KritzKast #327: Advanced TF2center

Posted on: Jun 9th 2015 by Agro

tf2 centerWe’ve interviewed a lot of people on here, which is another way of saying that the Team Fortress 2 community is massive and brilliant. Occasionally we get the chance to revisit with some of our previous guests. Find out where they are now on their various projects and chew the cud with them on where they see their sites going in the future. This is one of those episodes. Sitting down with Masternoob and Foxy from TF2center we explore the site as it is now and look into the very near future to see Advanced Lobbies.


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This reminds me of why I can’t stand the TF2 competetive community. I don’t know what exactly it is that rubs me the wrong way, something about the mild contempt for casual players, but it really gets on my tits.

Nevertheless, the TF2center guys are doing a great job. I wish them the best of luck.

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