KritzKast #424: r TF2

Posted on: Jun 10th 2017 by Agro

We’ve coaxed three of the /r/tf2/ mods out of their safe places to come talk about the subreddit that drives much of the community discussion around Team Fortress 2. Meeting these guys really puts it in balance, the level of sustained professionalism required to look after everyone, and keep this sub one of the best on reddit.

Also on the show:

SPUF (Steam User Forums) shutting down on June 5th
Arms Race III
Elon Musk playing TF2
LMAOBOX Detected buys

Thanks to Wiethoofd, A_Satanic_Fish, Murky (Deadshot_Calamity), duck74UK, wickedplayer494, Acksor, angrypotato1, Brewster_The_Pigeon, smhxx and all the moderators of /r/tf2 past present and future for keeping us safe and sane(ish).



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