KritzKast #457: Agent Gunn

Posted on: Jun 26th 2018 by Agro

We’re talking with two of the winners of the 2017 Saxxy Awards, UEAKCrash and FryingDutchman. These lucky, but incredibly well deserving gents, along with a crowd that reads like the “who’s who” of TF2 creative endeavors for 2108,  will be heading off to see Valve’s new studio, just as soon as they can all get time off work.

Action | Comedy | Drama | Short | Extended
Action:  Board Room, jig
Comedy: Chicken Strike, mori
Drama:  Legacy Baron, Mouseholidays
Short: Player’s Portrait Crazyhalo, Mall, testinglol, SedimentarySocks, 2P, Hex
Extended: Leak! Anomidae, Toyoka, Fames, Kostamoinen, ItalianNinja, EDJE, ttmr, Taco_, The Winglet, Woozlez, XB33, dekker, Sgt. Bash, Pumodi, Blade x64, Py-Bun, CoBalt
Overall Winner: Agent Gunn : Hypo, Nonamesleft, SedimentarySocks, Callegos, Donhonk, Populus, Blaholtzen, Square, Five, UEAKCrash, Void, Fuzzymellow, Zoey, NeoDement, Harry, DatGmann, Colteh, Frying Dutchman, Bapaul, Additional Sound by Soundsnap

Also on the show:
Journey to the East –
Copenhagen Games –

Special thanks to all of our Patreons patrons:
Chris Schetter, Five Iron, Fox Fairline, Allyson, [YAK], Ben55, Knusperfrosch, Viking34, RTGame, Critical Flaw, Donkey, NiceAsh





congrats to them tbh, they make nice sfm’s and stuff



It was badass and it had the “pew pew”
and then the big “BOOM!” And then suddenly evil fat man is gonna mess it all up and a guy with a cool moustache gets in and kick his ass!

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