KritzKast Live at i43

Posted on: Sep 4th 2011 by Tempest

On the last weekend of August 2011, Tempest and Agro found themselves in Telford for the UK’s largest LAN party: Multiplay Insomnia 43. We walked the floor through row after row after row of computers, finding incredible nuggets ranging from Buffy’s massive 37″ screen to (46.50) William Hemmens’s gorgeous green beast of a machine. With over 2000 participants it wasn’t possible to talk to all but everyone we spoke to was having mad fun. We stuck our mic in front of the clans and communities getting in a match break down from Nervous Energy and (50:35) Re#, the low down from Xerxes and Kan (52:42) on UKCS. We followed the party to Quiet PCs Rock Band (18:11) competition stall. Tempest tried his hands at speed building (32:44) a PC at CCLOnline‘s stall. We had Sasha rip apart CMStorm‘s brand new keyboards (04:40) to show us what makes them click, or doesn’t. (22:00) TehPledge from Team Vertex and Rinta from LagTastic Gaming took us through their i43 battles and together with Comedian from VanillaTV they introduced us to the premier heroes of TF2’s eSports: Qun, Greg and Mike from Infused.Tt; DARN (38:08), Mafu and Hymzi from Team Dignitas. We survived the alcohol fueled boat race from inside the cheering crowd. Most importantly, we recorded everything so you could relive the experience for yourself whether you were there or not and maybe convince you, if you weren’t sure if you would come to an iSeries event, that you should definitely join us next time.



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