KritzKast #453: End of Inferno

Posted on: Feb 25th 2018 by Agro

Ding Dong the Inferno update is dead. Or to be more precise it has been put into a long slumber, as of Feb 14, though it is still possible to complete whatever contracts you’ve left over. It’s another Agro only show for this one, thought I’m getting better, not nearly half as mad sounding as last time. That is better, isn’t it?

Also on the show:
Metal Slug Fortress 2
Heart-mom tattoo contest
10 Years later
Copenhagen Games TF2 Discord

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Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, Allyson, [YAK], Ben55, Knusperfrosch, Viking34, RTGame, Critical Flaw, Donkey, NiceAsh


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