ESEA TF2 Open – KritzKast’s Offseason (S23)

Posted on: Nov 18th 2016 by feathers

So, our season has finally come to a close. We learned a lot as a team, and it was very fun. Though, I’ve learned quite a lot as a team leader as well. Here’s my advice as to what you should do.

For one, always deal with toxicity in comms and other communication issues as openly and as soon as possible. This can always affect team reputation, gameplay, and relations. It’s literally never a good thing. It just tends to disrupt things when people only ask “What???? He’s so low!? Where are you guys?!?” and not say who took the damage and where before your team’s wiped, rather than asking where everyone is after. It can also bleed into team interaction, and highly affect gameplay. For example, your combo could start to not trust your flank, or vice versa, and everyone ends up out of position.

Secondly, if there is any problem within the team that is directly affecting gameplay, again, deal with it as openly and soon as possible. In our case, we’re a friend team, and it hurts to cut people, a bit moreso than it does on other teams.  We had to move around and cut a lot of people in preseason, and had a couple incidents over the season. While we’re past that now, it still is never a fun process, and it always helps to bring it up as a team to the perpetrator(s). Be careful to not gang up on them though, be respectful about your criticism of that player, and don’t get heated with them.

Finally, you really need to gel as a team and stick together, at least 4 of you, after a failed season. Offseasons are long and you have time to keep improving. We’re in the process of that now, most likely replacing a couple players, and my advice in this situation is to find people you trust to play well with you and improve with you.

We went 6-10-0 in the season. 6 wins, 10 losses, no draws. Hopefully next season will be better for us as a team, since we’re getting more talkative teammates. If you want to play competitively and improve quickly, play some Newbie Mixes at 9 EST. The Steam group can be found here. You’ll be able to learn the game, and learn the ropes for ESEA, where you can exponentially improve in Open. This was a great experience, and I hope some of you get to try it.


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