KritzKast #260: Banana The Reckoning

Posted on: Feb 19th 2014 by Agro

cyborg_fortress_2This week’s update was all about the fixes, baby.

Valve adds tags to their game descriptions which means we can now officially list TF2 as hats and our guest host STAR_ can list Towns as scam. 

Steam’s VAC utility seems to be tracking your domains.
After recording this week’s episode Gabe Newell, CEO of Valve, released this information to reddit explaining what what going on.

N5vhIAyIn the community we get to go “oo” and “ah” at DarkLitria’s interpretation of pyro as well as her more dystopian cyborg team fortress 2. We take a look at tophercrez‘s Pyromancer ceramic mask.

Over in ozfortress the 9th Ultiduo event was opened, closed and played out on the same day. [update: And here’s the video, thanks to ooloops] Staying on comp for a moment, ETF2L Highlander Season 6 signups have opened. You have until Feb 27th to get your team signed up.

One of our brave/reckless listeners, Voltz, had offered to compose an image of your favourite class and its loadout in SFM. Since we pushed out the message in Facebook the demand for his images was somewhat overwhelming and we were forced to lock the thread. Since then an overflow thread was opened and we’re looking for budding SFM artists to give it a go.
Looks like we’ve had a couple of artists, ?UP | Darkbluematter and >{GHS}< Princess Cherry Picklers come to our rescue and Voltz is back on form now too.

Lastly we take a look at the ZaziNombies’ LEGO syringe gun.






I sold a luger for 50 euro :3



thanks for acknowledging my artwork and lol the pacman.



Ultiduo grand final video here:

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