KritzKast #197: The man called fatmop

Posted on: Dec 5th 2012 by Agro

Four of the usual’s are joined by the infamous fatmop for this the one hundred and ninety seventh episode. Did i say fatmop? I meant Sal….you know Sal. What do you mean you don’t know Sal. Well get to listening, then you’ll know who Sal is. This week we give our opinions on the Saxxy winners. In fact its a very Saxxy episode. We go through the 3 Saxxy items that drop in the game, The Tuxxy, Saxxy Clapper Badge and the Memory Maker. Not only that but we give you a look at a real life saxxy to be unveiled at the spike video game awards. Like I said, Its a very saxxy show.

 Out side the Saxxys we celebrate women…..that sounded less sexist in my head, sorry about that. I am of course talking about the NA vs EU ladies showmatch ran by the Round Robin crew. If you’d like to have a look at the match, click here. We also talk about, a possible replacement for the slightly abandoned However, its not up and running yet, but they have been working on it for 3 months in secret and estimate another 3 more before going public. To hear more about the project why not listen to the latest episode of Work In Progress, where Agro talks with Marty, the man behind it all.

Over at they are having another of their highly popular mapping contests. This time its all about MvM, So if you’ve always wanted to make an MvM map, or just want to watch other people try, Head on over to and get all the details. Just remember you’ve got until early February to get it done.

We also talk about how Steam vouchers have made their way over to the UK and show you a crazy video of a TF2 mode based on Binding of Issaac. Yep. thats right. crazy times indeed. Did we mention we had Sal on this episode?

RR ladies HL organisers


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