KritzKast #408: the wins of the tf2dove

Posted on: Feb 3rd 2017 by Agro

O’ for the win, for the wins of the tf2dove. I was going to be lazy and just put the rest of the lyrics in as the show notes, but it appears Felix Mendelsohn and William Bartholemew beat me to it in 1844 by writing a song so repetitive those few words you’ve memorised from it, actually make up 90% of the whole. A hundred years later and an entire industry sprang up using their ground unbreaking talents as a template.

Ahem, enough of that.
TF2dove – YouTube
CriticalFlaw – Twitter | FuckYeahTF2
Update – Jan 16th 2017
TF2 Item gambling crack down – Jan 27th Blog post
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Official rayshud support ends – Raysfire is on HUD Hiatus
Medic Tattoo – I’ve seen worse

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