KritzKast interviews thejazzman9475

Posted on: Aug 8th 2010 by Agro

Long before Source Film Maker allowed anyone to have a crack at animation James Benson was painstakingly making Heavy, Pyro, Scout, Sniper and all the other classes wiggle to the beat. We talked to thejazzman9475 (as he’s known on youtube) about how he achieved this masterful feat. It may surprise you to find out that he’d only been animating for a few months before starting on Dance Fortress 2, teaching himself from scratch. At the time of the interview James was working for Lionhead Studios during the daytime and immersing himself in DF2 at night.






Over two years old and no comments? This was a brilliant interview, and James was great with a wealth of information for anyone (like myself) getting into 3D animation/games. Thanks for this resource guys!



10 years later, look at him now. His story is really inspiring.

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