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Posted on: Feb 5th 2018 by Agro

We were thinking, what with that Day around the corner, and us having reached the first of our Patreon goals (thank you, we love you all so much) that we should celebrate and make good on our pledge of giving back to the community. As it happens Beefer, our semi-domesticated pink Balloonicorn, is looking to get a tattoo to celebrate his long standing love of all things Team Fortress 2. With a wisdom betraying his age he’d like the artistically minded in the community to design it (and let him know where on his body (shudder) it should go). Try and keep it SFW please, I’m looking at you Saf.

Since the prizes from this are coming from our patreon there’s only so much we can give, $25 for first, second gets $10 and third takes $5. Winners will also receive a Vintage Lo-Fi Longwave (if they already have one we’ll gladly pass a Unique quality on to a friend of their choice).¬†We’re trying to do the right thing by the community here so please don’t rip off someone else’s work.

Entries closed

Small print.https://goo.gl/forms/cVyFSLvO45KxJGG93

You may enter as many times as you wish, though you can’t win more than one of the prizes. Any artwork submitted may find its way on to our blog or tweets or youtube at some time in the future. Just know that if it does we’ll go a long way to try and contact you first and then we’ll definitely credit you and ship you a Vintage Lo-Fi too.
The contest will run until midnight Feb 23rd UK time. It was going to be 14th to be on theme but Agro still holds out hope that he can get a date that night… well they say love is blind.

For the record, the artwork on the google form was sent to us by Muhai, thanks dude!


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Hey! Sorry for the late submission, this is for the tattoo contest! Hope you still take the artwork into consideration!

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