KritzKast #217: Ponies, Rainbows and Wolfs

Posted on: Apr 24th 2013 by Tempest

This week we are joined by the very joyful Ace from Wolfsgorawr. He fits in perfectly with our crazy ensemble  He’s a great person to talk about the new cvar “cl_first_person_uses_world_model” That allows you to view your world model in first person. Officially made for the Oculas Rift, this option has been given to us to at least pretend that we have that sweet piece of hardware. We also talk about how certain plugins my become obsolete due to valve restricting how you connect to secure servers with the use of “-insecure”. Makes no sense? listen in for it all to be revealed.

This week also revealed how people can get their hands on one of the reddit hats. Actually, your chance to get one has already passed. You needed to participate in the reddit April fools event. But if you did you can now redeem it by going to This Link. Their methods have caused a bit of confusion and to a certain degree, anger. But we were guilty of that when we released the Lo-Fi right?

A Public Service Announcement comes next in the form of a date for Steampipe’s release. April 30th is the day it will be unleashed on the world. Make sure you have the space on your computer and if your a server admin, make sure you mark that date in your calendar to update all of your servers.

After that we talk about the ESEA season 13 finals between High Rollers Gaming and Classic Mixup. As always, it was an intense match with crazy moves being played all over the place. Check out the VOD and see for yourself. Or maybe you’d like to enter a 1v1 soldier Ladder. No? What if i told you the prize was a Fully working Arcade Machine? Suddenly its more appealing. Check out MWEB’s Page for all the details.

Lastly we have our player of the week. RedXM. He created a Fantastic Add on That changed your Healing beam’s floating plus’ with Kritzkast Logos. We Love it. If you check it out, we’re sure you’ll love it too.



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