KritzKast #241: Family ghost stories

Posted on: Oct 12th 2013 by Agro

fem_snipeFall is coming. I say Fall, what I actually mean is Autumn but those crazy Americans have got me thinking “math” is something you study at school and “pants” should be warn on the outside and not just at Halloween. Anyway, Fall’s Acorn and Gourd crates are now dropping so that’s the seasons officially changed. More interestingly they’ve fixed the sound the Demoman makes when he charges forward. Turn your speakers down before you follow this link to hear what it was like when it was broken.

The Third Annual Saxxies have been announced. They’ll be accpting submissions from 11th Nov for one week. What you’ll not be able to enter with is a replay or original content. Which pretty much means it’s SFM only. Although I’ve a feeling they’ll accept stop motion animation.

Just in time for the Saxxies Maxxy, RoxyRox and VeLlix have pushed out theirĀ female sniper model. There can’t be many classes left that don’t have a female conversions.

And on the topic of conversions there’s the TF2 StarFox mod. It’s still in pre-alpha stage but the mod shows tremendous promise. In the mod you get to fly upside down and loop the loop, much like I’m doing with these show notes as we circle right back to Halloween and tf2chan’s invitation to join their spooky fan fics for Ghost Stories from Tuefort.

Lastly, Steam Family Beta is out for a few lucky people, included in that are Ruskeydoo and DougRattmAnnThEpyRo.

Maxxy, RoxyPox, VeLlix


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what if you go offline while in a game from anothers library do you get asked to get off or do you stay on for as long as you want as their no way to tell if the original owner is playing or not?

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