Hand Made HoUWaR

Posted on: Jan 5th 2014 by Agro

Whether you’re after a Teddy Roosebelt or a Max’s Severed Head hat you’ll be wanting to talk to Threnodi. She is well known to the TF2 community for her squishables and real-life interpretations of in-game hats but now it seems that Valve are paying her a bit of attention too. They have put her in contact with the guys at We Love Fine with an expectation that they’ll be working together to produce more Valve merch.

Thren: They’re really cool people too, I’m finding, they actually care more about making awesome stuff and working with good people/companies than the flat bottom line from what I’ve seen so far.

This comes just as Thenodi puts the finishing touches to her HoUWaR. It’s huge, as you can see from the images in this post. In our opinion it looks amazing. Though, as befits a hat of this size and importance, this first prototype requires a fair degree of effort to wear.

Thren: The bolts were a fix to balance the hat– they’re glued under the front brim in that one. ^_^; It’s very back heavy, even with an inflatable ball taking up most of the body’s insides.

Leaving the best to last Trenodi is looking to you for things to make while she’s at We Love Fine.

Thren: I am going to be making official doll prototypes for Valve, so if you guys hear people clamboring for something specific feel free to let me know, maybe it could happen : )





HA!! If this goes to the store and they add promo codes for Genuine ones, my friend will be so pissed off after paying 165 keys for one.

JCapps (Lord Demopan)


Hahaha! I guess i made a good choice for a creation aye? Best of wishes to you Threnodi!



How much do you charge for one?
Because I would like to order one if the shipping prize to the Netherlands is not to high.

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