KritzKast #198: Everyone wants a Tiny Man

Posted on: Dec 10th 2012 by Tempest

Just to keep you interested before you start reading the rest of the episode. This week we discuss redundant Caber tactics, Play with toys and rip Samuel Jackson a new asshole. Got your attention? Good. Now your with us, I’ll tell you in more detail about how we talk about big picture being available for the masses. Plus we have a great discussion as to why the Caber nerf was justified but also upsetting. After that, how could we not talk about VGA10. Sorry i should rephrase that. How could we not talk about VGA10 and how Sam Jackson shouldn’t host it. (If Sam Jackson is reading this. I have huge respect for your body of work, So please don’t quote the bible and kill me)

However, We couldn’t get through this episode with out talking about toys. We’ve got a toy for everybody. If your into sandvitches (I’m looking at your Ruskey) then ThreeA have given an extra 200 Sandvitches for valve to sell on their store. However if your looking to buy one of them. your already too late. However your not too late to pre-order your sniper Gaming heads Statue. It may cost a lot, But boy to they look good. Lastly we have been given a sneak preview of the NECA Action figures for the Pyro and Demoman. If you haven’t pre-ordered yours, check out our blog post to help you find the best place for you.

In the rest of the TF2 world, we talk about the Finals of the Round Robin Mentor Tournament. Please have a watch, its a good game. While your at it, watch this charity match over at Bar Room Heroes. You get to root for either the young-lings or the elderly folk. Plus there is a possibility that we may have another ready steady pan tournament. All in all this turns out to be a great episode.






Where can we order the demo and pyro figures from?

Only neca site I can find is the American one, are they getting shipped from there?

Help me!




We made a blog post that has several places to be able to pre-order them from

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