Posted on: Feb 27th 2012 by Agro

The KritzKast Lo-Fi Offclass Cup has evolved from it’s simple beginings. In sheer defiance of the usual 6v6 rules we wanted to bring an occam’s razor solution to the off-classes never getting a look-in on the vibrant competative scene.

Said as much in drunken jest as anything, the idea of banning the Solider, Scout and Demoman could have amounted to nothing had it not been for a listener, Trent deciding to realise the format.

The first KLOC event was held in Europe in associatation with PubComp. Following a blog post we were massively oversubscribed with a mix of 200 players and teams signing up. We were very happy to accept the support of EOReality for their servers, a precursor to becoming our official sponsors and ETF2L for their admins. The vintage hats were awarded to YoYoTech.

For it’s second excersion KLOC went down under. ozfortress hosted an event in thier region: Australia. Here, after a few dodgy alternatives (including OzKocL) were rejected, the event’s name was coined. 16 teams signed up and the matches extended over two days. GreaverTV took the lead role following the teams’ fortunes with guest casting from KritzKast’s Agro, 1IVO and VanillaTV’s Comedian. Top honors went to [the] Bradley Philpott Appreciation Club headed by YUKI.

It seems as though the KLOC is having a more exciting holiday than I’ve got planned for this year. The next event is to be held in South Africa with Asia and New Zealand to follow.

Registration has opened at 16bitTF. 8 teams have signed up and GreaverTV is lined up to cast. We’ll keep you up to date on what happens there. Make sure you follow our twitter and join the steam group.


If you want KLOC to come to your region let us know in the comments below and we’ll see what we can do about it.





aww yeeaahh \:D/ We’re really excited about this ^_^



If only I could have Agro in my team



I would love to see the Lo-Fi cup come to America because it seems like it would be a lot of fun and I see this becoming popular over here, I would love to see a good competetive match here in the US that isn’t over run with Soldiers Demomen andScouts(Even though I am a Scout player).



This format is simply amazing – one of the best events I have casted and it will definitely happen in New Zealand this year.

Hopefully I find the time to play as well as cast this time : D

Niko Jims


Yes, bring it to North America. Would love to play in this.

Sleeping Life


Please bring this to America and Canada

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can you make this event again plz?

i really want this hat and i was late to it, and i would do anything to be able to get one. D:

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