KritzKast #242: Merc Merch

Posted on: Oct 15th 2013 by Tempest

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday, Team Fortress 2, Happy birthday to us. That’s right, this week marked 6 years of Team Fortress 2. What a ride its been and what a ride we are still on. This week we talk about the recent update, which added the keys for those 2 fall crates that were added last week and all the contents inside them. It also brought an end to 2 bugs that brought both pain and glee to players. What are they, you’ll have to listen to find out (we are such a tease)

Have you heard about Steam Dev Days? If you haven’t, check out the mini site valve have made for this invite only developers conference. As far as we can tell, its meant to be a way to get some of the new tech valve have made into the hands of developers in a relaxed environment. Such things as the new Steam OS, Steam machines and of course the new Steam controllers. Speaking of which, we now can see how they will play out in your hand, after valve released the video below showing how it handles different games.

The way the workshop is used is changing. Besides Ruskeydoo giving his opinions of why the workshop fails sometimes, we also bring you news of the Gristly Gumbo Pot. Unlike most items on the workshop, this one comes with a website, Comic and technically lore as to its origins. Is this they way forward with promoting your workshop items?

No idea what to buy for your loved ones this coming Christmas? (only 69 shopping days left). If that’s the case, we have a selection of TF2 themed items you might want to consider. The first made its appearance at this weekends New York comic Con. Called the Portable Mercs, They seem like great TF2 toys for those who can’t afford a 3A model. But for those who can afford a 3A model, here’s another one. Just in time for Halloween, they have teased a blurry picture of a TF2 Ghost Statuette.  Not your bag? How about a Balloonicorn that won’t deflate? A 6inch Vinyl Balloonicorn? If its hats your after, check out Threnodi’s, our player of thew week, max’s severed head. A full hat that you can wear for cosplay, to scare the neighbors dog or just to confuse family members.

But what ever you do, Don’t buy them, from UK forbidden planet. In fact FUCK FORBIDDEN PLANET…….that’s better, I needed to get that out.






lots of spots of silence in this one.. around 13mins

[MvM] Heavy Weapons Guy


Hey, there’s some serious sound issues with this episode. At the end of the conversation about bots crafting hats and spilling over into the point where you start talking about killing people at the same moment as when you die, Ruskeydoo’s and Agro’s audio tracks drop out of the conversation completely, while Chronos and Tempest audibly respond to voices that the audience cannot hear.

Kai Butcher


Near the beginning of this episode some of the audio cuts out. (Its when you are talking about TF2 kill after death exploit)

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