvM. There’s a new control point map, Snakewater, that’s been used by the comp scene for years but it’s kinda mad seeing in a game with 12-16 people on each side.

Also included in the update is a new way to flavor your ordinary or otherwise weapons into Killstreak weapons. Ruskeydoo and Heartsman do a pretty good job of explaining what that means while Agro thinks hard of questions to ask our guest this week. The RPS featured creator of the End of the Line trailer and Practical Problems entry to the Saxxys 2012, Jame McVinnie. He has news about his own TF2 update and lets slip a secret or two about what’s going to be in it.

Speaking of Saxxys, this year’s competition is coming to a head so they get a mention but not before we lambaste ESEA for their bitcoin farming ways. Now that they have been fined (pinky finger in the corner of the mouth) one million dollars it’s hardly surprising that AG are looking to move to CEVO.

KritzKast #247: ID buy that for a dollar

IDbadgeAs we say goodbye to another year of Halloween it’s not it’s with some regret that we can’t actually tell you what Eternaween looks like. In theory it should be dark and sinister with silly hats for hours but you need a registered server and no-where we’ve tried it seems to work. What makes this doubly frustrating is that there are 13 new Merasmus voice lines including such beauties as Happy Halloween mode! and our favourite “Welcome to T-G-I-Halloween, where it’s always Halloween! I’m Merasmus, your server! We have a couple of lovely specials tonight: ONE OF THEM IS YOUR OWN DEATH! The other is loaded tuscan flatbread.” Mmmm, loaded tuscan flatbread. Maybe we have to wait till the next full moon though since that’s when the Halloween spells will have their visible effects.

On the no-wait list we have the Collectors item quality. Just combine 200 of your identical unique quality item with a special chemistry set and out pops one red weapon. Totally worth it. As are voting for this year’s Saxxys, which as luck would have it has begun. Corporate Secrets and Crackpot are two examples of the level of quality we’re seeing in 2013. Be sure to keep an eye on our YouTube and Facebook pages where we’ll be highlighting some of our other favs.

Looking out to our friends at they are having a 72hr Winter Mapping event in a few.. well a few months. Kick off date is Jan 17th but that’s no reason to not start getting excited now. You’ll have to maintain that excitement over Thanksgiving and Smissmass but hey, call it tantric practise. Until then Hideous joined us to chat about some of the interesting winter themed items appearing in the Steam Workshop: The Arctic AdventurerThe Chronoscarfxmas_Ball_2 and The Puff Papa. One think you’ll not see this season, or ever again for that matter is the ID badge. This little unused item has been completely removed from the game.. aww, I would have bought one and given it to Gordon Freeman since it’s his 15th and 9th birthdays for the first and second Half Life games.

KritzKast #246: Its Over 9000 dollar SpyCrab

Halloween is finally over. But that won’t stop us from talking about it and what classes got what. We chat about our impression of the event, How we would have done it differently and cover the new fixes and changes that were made to smooth it all out. Plus we laugh ourselves silly at some of the cut medic lines.

This week we’ve brought in Sir gray. One of the admins from PPM trading group, who this week hosted an event/video of a $9000 Spy crab bet. We take this chance to discuss why such things happen, how the trading community reacted to some of the new items/unusual effects

Valve let some of the worlds tech and game media get their first hands on look at the new steam machines. If only we were some of those people, Then we’d answer the most important question of all…..does the controller lend itself to TF2?

What do you do if TF2 Lobby goes down? You bombard TF2 Center, the Work In Progress replacement, with requested for a beta. That is exactly what happened on Sunday. As such, TF2 Center did a 1 day open beta. How much better will it be than the currently abandoned TF2lobby? Ruskeydoo, who had a chance to try it, Thinks it will be a lot better.

KritzKast #245: Volvo pls

trickortreatThe Halloween event is apon us. Which is more than can be said by the DOTA2 fans. We’re not shoving it in their faces, all I can say is that at least Swedish car manufacturer Volvo has a sense of humor.

In our evil update we get a new map, Helltower. It’s actually a revamp of Hightower with the addition of a hell mouth and spells and corpses and skeletons and yes, it as as complicated as it sounds. Maybe even more so. Alongside the map and fireballs there’s one hundred and two new items to find/buy/uncrate. I was going to list them all here then I thought.. why would I do that when you can find them all on the wiki? Along with the items is something quite interesting. The Enchantment: Eternaween which is supposed to make any map into a Halloween map.  There’s a couple of videos for you here too. The possibly leaked Valve Stream Fortress 2 vid and the removed taunts.


KritzKast #244: Trade-Able Gamers

What? Still no update? but we are so close to Halloween and we have no idea whats going to happen. not even mystery crates. Its ok everybody. We’ve still got a lot to talk about. We also invited Craig from Ablegamers to talk more about the TF2 event which happened this weekend. They raised over $11,000 in a 24hr period. That money will go towards giving the ablity to play games to those pysically can’t. Its either that or playing with your foot.

Breaking news from TF2center. its still not done. TF2 center being the “replacement” for TF2 lobby. They have missed their January prediction, however, it seems like things are back in full swing with testing and hopefully a release coming soon. keep your eye open for more information as we get it.

If its Community Contests you love, then we have 2. The first is the Round Robin Halloween event, Which was playing out as we recorded the show. One that you haven’t missed is the TF2Jump Contest. Over the course of 12 weeks and 12 maps, People will be challenged in different ways to do with Jumping in TF2. The goal is to find out who truly is the best Jumper in TF2.

Lastly we bring you news from outside MCM Comic Con London, where Agro and Heartsman went and talked to many as cosplayer about why they selected their costume and how they went about making it. Check out these videos and see it first hand.

KritzKast #243: TF2 Whore House

This week, some of the team are off dealing with things outside of TF2 (I know, I didn’t realize that was out there either). However, we have 2 great guests to help fill in the gaps. Fukki, our admin of the month, and Bogon aka Scar, the head of TF2 Warehouse. But what are these group of Hosts going to be talking about. Certainly not an update as this week, there isn’t one. That doesn’t stop us though.

However we have not just 1, but 2 charity events on the show. The first is the second tip of the hat event. Last time they made $35,000 during a 48 hour live stream. Although the second is a long way off, its still very exciting. However this week, & TF2warehouse have joined forces to run a charity event for ablegamers, an amazing charity that give games to those who are not physically able to enjoy them in the way we take so much for granted. We even brought Bogon from TF2WH to explain all the details of the event.

V3A115T_MainIf you feel like spending a bit of money on yourself awsell, then we have 2 new items that you might want to invest in. The first is a 1:1 scale sandvich……but this time with a massive bite taken out of it. Guess what, Its already sold out. The other is an item to help you believe you really are a pyro. A sweater replicating the pyros appearance. Not just for conventions, but also good around the house.

Also, Do you remember Fortress Forever? That fan mod of the original Team Fortress Classic. Its just been Greenlit. Which means that it can easily be downloaded and played via steam. Playing 6 years catch up on TF2.

KritzKast #242: Merc Merch

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, Team Fortress 2, Happy birthday to us. That’s right, this week marked 6 years of Team Fortress 2. What a ride its been and what a ride we are still on. This week we talk about the recent update, which added the keys for those 2 fall crates that were added last week and all the contents inside them. It also brought an end to 2 bugs that brought both pain and glee to players. What are they, you’ll have to listen to find out (we are such a tease)

Have you heard about Steam Dev Days? If you haven’t, check out the mini site valve have made for this invite only developers conference. As far as we can tell, its meant to be a way to get some of the new tech valve have made into the hands of developers in a relaxed environment. Such things as the new Steam OS, Steam machines and of course the new Steam controllers. Speaking of which, we now can see how they will play out in your hand, after valve released the video below showing how it handles different games.

The way the workshop is used is changing. Besides Ruskeydoo giving his opinions of why the workshop fails sometimes, we also bring you news of the Gristly Gumbo Pot. Unlike most items on the workshop, this one comes with a website, Comic and technically lore as to its origins. Is this they way forward with promoting your workshop items?

No idea what to buy for your loved ones this coming Christmas? (only 69 shopping days left). If that’s the case, we have a selection of TF2 themed items you might want to consider. The first made its appearance at this weekends New York comic Con. Called the Portable Mercs, They seem like great TF2 toys for those who can’t afford a 3A model. But for those who can afford a 3A model, here’s another one. Just in time for Halloween, they have teased a blurry picture of a TF2 Ghost Statuette.  Not your bag? How about a Balloonicorn that won’t deflate? A 6inch Vinyl Balloonicorn? If its hats your after, check out Threnodi’s, our player of thew week, max’s severed head. A full hat that you can wear for cosplay, to scare the neighbors dog or just to confuse family members.

But what ever you do, Don’t buy them, from UK forbidden planet. In fact FUCK FORBIDDEN PLANET…….that’s better, I needed to get that out.


KritzKast #241: Family ghost stories

fem_snipeFall is coming. I say Fall, what I actually mean is Autumn but those crazy Americans have got me thinking “math” is something you study at school and “pants” should be warn on the outside and not just at Halloween. Anyway, Fall’s Acorn and Gourd crates are now dropping so that’s the seasons officially changed. More interestingly they’ve fixed the sound the Demoman makes when he charges forward. Turn your speakers down before you follow this link to hear what it was like when it was broken.

The Third Annual Saxxies have been announced. They’ll be accpting submissions from 11th Nov for one week. What you’ll not be able to enter with is a replay or original content. Which pretty much means it’s SFM only. Although I’ve a feeling they’ll accept stop motion animation.

Just in time for the Saxxies Maxxy, RoxyRox and VeLlix have pushed out their female sniper model. There can’t be many classes left that don’t have a female conversions.

And on the topic of conversions there’s the TF2 StarFox mod. It’s still in pre-alpha stage but the mod shows tremendous promise. In the mod you get to fly upside down and loop the loop, much like I’m doing with these show notes as we circle right back to Halloween and tf2chan’s invitation to join their spooky fan fics for Ghost Stories from Tuefort.

Lastly, Steam Family Beta is out for a few lucky people, included in that are Ruskeydoo and DougRattmAnnThEpyRo.

KritzKast #240: Steam counts to three

controller_planet_image2The doubters have been proven wrong; Valve can count to three but only when it comes to Steam in the living room. They have released all their big announcements regarding the fan-titled Steam Box. Firstly there’s the new linux based operating system, SteamOS. Next comes the hardware, Steam Machines, available directly soon from Valve and other manufacturers. Lastly we see a brand new, and utterly unique take on the standard console controller. There’s no analogue sticks, just touch pads, hundreds of them, everywhere.

This is a TF2 podcast so we really should mention the update that dropped. The one where strange misc-slot items that are tradeable can now be listed on the Steam Community Market. There’s a bunch of Bombardier changes along with more stuff being added to the Mann Co. Store., including the Byzantine Bundle from the Total War Rome update.

Heartsman has been spending more time with KritzKast so we snuck him in to Eurogamer Expo 2013 and found some TF2 cosplayers and the Atomizer Bat.

Round Robin are running a Halloween Special mentoring tournament. 3A Robots go on sale in Hong Kong and Ray’s the Dead hat tries to sneak into the game.

KritzKast #239: In alphabetical order

all the HatsOnce again we are joined by the delightful Heartsman, while Ruskeydoo makes his way back to the internet. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have masses of things to talk about. TF2 updated this week with a reduction in Stickies for the Stickie Jumper, Plus a pile of exploits that leave us dazed and confused.

Halloween is coming. Boy do valve know it. After being bombarded with Halloween themed items already, they have requested that any item creators now tag them with the “Halloween 2013“. They have also stated that all Halloween items this year will be full moon items. But they also said that means people can be more extreme with their item creating. Hopefully this will result in an awesome Halloween.

What has really left us confused is what the possible announcement valve has this week. now, by the time you hear this, it will already be clear to you, but to us, we think its steam box related. I wonder how right we are? To find out more, head over to the teaser page valve have put in place.

More news on the 3A robot heavy appeared this week. In fact, we can now see the whole product. It looks beautiful. We also know that you can pre-order them from September 27th and they are expected to cost $220. Seems like a lot, but these are authentic articulating models with light up eyes. A very nice piece for any collector.

From that we jump into the amazing things that fans have been creating. Like a real life MannCo key for example. Or “Stop That Tank” The mod that merges MvM and Payload into 1 very confusing yet awesome mod. But most of all, we want to show you all of the hats ever made in TF2 in 1 painting. Not only that, but they are alphabetized. How could we not give the creator player of the week.


KritzKast #238: Where’s the Title?

Due to commitments, Travel and Sickness, Only Tempest and Chronos were going to be on this weeks show. but we couldn’t have that. So we invited Doug our editor onto the show and the ever cuddly Heartsman. Why Heartsman? besides the fact that he’s a great personality to have on the show, he also just came back from a visit to valve. We poke him with sticks until we get all the information out of him that we could……without him getting in trouble.

After that we started talking about the new feature soon to be making its way into Steam. Family Sharing. Although this is still in closed beta, we still picked it apart and found out why it is a huge step forward and also a step back. Don’t understand, Click here for more details and let us explain all in the episode.

We also brought up ETF2L’s Rules changes. That doesn’t sound like something we’d normally do, but these changes could potentially see the meta game of 6v6 come alive in a way that even new viewer would see.

tumblr_msrz8rhPDE1s3kf82o1_r2_1280Lastly, we bring you 2 very different styles of parenting from TF2. What if spy ended up being scouts step father. or how would the soldier teach his kids if mother wasn’t around. Both of these are priceless and well worth a look at.

A huge congratulations also go out to [Pie] Monopoly for winning our Facebook contest and getting yourself the signed poster from i49.

KritzKast #237: ReachCast and touch me

reachcornAs the title would suggest we have a guest on the show this week, Torkz from ReachCast. So we get to talk PlanetSide 2 for a bit. Luckily he also plays a bit of TF2 so it’s not long before we’re back on track talking about the recent update. The one where they tweaked Chemistry Sets to allow a double clicked item in your backpack to be used in them. They also fixed that bazaar stretching effect in the 3D HUD.

Speaking of it looks like Valve has it in for them. There’s now Trading Offers available directly through steam itself. Although the utility is far from complete it’s clear that keeping everything in game has a long way to beat the third party sites.

The winner of the ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup #2 has been decided in a monumental wipe where the American team showed a clean set of heals to the French lads. If you’re squeamish you may not want to watch this.

In much more jovial news The Round Robin has announced its candidacy for president  return to form with tRR8. If you’re a bit good at this Highlander game and think you’d make a stunning mentor then best get on to CSaur and Elena.

So this guy called Kevin has a brother, Robin who really likes TF2. It sounds like one of our in-jokes but really this story is true. It turns out that Kevin is just about the best brother in the world because he got some of the voice actors to wish his bro a happy birthday.

While we’re on the celebrations we announced a give-away a week ago to win 100 lo-fi and a signed poster. While we can’t tell you who won the poster (not till they’ve said its cool to name ‘um) we can tell you that everyone, yes everyone who entered will be getting a lo-fi.

Not certain where to put this in but we did promise a link so here’s the Rules to Hungarian Tarokk. That’ll save you a bit of typing in google.

KritzKast #236: A comical chemistry

I think we have just about recovered after last weeks awesome adventures at I49. The problem is we kinda skipped over last weeks update. That’s the one that added Romovision into the game. You get Romovision by equipping the Hardy Laurel while playing MvM. You then see each of the robots with a Roman style. The only way at the moment to acquire this hat and romovision is by Pre-ordering Total War: Rome II. However, as of this week, if your lucky enough to be playing in a game with a player who owns said hat, then you too can view the world in Romovision if you wish.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_173710151_previewThis week however has given us another huge update with bug fixes galore. Party to celebrate Team Fortress’ 17th birthday, Partly as an excuse to add in the new Chemistry sets into the game. If your unsure what the chemistry set actually does, then have a read of this awesome guide putting things better than I could. Also in this update, we saw all of the “Gold Star” Items become dropable, giftable and of cource, purchasable from the Mann Co Store. This update also took away the last Salvage crate and replaced it with a reserved crate.

To put the cherry on top of the cake, Valve also showed off the first issue of their Bi-Monthly Comic book. Unlike previous comics, there is no update tied to it and no reason for it to exists other than to entertain, and entertain it does. If you haven’t already, go read up it now then carry on with the show.

That video above is also something you simply NEED to watch. Its the trailer for the fan created TF2 Movie, End of the Line. If the final product is as jaw dropping as this trailer is, then we are in for a great Movie. Then to top it all off, Kritzkast are giving away 100 Lo-Fi Longwaves and 1 very special banner from I49, signed by as many celebs and teams as we could get onto 1 banner.

KritzKast #235: i49

Camera7Multiplay’s Insomnia events earn their name. i49 has left us all in need of a damn good sleep.

As always we celebrated the event with a special episode featuring some of the stars of the show. Our editing space was given to us by our friends over at UKCS.

We have to thank the newest additions to our team, Comedian and Skyride who produced some of the best coverage including the epic “Land of the Brave” ad-hoc chroma-key video. Also joining us was Helene from Gamers United.

Camera1As well as the usual cast we had some random guests (including but not limited to): The Heartsman; Chaplain, KnOxXx and Numlocked from Epsilon eSports; Lange from; Tapley; Arx and Beta from vanillatv; a couple of random Aussie tourists (who were carrying the legendary Haribo); wm from ozfortressaccless the demon artist.

You get the idea. If we’ve missed anyone let us know in the comments and we’ll add to the list. Suffice to say we had an awesome time and wish you could have all been there to enjoy it with us. Maybe next year?

Lastly we want to thank CDJO and PatrickJr for their awesome SFM artwork that we’ve been making sporadic use of during the weekend.

KritzKast #234: Better than Pipeline

scout_lineHello, my name is Valve and I’m a TF2 updateaholic. It has been 25 days since my last update and I’m getting the shakes. I’ve started to get my young students to push out videos on their “pipeline” to satisfy my urges by proxy. One with Tom Bui, yes that Tom Bui, another with Michael Abrash but they sort of did a rush half-life, sorry half-assed job and I don’t feel fulfilled. Please help.

Reddit was the staging point of a three way jump-off between Mr Muselk, tomasazz and Deep4000 from spawn to spawn in Badwater. Muselk takes the win with 7.4 seconds and earns himself our player of the week (and vint. Lo-Fi).

The guys over at No Bullcrits have come up with an ingenious new tournament mode. 3 classes, 3 cap points, 3 minutes. You’re too late to take part (and possibly in the wrong continent) in their Au/NZ tourney but don’t let that stop you joining their steam group and catching up with the final matches.

One tournament that’s still LFTs is the Awesome Cup #2 10v10. Saddly no strippers in this one. It’s the standard High Lander roll-out but with an extra Demoknight class. Staying with tournament news for a little longer, ESEA Season 14 TF2 LAN was happening this weekend gone, so that’s something.

Steam are looking to see if it will blend: the steam workshop that is. They’re looking to release a version of freeware 3D software, Blender, to Steam specifically for artists to create submissions to the Steam Workshop.

In our build-up to next week’s show at Multiplay’s i49 event we’ve just released the video we made of the Novint Falcon’s mini-comp we made last year. You’ll want to check out our i49 page on when it goes live on Thursday too.

KritzKast #233: The Heavy has a triangular head

SDCC_TF2 bustsAnother week another update. Only there hasn’t been one, again. Anyone else getting a little concerned? Lets busy ourselves with what’s good in TF2. eXtv’s i46 documentary is finally out. Shot on site at Multiplay’s insomnia event last year this has taken a year to edit and release. Was it worth the wait? We’ll let you decide that. It can be watched for free on youtube or downloaded at a faster fps and a little bit of cash at VHX. Ruskeydoo has also made up a promo pin that Valve may decide to include in the game, assuming you all vote it up on the steam workshop.

The Valve mini-studio in San Francisco where secret world domination plans had been drawing up, has closed down. So that’s not exactly TF2 news but hey, it’s Valve (or at least it was).

Ch3wKaiju over on reddit has noticed something that no-one else seemed to have reported on. There are a bunch of new TF2 busts with interchangeable hats in a cabinet. No news on who the cabinet belongs too or how the hats work so speculation ensues. is one of our favourite websites. They are constantly looking to challenge the map makers with interesting requirements. This time though they’ve shifted the focus again away from game play to beauty in the Detailing Mini-Contest 2013. They say the devil is in the details so that’s what these guys are looking for this time. I can’t wait to see what comes out of this, not just the shiny things but what people will do with the resources afterwards.

STAR_ has just released another video. This time he’s playing through the Smash Bros game mode. While the mode isn’t new it’s certainly cool and our editor Doug seems to have found himself in another of STAR_’s videos. It was his birthday (Doug’s not STAR_’s) at the time of recording, so hp dude.

Lastly we bounce back to /r/TF2 for news of an Android App called the Itemizer. It’s still in open beta at the moment so they are giving it away to those who sign up early. We’re not too sure what to make of it but rest assured we’ll install that app so you don’t have to, unless you want to.

KritzKast #232: Unusual Haunted Servers

This week we were joined by Wiethoofd, also known as the creator of the recently released Its a simple site that let you customize and use a whitelist for your server. Put simply, This is the easiest way to restrict item usage on a server. Perfect if your hosting a competitive environment, or just to stop the constant spam of that 1 weapon on your server. Any server admins, take a look at it for yourself.

For those of you wanting to get into competitive, or have always been overwhelmed by the skill level involved, Have we got a cup for you. The guys over at (The recently formed Competitive wiki) are running a “Newbie cup”. This cup is open to anybody with no experience playing in a competitive environment. A great place for first timers, or those a bit overwhelmed by some of the pros

We also bring you news of Phantom Servers, using the names, profile pictures, and even ping of players who were previously on the server and strapping them onto bots. Why would any server admin permit this? Because the servers usually have pinion Ads, making money off the people who get tricked into playing on those severs. Keep an eye out people. We also talk briefly about the update to live logs beta2. Its making leaps and bounds as usual, the trouble is all the data has been reset, so we’ll have to wait for it to gather back up again.

Lastly we bring let you know what we’ll be talking about next week. The I46 Documentary. Chronicling the stuggle between the US and EU TF2 teams at lan, for the first time. The final trailer popped up online this week with a release date for the documentary. August 9th on VHX digital download and August 10th on youtube. Your homework this week is to watch it ready for next weeks show.

KritzKast #231: Beating a Dark Horse

Apparently, summer is over. Or rather both steam and the Mann Co summer sales are over. Strangely thought the summer checks are still floating about, even though they are now Rare Drops. However, in this weeks update, the quickfix now lets the user travel with the Pyro, no matter where he/she goes, even if that includes flare jumping. Will this shake up game-play much? That’s for you to find out and us to debate about.

tumblr_mq9tmhAXv51qbx8uqo1_1280Do you remember that Comic preview we showed you last week? We weren’t too sure if it was real or not, But now we do. Darkhorse Comics tweeted this week to confirm that they are publishing the web based TF2 comic. Its scheduled for “Fall” of this year. So now all we need to do is play the waiting game.

While your waiting, why don’t you make a TF2 video. Why?, because there are prizes to be won. The guys over at TF2connexion and ROCCAT have put together a contest where you can win some Thermal Take Goodies. It doesn’t need to be a frag video, but they are not looking for SFM work. So save that for the saxxies. All the details are here, so go check ti out if videos are your favorite flavor of TF2.

To round things up we have an image which makes it much easier to understand the damage output of the scout. It breaks down the amount of shots required to take down each class at each range, Suddenly you know how much you can commit before you jump into the heart of the battle. Plus we have a flurry of images from last weekends PAX Australia. There is always a lot of Cosplay that goes on at those events, But how many of them have a heavy fairy running around?

KritzKast #230: IDLEFALL

idlefallIn retaliation for Dustin’s attack on our show, Ruskeydoo and Agro invaded the Halo podcast Podtacular armed with little to no knowledge of Bungee/343’s stunning titles. We really hope he haven’t broken your show Dust Storm.

There has been a little patch this week but that’s nothing compared to the massive story that hales the death of idling! Possibly, maybe, in some small way.

Valve drop the bomb on what the new 3A robotic models are going to look like. Personally, I’ll have one of each and keep them coming, faster. And as a further aside it appears that Dark Horse Comics were giving away postcards that appear to indicate TF2 comics will be coming in FALL 2013!

The image and title for this week’s podcast is stolen from THE PINKY’s brilliant SFM work, SPYFALL.

For which he earns our PotW title. Well done lad, OneMoreUser would be proud.

KritzKast #229: One update to rule them all

medic_bucksThere’s been a big update this week. Sometimes when we say that we’re talking about a new map added or a few dozen new items. This time “big” doesn’t seem to cover all that’s happened. Valve actually seem to have fixed pretty much everything all at once. Although we’d not go so far as to say that we have the perfect game now, we’re just a lot closer to it. We’re not going to list all the bug fixes either, not when the official blog has done such a good job of it. Oh, and the two maps we talked about last week are in now and have been thoroughly played, a bit, so we get to talk about cp_process and cp_standin with some hint of authority.

Along with the Summery theme of unwanted bugs there’s now a bunch of new crates; Summer coolers to be exact. These open to reveal one of 60 new workshop submitted items. It’s a good job we have Heartsman and Ruskeydoo on the show to help sort out the really good ones. Before we leave the workshop behind there’s now a mail list for budding builders to ask all things of the seasoned pros and report bugs that they find too.

Lastly we can’t help but mention the Pipeline. For some working for Valve is a lifetimes hard work realised. For other lucky sods it’s work placement. You lucky, lucky, b**tards. It’s still unclear if anything impressive is going to come out of this website but for now it stands as a great big “ner ne ne ner ner” to us all. Well done everyone.

KritzKast #228: Workshop is where the charity is

When we make these episodes, we record them on a Sunday and try and get them edited as soon as possible. However sometimes we talk about future events, only for them, to be released in the time it takes us to get the episode ready for public consumption. This is one of those weeks. Sorry to say we won’t be talking about the huge update that just dropped….however we will be theory crafting about the update.

We will however be talking about the Special Effect Charity Set. A group of Item creators have been asked to create some items for the charity Special Effect. The result is a very nice set currently on the workshop. But with your votes, they can not only make it into the game, but all profits from them will go directly to charity. Can’t say fairer than that.

In other steam news, You can now Link your Steam account with your account, if you have one. The main people who benefit from this are DOTA 2 players who get advantages from linking them together. However, we can foresee multiple cool features popping up with this move. Unlike the move ESEA made a month back, Which has now directly landed them with a lawsuit. To find out if this effects you, or just to find out more, follow this link. Actually, While your at it, Follow this link too. Its the latest episode of Work In Progress with Agro chatting to Tim from Ozfortress, Gamers United, TF2mixup and all manors of TF2 Events.

Lastly are 2 very important announcements. The first is that the limited edition blu figures are available in the valve store. the other one is that TF2 is the best PC shooter of all time……who knew.

KritzKast #227: 1 shade of Kritz

Some weeks, no news happens at all, we struggle to find things to talk about and deep down, we all cry ourselves to sleep. This was not one of those weeks. We’ve had al kinds of things occur in the world of TF2 and steam. We start with the new item dropping. The Summer Claim Check. Nobody really knows exactly what its for yet, But we do know that it will be able to be cashed in for a “special crate” at a later date. The bigger news however is that item creators can now assign credit to a list of communities, tool creators, or guide writers that may have been a great help in making their item a reality. Valve posted a blog post

In other news, The steam trading card feature has now gone live. So expect to see masses of trading cards up for trade. Trading not your thing? how about a Free for all event hosted by EdgeGamers. Its very simple, the aim of the game is not to work together but get more kills than your teammates. While it doesn’t involve what we think is the key part of this team based hat simulator, it does add for a fresh flavor on this game of ours. Still not got your intrest? How about a 72hour mapping contest hosted by Some of the resulting maps are very interesting and even add a few unique quirks not seen elsewhere. You have until July the third to get your votes in.

Your waiting for me to talk about the ARG aren’t you? We’re not even sure there is an ARG, it depends on who you talk to. Ruskeydoo is convinced that the recent Korean voice patch for HL2 is clear sign of an ARG due to some of the tricks they left floating about. The recent discovery of newly added Korean notes in Surgeon Simulator also adds fuel to the fire. Even though the developers have claimed its not an ARG, that only makes people believe it more.

Even with all of that, We still talk about TF2 Characters in Joe Danger, The best Wedding present in the world….from Valve. Plus we talk about the posibility of future updates to TF2 on the Xbox. There is so much to talk about it, its surprising that we can list it all on these show notes.

KritzKast #226: A Slin Chance of Sleep

invite_sleepOut with the old style (crate #55) and in with the new (crate #59), I’ve got an answering machine that will talk to you. It says, “Hey, how you doing? I’m sorry you can’t get through. Why don’t you leave your name and your number and I’ll give you 7 new unusual effects”. Okay, that’s (probably) the last time I try and squeeze lyrics from a De La Soul song into the show notes. The effects are: Kill-a-Watt, Terror-Watt, Cloud 9, Aces High, Dead Presidents, Miami Nights and Disco Beat Down.

TF2 has inserted itself into another game, this time it’s Surgeon Simulator 2013. The Heavy plays the role of the poor sap on the table and Medic plays the surgeon. Frankly, I think they missed a trick, the scout should have been the anaesthetist, BONK!

There’s news that we may soon be getting a way to share our games on Steam. All we have are snippets of code for proof with no-one stepping forward from Valve to confirm or deny the story. I for one am looking forward to the chance to give my copy of “3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures Deluxe” to someone in hope they never actually return it.

Ruskeydoo was a bit out of it this week having survived a couple of solid days of drinking. I too was on the back of a hard day’s night following TF2-25, KevinIsPwn’s marathon TF2 event in benefit of St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. We raised over $1000 but it’s not too late to donate what you can.

The Highlander Nations Cup is starting up again. If you want to get involved, to represent your country now is the time to step up since applications end 8th July. There’s been several updates to the Trading Cards beta with booster packs, colour changes, XP for number of games purchased and an achievement showcase to name but a few.

Lastly our cat in the tree story is a sleepy tale. Two TF2 livecasters from different continents raced against each other in the mighty sport of sleeping. ThePledge and Mr Slin going hell for leather in a match that Sezco saw fit to commentate on. This put meta in the meta.

KritzKast #225: Kritztacular

kritztacular_kk225We are joined today by Dust Storm from Podtacular, the long running unofficial Halo Universe podcast. Why? Well we’ve very happy to have Podtacular join KritzKast in the PodKast network and we thought you’d like to get to know him.

TF2 seems to be going through a fashionista phase at the moment. In the last week 18 news hats/miscs have been added to the game. The cross over with Gunpoint brings us the Crosslinker’s Coil. A pre-order of Total War™: ROME II will gain you 7 themed cosmetics to pimp out your classes giving them that look of battles long gone. Scout gets his leopard on with the Beastly Bonnet and the Cheet Sheet. Pyro is standing proud in the Centurion and Steel Sixpack. Demoman gets the Tartan Shade and the highly questionable Tartantaloons. finally medic proves his superiority over lesser men with his Hardy Laurel.

We’re seeing the up side to all that work Valve put into their new workshop import tool. Only two days after implementation and a blog post requesting new submissions they’ve dropped 10 new items into the game. I wish Ruskeydoo was here to tell you what that means. It’s super impressive given that in the past it could take many weeks between a submission being accepted and finally allowed into the game. Personally my favourite is The Dark Age Defender. Every demoknight will be wearing it this season.

We’ve got two big news stories in hats! Firstly, unusuals are now tradable in the Steam Community Market. Secondly we have 30,000 Steam members, 3,000 twitter followers which we are celebrating by giving out 300 lo-fi longawave hats to you guys.

Speaking of hats, TF2 has caught the eye of The New York Times‘s Fashion and Style section. Apparently spending thousands on in-game items isn’t normal behaviour. Who knew? Anyway they got some of those people with hundreds of pairs of shoes that they’ll only ever wear once and won’t last forever to talk about how gamers are a bit frivolous. Well they’ve got us there. Maybe we should run around murdering pedestrians for petty cash. My bad, that’s Saints Row IV – soon to launch with TF2 skins.

Our ‘cat in the tree’ story comes from Valve’s offices where they are wondering if you’d buy a sweater that looked this. Erm, is this a trick question?

KritzKast #224: Hello Kevin and Goodbye Beta

Running with our theme of promoting people who do charity events, we have Kevinispwn on the show this week. He is planning on doing a 25 hour stream of TF2. Because 24 hours, just isn’t enough. It will be happening on June 22nd on the Kritzkast servers and stream. Just head over to to watch it unfold.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t make the show all about Kevin, especially when this weeks update dealt with so much. we got more ETF2L Medals in game, Valve put an end to the dreaded Interp exploit and we find out what are the final items in those Mysterious Promo boxes.

We also give our reactions to the TV spot for TF2 that aired with the premier of the new series of Venture Bros. Along with that advert came TF2 items straight from venture Bros. Listen in and you’ll hear our opinions of both the items and the first TF2 TV advert

Alas, it can’t all be good news. This week saw the offical end to the TF2 Beta. Yeah, that right, one of the first exclusives we got, has now come to a close. We look back at how it was used and discuss if this truly was the right time to turn it off.

The big news this week comes from the competitive side of TF2, or rather the future of it. Sal and eXtine visited valve HQ last Monday, to talk about the future of competitive TF2. They bring back with them news that Valve are thinking of putting a Highlander lobby in the game. We talk about the merits and flaws of both HL and 6v6.

Then, to round it all off there’s a not-in-anyway-expensive GamingHeads sniper figure. We must admit, they do look perdy, but none of us can warrant the second mortgage required to actually buy one.

KritzKast #223: Breaking news: nothing happens

Yes this week has lots of things happened. However this isn’t the show for this week. Nope. This is the very late episode for last week and strangely enough, seemed like an empty week. That is until we tell you about the i49 qualifier games. A game where non-premiership teams can compete for free tickets to i49. If youre team wants to give it a ago, all the details can be found here

Oh look, what is this. The next set of NECA Toys. Its the soldier and heavy. Its happening in july. Its almost like the cast of kritzkast have been given our favirote classes first. Thanks NECA. We also talk about the TV spot valve put out…..Actually we don’t really talk about it as when the episode was being recorded, it hadn’t aired yet. However you can listen to us guessing wildly and getting it completely incorrect.

Over at, they are doing another of their themed updates. For those who have not seen them before, its a project where people help make maps and mapping resources themed in a singular theme. This time the theme is Islands. hmmmmm. Get your thinking caps on and your butts over to

Ever heard of IGL? Thats because they are event organizers that have just come onto the scene. Don’t worry, the way they are going about things, we think they will be very big very soon. So get you and your team on their Highlander Ladder as soon as you can.

Our last item isn’t really TF2 Related. But it has the chance of being implemented in TF2. Overwatch. if your into CS:GO, check it out.

We would also like to dedicate this episode to Andrew Scott Reisse, one of the lead developers on the Oculus Rift project, who lost his life last week aged 33.

KritzKast #222: Toppling Toys

srsbusinessIts indigogo all the way this week with both US and Australia/New Zealand reaching their targets to bring teams to i49. While we’re on the topic of the UK’s biggest LAN party, someone is looking to set their friend up for a blind date there. Apparently she’s slim, about 5’6″ and into gaming. No words on how old she is but she is from Wales so take that into consideration before you apply.

eXtv are back with their Top10 videos. This will have been the first for quite some months. From the same video factory there’s a round up of the 2nd hundred Moments of Glory. Watch out for the Lo-Fi toting pyro at the end.

There have been updates of course as well, but only little things like fixing the VR Mode for OSX users and making the Practioner’s Processing Mask into a neck item, not a face one. We’re more interested in what 3A have to offer with their blurry Heavy image. If their Portal 2 offerings are anything to go by we may be in for a treat.

KritzKast #221: Crateception

Following on from our interview with Valve’s Andrew Wilson and the Robotic Boogaloo team we have two RBers join us for this week’s show: Heartsman (previously known as c**tsman) and NeoDement, co-auther of the brilliant guide of guides for making hats (and other items too, I guess). We shed a tear for the loss of such unusual effects as Emone and Electric Boogaloop but golf clap the sheer brilliance of the first wholly community made TF2 update. At last count there were 39 Hats, 18 Misc and 5 Extras added to the game, not to mention a comic, a website and a new SFM video.

trading_cardsValve haven’t been sat on their hands while their community has been working. Not only have they created a new import tool that will allow them to publish content faster, they’ve also come up with Steam Trading Cards too. Technically it’s still in beta but the benefits of getting on there are many-fold. Collecting the full set of cards give you XP that count towards your levels. Every level you go up gives you 5 more friend slots and every 10 levels opens up a showcase for your profile.

Now on to NECA where a tour goer snapped some pictures of the upcoming 6″ Spy and Engineer models (complete with a toolbox and wrench).

Former Valve employees have been continuing to work on hardware they started while at Valve. Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson have been given Gabe’s personal green light to take their 3D glasses / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality prototype and make something of it on their own. They were part of the group that were let go from Valve a few months back but continued to work passionately on the project.

In a slightly less dog-in-tree story, Geel9, one of the creators of the (along with Jessecar) is someone we’re due to interview very shortly. He has admitted to using a script to craft Tuxxy #1 as well as other prized items. He feels so bad about breaking Valve’s Terms of Service he’s raffled off this prize, free of charge.

KritzKast #220: IAMA Cheese traitor

It seems as though something big is on the horizon as we didn’t have an update this week. However we still had a tone of stuff to talk about Ranging from community actives to how much sweat valve need to make a good game. Trust me, if you listen to the episode it all makes. Plus now you can cool off with a nice glass of bonk. If they were still available in the store that is.

Do you remember “Hatgate”? Yep, that the name of the Skullgirls incident. Now it seems like their promised hats may actually be added to the game. If we the TF2 Community like them. They have been added to the workshop for people to view and if they get enough attention they might just make it in the game. We give our opinions on them, but if you wish to see for yourself, have a look here.

In the rest of the TF2 Community we have the Game changing realization that SNSD are not the best HL team in ETF2L. In our backyard, we host a raffle, giving away far over 27 hats. The guys at help with the i49 Fundraiser by putting on 2 showmatch’s of hypertheical Lan Finals. Plus, we find out what its like to make a bot that gathers you over $10,000 worth of TF2 loot, only to have it deleted from your account.