Giving MaxOfS2D the 3rd degree

Posted on: Dec 14th 2011 by Agro

MaxOfS2D burst into our YouTube lives just over a year ago. He’s managed to take a SNES title and our beloved TF2 and merge them into his own world of 3D animation, know as Earthbound Fortress 2. Between then and now he’s given us many little stories from dancing scouts to the love between a Medic and a Heavy.

Rightly or wrongly he’s also picked up a reputation, possibly from his French counterpart, the Spy. Here at KritzKast Studios we don’t like to judge people until we’ve had a chance to interview them (then we’ll bitch about ‘um to their faces).

Thing is, we want your help on this (not the bitching, we’ve more than got that covered), we’d like you to submit your questions to Max.

The best few questions we end up using (that we hadn’t already thought up ourselves) will win a Vintage Lo-Fi Longwave if you’ve already got one give this to your mum or your dad and they will love you more than they did the day you were born*.

Closing date was 31st December 2011. Thanks to everyone who submitted a question for Max.. now we just have to interview him.

*KritzKast can not be held responsible for the degrees of parental affection given

The Interview with MaxOfS2D is released. Congratulations to the winners of the Lo-Fi: Connor Hanley, Invader gir, Keith, Watio, Heiru, Izzo, Waaper, Govenor Explosion, Combustible Lemon Party, Murloc Jonny, BobsYurUncle, Asier, Ben, Ericson777, Steppenwolf, Carez, Terrick Eto, Sliferjam, Alexander Rosa and Deox The Wolf.