KritzKast #142: Mixup bucket ducks

Posted on: Nov 10th 2011 by Agro

Now that the first and second videos are out Tempest finally gets to wax lyrical about his experience in the match with Notch and Robin Walker. Be sure to visit the official TF2 Mixup site then give praise to Salamancer and NVC for their brilliant casting and LuckyLuke for his slick editing.

November signals the end of Halloween and her full moon event but not before we give our final verdict on Monoculous and Valve put up the high rez art work for all to abuse. Speaking of art in November, there’s to be an early signing of The Sacrifice taking place in Portland, Oregon.

This week we’ll see the first matches of the ETF2L Highlander League, Both Agro and Chronos will be competing. Sadly though, Agro won’t get to play in his brand new and bubbly unusual VR goggles.  But it could be worse, he could be made to play TF2 in a bucket.

Sterling Layman


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what was with the big gap between the sound the begingng

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letting the stream PC cooldown