KritzKast #157: The beard of Gabe

Posted on: Mar 2nd 2012 by Agro

Female voice actress extraordinaire DustyOldRoses joins us this week to talk about her work on the female voices of Scout, Spy and Engineer.

Crate 34 is destroyed and 39 takes its place with the super bright A Mann’s Mint and After Eight paints as possible contents. The Reggaelator gets 3 styles and the scout gets a new outfit, the Fast Learner.

NECA are making offical valve toys, showcased at “2012 Toy Industry Association Toy Fair”, where someone stole the Demoman’s head, oh the irony.

Speaking of the Scout; Nate, the original voice actor says he’ll do scout skits if he can get 100K subscribers.

  • Dr. Grordborts’s Medic and Scout Weapon packs are revealed:


Just remember this, Tempest and Chronos had beards before Gabe made them sexy.



agro's dog


love the new guys intro bit 😀



Have DustyOldRoses back, she was awesome, and actually got my wife to listen to a TF2 podcast…

.:ne:. Niir


Check out the noobie mix group, its a bit quiet at the moment because the etf2l season is in full swing. There are now alot of people who are in competitive because of the group and would be willing to mentor new players =) dont be scared if you want to learn people will teach you =D

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