KritzKast #236: A comical chemistry

Posted on: Sep 5th 2013 by Tempest

I think we have just about recovered after last weeks awesome adventures at I49. The problem is we kinda skipped over last weeks update. That’s the one that added Romovision into the game. You get Romovision by equipping the Hardy Laurel¬†while playing MvM. You then see each of the robots with a Roman style. The only way at the moment to acquire this hat and romovision is by Pre-ordering Total War: Rome II. However, as of this week, if your lucky enough to be playing in a game with a player who owns said hat, then you too can view the world in Romovision if you wish.

steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_173710151_previewThis week however has given us another huge update with bug fixes galore. Party to celebrate Team Fortress’ 17th birthday, Partly as an excuse to add in the new Chemistry sets into the game. If your unsure what the chemistry set actually does, then have a read of this awesome guide putting things better than I could. Also in this update, we saw all of the “Gold Star” Items become dropable, giftable and of cource, purchasable from the Mann Co Store. This update also took away the last Salvage crate and replaced it with a reserved crate.

To put the cherry on top of the cake, Valve also showed off the first issue of their Bi-Monthly Comic book. Unlike previous comics, there is no update tied to it and no reason for it to exists other than to entertain, and entertain it does. If you haven’t already, go read up it now then carry on with the show.

That video above is also something you simply NEED to watch. Its the trailer for the fan created TF2 Movie, End of the Line. If the final product is as jaw dropping as this trailer is, then we are in for a great Movie. Then to top it all off, Kritzkast are giving away 100 Lo-Fi Longwaves and 1 very special banner from I49, signed by as many celebs and teams as we could get onto 1 banner.



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