KritzKast #181: The Gray Mann

Posted on: Aug 19th 2012 by Agro

AAAAARRRGGGH! Tempest isn’t here and Ruskeydoo has taken his role. He’s not got an easy job either. There are huge list of updates ranging from Kong King the new map, some exploits a name change for the Hou-Long Heatermaker, and Carrier Tanks appearing across your favourite maps. This can only mean one thing; the start of the Mann vs Machine ARG.

This time the Alternate Reality Game seems to revolve around capacitors. It was cracked in a day to reveal the first Blood Bothers comic book. In which Grey Mann makes his first appearance, unless you count his dubious simularity to Half-Life’s GMan.

We’re splurging on the hats this week. Not only does the player of the week get one, but another four go out to the winners of our GamersUN/Hypernia competition.

Also taking home the prizes are the competitors of the Ready Steady Pan Tournament. Each win a pin designed by Ruskeydoo himself.

The ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup draws to a conclusion with Germany fighting France for first place. This as The Reddit Round Robin begin their fifth event.

Something for the ladies as they get their own sub-reddit page Team Fortress 2X. And then there’s your emails to take the team off on random tangents. Lastly a big shout out to Joaquin for providing us with the SFM background for this week’s show.

SSG Lerner





The Streaming button is borked. Both on the Web site and in the RSS.



Also looks like the RSS is borked for podcast programs too. Refreshed my Google Listen app this morning and it says no new episodes. RUSKEYDOOBEEDOOBEEDOO!!! 😉

SSG Lerner


If I would of known that me asking a question would of helped Ruskydoo get closer to understanding the Monty Python bit, I would of written months ago.

HI! This isn’t meant to be all braggy or anything but I’m the idea-originator behind TF2X and on behalf of all of us thank you for talking up our sub! 😀 And to clarify, as we did in the sidebar, it’s not meant to be an exclusive, segregating community; rather, just a girl-focused place. guys have and are welcome to post and whatnot. AGAIN OMFG THANKS.

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