KritzKast #179: Gabe’s Practical Problems

Posted on: Aug 1st 2012 by Agro

Don’t mind the little things. TF2’s update was small in size but could have far reaching changes with a both the Name Tag and Description Tags falling in price. TF2 is looking to roll out quick joining servers as a group. TF2 MixUp unleashes all the videos from event 4. I think The outtakes are the best (Agro).

Gabe Newell has something to say about Windows 8 and it’s not very complimentary or hopeful.

James McVinnie, a cinematic designer at BioWare shows what can be done with SFM and a couple of Kinects. Then he shows us how it was done.

Team Fortress 2 models that NECA has been working on for ages are spotted at the San Diego Comic Con and the SPUFfer, Huff, gets a tour of Valve Studios.






it’s the old clan VeaGeaNce outro, i’m happy now

The changes in the name tags and description tags are pretty ok I believe. Thanks!

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