KritzKast #169: We Were Right

Posted on: May 25th 2012 by Tempest

Having new items in TF2 is great. However, when you have a buy another game to be able to get said items….thats less than great. This is the week where valve have started that back up again. You see, if you pre-order Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, You’ll get not 1, not 2, but 3 Genuine hats in TF2. But that’s not all this weeks update gave us. Another Community item in the form of The Sneaky Spats of Sneaking and 6 new Strange parts. Damn this game is getting bloated.

Sometimes we are right. Sometimes we are very right. Sometimes however, we are wrong. this is (or isn’t depending on who you speak to) one of those times. Last week we spoke about the steam cards being available for purchase in Gamestop. This week we are talking about how they are a reality and what effect that will have on steam and Gamestop as a whole.

We are always moaning about how little the beta gets used and all the changes we’d like to try out. Apparently, we are not the only ones thinking this. TF2 tightrope is a group of people trying out a series of different balance changes to the game and hosting them on their heavily modded server. With some good ideas and some bad, its well worth looking at and if possible joining in.

Speaking of joining in, Why don’t you join in to VanillaTV’s ABC Tuesdays. Each week they are trying to have a set time to cover a match. So if you like to watch the comp scene, but don’t know when to watch. Now you have a day, its TF2 tuesdays.

Then to wrap it all up (apart from your emails) We have coverage of the KK Double Agent Cup. You may have heard us talk about before. Actually, you may have heard us drunkenly ramble the idea out. Please bare in mind, this is a very experiMENTAL cup.

But wait, that’s not all, stick around at the very end to hear breaking news as we record the show.



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Pat is having a SERIOUS volume issue in this episode. He keeps on rather annoyingly fading out for a second or so

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