KritzKast interviews Eric Ruth

Posted on: Jul 20th 2011 by Agro

Eric Ruth has found fame and fortune of a kind, tearing apart games and rebuilding them in unexpected ways. Somehow his one-man games studio is able to pump out titles at an alarming rate so it was only a matter of time before his attentions turned to Team Fortress 2. KritzKast was lucky enough to chat to him while his title “Team Fortress Arcade” was still in development. If this interview is anything to go by TFA stands to be an excellent experience.


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[…] I was just talking with KritzKast about this last week when Agro wanted to know the same thing. We wound up chatting about a bunch of stuff involved in the Team Fortress universe and how some of it relates to my game. You can catch the interview here. […]

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