KritzKast #177: Rolling in Green

Posted on: Jul 20th 2012 by Agro

It’s official, Pyromania is over. The little piles of cocaine have all vanished, the scorched keys and crates have returned to their normal state. To celebrate?? the items released over the last few weeks are now all available in bundles at the Mann Co. store.

But that’s really not the biggest thing that’s happened this week. That esteemed prize goes to Steam’s GreenLight initiative. Valve is turning over the role of finding and rating new games for the steam platform to the steam community at large.

The Summer sale is in effect. We’re all buying every game there ever was at hugely discounted prices, so that we can have them and install them when we finally get bored of Team Fortress 2. If you’re anything like us, that means your pile of shame is just going to bigger. At least we now have Steam badges. And why would you be playing games when you could be making your own films now that the Source Filmmaker we talked about last week is available for everyone?

Before you start thinking we’ve forgotten about TF2 for a week, we haven’t. There’s the return of FortTeamCharlie, the pre-SFM TF2 video episodes. The sneak peek of the next episode is below or you could find it on our YouTube channel.



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