KritzKast #232: Unusual Haunted Servers

Posted on: Aug 6th 2013 by Tempest

This week we were joined by Wiethoofd, also known as the creator of the recently released Its a simple site that let you customize and use a whitelist for your server. Put simply, This is the easiest way to restrict item usage on a server. Perfect if your hosting a competitive environment, or just to stop the constant spam of that 1 weapon on your server. Any server admins, take a look at it for yourself.

For those of you wanting to get into competitive, or have always been overwhelmed by the skill level involved, Have we got a cup for you. The guys over at (The recently formed Competitive wiki) are running a “Newbie cup”. This cup is open to anybody with no experience playing in a competitive environment. A great place for first timers, or those a bit overwhelmed by some of the pros

We also bring you news of Phantom Servers, using the names, profile pictures, and even ping of players who were previously on the server and strapping them onto bots. Why would any server admin permit this? Because the servers usually have pinion Ads, making money off the people who get tricked into playing on those severs. Keep an eye out people. We also talk briefly about the update to live logs beta2. Its making leaps and bounds as usual, the trouble is all the data has been reset, so we’ll have to wait for it to gather back up again.

Lastly we bring let you know what we’ll be talking about next week. The I46 Documentary. Chronicling the stuggle between the US and EU TF2 teams at lan, for the first time. The final trailer popped up online this week with a release date for the documentary. August 9th on VHX digital download and August 10th on youtube. Your homework this week is to watch it ready for next weeks show.


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