KritzKast interviews TF2TV

Posted on: Feb 23rd 2011 by Agro

We put cameraman and co-founder of TF2TV, Comedian, on the spot. Find out what it takes to do a shoutcast for TF2, stories of past and future and the answer to the age-old question, “Which is better; pancakes or cheesecake?”. For the record, it’s cheesecake.




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[…] Kritzkast. The latest episode includes an interview with TF2tv's Comedian. You can check it out here. Filed under: Interviews Leave a comment Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) ( subscribe to comments […]

The story behind the scenes – TF2TV, by Comedian « vanillatf2


[…] to cover TF2 while it is -25 degrees Celsius outside, I have been interviewed by both gamerFM and kritzkast, I have made good friends with an amazing amount of people, I have made my first submission to […]

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