KritzKast #324: Crash Course in TF2 Mapping

Posted on: May 15th 2015 by Agro

This week we are joined by UEAKCrash, the infamous name behind such maps as Trainsawlazer, WubWubWub and Glassworks (notice how we listed the serious map last). He talks with us about his personal career in map making, some of his previous and upcoming maps, But also about his new video series, teaching people from the ground up how to make a map. To round the episode off, We want to let people know about our latest Chance to get a Lo-Fi. Our admin of the month contest has been changed for one month only. This month you can enter by submitting a photo, screenshot, drawing, SFM, anything creative to show your love for the Lo-Fi. Head here for more details. Also worth a mention is some of the new Overwatch Merch.


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