KritzKast #205: beepsman

Posted on: Jan 31st 2013 by Agro

We are joined by the man who’s name we cannot show, oh all right then it’s… the BEEPsman [Damnit Doug, stop editing my posts!] He’s here to talk about the TF2 Robitic Boogaloo where item makers have remade their hats for the robots. There will be a comic (hopefully) and so much other good stuff.

The Cave promos items and Smissmas cosmetics are now craftable. Menpo and the the Last Straw are paintable and the Digvulger has new styles. Valve has updated their Import Tool, lucky we have some item makers on the show to talk about that. You can get your hands on Bot Killer and Vintage items in the Steam Market. While we’re on about websites, Steam Chat is live in beta on a website. ozfortress’ League admin, bladez has created LiveLogs a site that will allow you to watch server logs as they happen. NECA’s action figures are available directly from the Valve store.

We have two videos for you this week. The first comes from STAR_ with whom we played a few hours of the new server mod, The Hidden.

The second belongs to our player of the week, Dr Face, with his SFM short called “Man vs Martians”

Dr. Face





Yay for Dr. Face!






Dawwww… We had a blast having you guys on for community take over! Please feel free to visit anytime! <3 You guys!!

Owner of Trashed Gamers,

Ms. X3na

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