Lo-Fi Offclass Cup – Update 3

Posted on: Sep 27th 2011 by Trent

Having had my very soul punched and kicked into the ground for days, I was very pleased when the Lo-Fi Offclass Cup came to a dramatic conclusion on Saturday evening and I could sit back with a drink. I commentated on the finals live on VanillaTV alongside Comedian and later Agro, a fitting end to the veritable trial-by-fire that this event has been for me as an organiser and as a man.

So, the aftermath. Feedback even from teams knocked out in the first round was entirely positive, and with interest in the gamemode from North America and OzFortress too so I’m told, hopefully the Lo-Fi Offclass Cup has a future legacy, though not in my hands. I will offer advice, support, and time to anyone willing to head up an LFOC anywhere in the world, so please contact me. Oh, and it has to have koth_lolcano in the map pool. I kinda promised it on the air. Sorry.

 Exerpt from Trent’s original post on PubComp. Read the full post here.


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