KritzKast #161: Let Me Show You My Strange Parts

Posted on: Mar 29th 2012 by Tempest

Go on, Show us your Strange Parts. By that I of course mean the strange parts that you can now add onto your Strange weapons. Such Strange weapons as the Sapper and Construction PDA. Yep, they both have strange version now available in creates. But to implement it, Valve added a Sapper and PDA slot to the Spy and Engie. Could this be the start of new types of weapons?

While you’re pondering that question, Take a look at the new Items Making their way into the game this week. The Waxy Wayfinder for the Pyro, and the Scrap Pack for the Medic and Pyro. Want to get hold of them both? One you can by in the store, One is a promo item. Find out which is which in the show.

However, the Big new this week is the finals of the South African KLOC event, hosted by 16BitTF. Agro even casted the finals with greaver and comedian. Take a look, Its one hell of a game. Just like the TF2-Mixup will be. I know we talked about it last week, but please take a look at it. Not only is it giving money to a very worthwhile charity, But it’s also your chance to play with an amazing group of people.

Then we have a story for you all. Listen to the show for all the details, But lets just say it involves cookies, Saxton hale and Broken merchandise from valve…….and a recipe for Superglue.





“I will whisk you till the end of your life!”

G8 show all



Had so much fun with you guys <3



Good luck finding out who that guy is! Look forward to the next episode



one question, off topic, how may i get my hands on one of the lovely Lo-Fi Longwave?

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