KritzKast #404: podcast not found

Posted on: Dec 15th 2016 by Agro

I’m not sure what you were looking for, but while we go look for it I thought you might want to listen to this show we recorded with the delightful power couple of TF2, Medli20 and Bobsplosion.

blinking lo-fiMedli20 Tumblr | YouTube | Twitter| Patreon
Bobsplosion Twitter | Outpost
Orchestral remix of the Uncle Dane Theme: Frontier Justice
Heavy’s Family Portrait by Apostronaut
Zhanna | Yana | Bronislava


Detjumper by /u/tehdankbox
Jarate by /u/TheRedstoneBlaze
Lime Paint by /u/ZentoZekto
2fort, Process (and now) Lo-Fi Voxel art by anabundanceofsquids



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Really just really, no podcast are you kidding me. In fact you haven’t posted it on the steam group. Fuck this “Player of the week” episode it became a disaster I’m out of here!!!????

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