KritzKast interviews Gary Schwartz

Posted on: Feb 25th 2014 by Agro

kk interview v2_640You may recognise Gary Schwartz by name alone
but for those looking puzzled I’ll clue you to his clones.
He’s been one half of a double act of mimes.
He’s Trekked across Deep Space hundreds of times.
As a kid playing in Our Town the crowd called for more!
Much later he lent his voice to Pleo the dinosaur.

He has acted with Hollywood hits, like Tobey Maguire,
not bad for the idiot who thwarted The Quest for Fire.
He’s raised over fifteen thousand dollars in his Kickstarter aims,
to share with the world Viola Spolin’s Theater Games.
In a Jackie Chan fight he relived his childhood,
using ADV like only the Walla-Washington guys could.

Got it yet? What would give it away would be sharing this memo,

His is the voice of the Heavy and Demo

Listen to the interview we recorded with Gary, exclusively here.



James (Alicorn Sanic)


It cost $ 400,000 dollars to interview Gary Schwartz for 12 seconds.



I couldn’t convince Gary Schwartz to do something I could include with the TF2 PropHunt Redux mod for the KickStarter thing.

Oh well.



It’s amazing how i didn’t even think about Heavy and Demoman were being voiced by the same guy!



Great interview! I was really surprised to hear about some of his past work about projects he’s worked on.

George Takei


This interview made my MONTH thank you Kritzkast!

Gary Schwartz


A big fan of Star Trek, I am flattered George Takei listened in. The original Star Trek propelled me (in part) into show biz.

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