KritzKast interviews Mecha the Slag

Posted on: Mar 20th 2011 by Agro

Mecha the Slag, the creator of TF2Ware, TF2Ware2 and The Advanced Weaponiser joins us. Mecha chats about his work introducing new and unusual weapons and how some of these items have made it into the full game.

Mecha the Slag





I know Mecha, Watermelon, and Benny all personally 😀



Took long enough to get mecha on the show.

When I asked mecha about being on KK, he kept saying he would be a horrible host.

Well, honestly, the fact that all the hosts have their flaws is what makes the whole thing so damn hilarious IMO.

Dystopia had the dynamic spawn actions down far before Team Fortress
2 hit the scene, and I’m pretty sure that VALVe owes the dev team some credit for that one. Sofia Vergara, Modern Family ~ I haven’t
watched ‘Modern Family’ much, but she is hilarious. Their
win meant a championship game against the team that defeated them 7-5 in the
first game of round robin play, Rob Bucholz. The oddest thing is that the nature of her role
in comparison to Lange’s is truly comparing apples and oranges. Royalties with physical distribution run around 30% whereas you get about 70% with digital distribution so there is also that.

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