KritzKast #224: Hello Kevin and Goodbye Beta

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013 by Tempest

Running with our theme of promoting people who do charity events, we have Kevinispwn on the show this week. He is planning on doing a 25 hour stream of TF2. Because 24 hours, just isn’t enough. It will be happening on June 22nd on the Kritzkast servers and stream. Just head over to to watch it unfold.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t make the show all about Kevin, especially when this weeks update dealt with so much. we got more ETF2L Medals in game, Valve put an end to the dreaded Interp exploit and we find out what are the final items in those Mysterious Promo boxes.

We also give our reactions to the TV spot for TF2 that aired with the premier of the new series of Venture Bros. Along with that advert came TF2 items straight from venture Bros. Listen in and you’ll hear our opinions of both the items and the first TF2 TV advert

Alas, it can’t all be good news. This week saw the offical end to the TF2 Beta. Yeah, that right, one of the first exclusives we got, has now come to a close. We look back at how it was used and discuss if this truly was the right time to turn it off.

The big news this week comes from the competitive side of TF2, or rather the future of it. Sal and eXtine visited valve HQ last Monday, to talk about the future of competitive TF2. They bring back with them news that Valve are thinking of putting a Highlander lobby in the game. We talk about the merits and flaws of both HL and 6v6.

Then, to round it all off there’s a not-in-anyway-expensive GamingHeads sniper figure. We must admit, they do look perdy, but none of us can warrant the second mortgage required to actually buy one.

Sal & eXtine





Not sure if this is any good to be discussed on the show, but now SteamGuard has you classify every computer your Steam account logs on with a name



Every member of the KritzKast what is your favorite item or hat in team fortress 2?

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letting the stream PC cooldown