May’s Artwork Contest Winners!

Posted on: Jun 23rd 2015 by Tempest

Some of you may know, some of you may not, That every month our server admins do a wonderful little contest giving you guys a monthly chance to win a Lo-Fi. Normally its very simple. Grab a screenshot of the “Admin of the month”. The best screenshot wins the Lo-Fi. How do you know who is the admin of the month, Firstly check the steam group for details, secondly you’ll be able to tell as its the person wearing an orange Max’s Severed head.

However, May was a little different. Due to a large number of our admins having exams that month, none of them would have been active enough to give you all a fair chance to get that screenshot. So it was shifted around for a month. Last month your chance to win was in your own hands. it was up to you to create something featuring the orange max’s head. An SFM, a hand drawn artwork, Animations, the sky was the limit. Looking through the entries we had, the sky was touched. We had an astounding amount of entries ranging from the simple to the complex, from the creative to the technically challenging and all the parts in the middle. Infact, we had so many entries, we had to break them down into groups just to be able to give people their fair dues. So, here are 6 entires that all ended up winning a regular Lo-Fi with the overall winner gaining a vintage Lo-Fi

The Winners are……

Digital Artwork Goes tooLFj3CgGPiccione

We had a lot of digital artwork made for this contest, but this depiction of the pyro and max in a ring of fire blew us away. The colours, the style, the feel of the piece as a whole is superb. Great work Piccione. You’ll be getting your Lo-fi any month now (I’ve just been told that you should have it sooner than a month, But this post is a week late as it is, so who knows)

Hand Drawn Artwork Goes tooSunic

Just Like the the digital artwork, we had some great handdrawn peices of art. Some of them were simple, but iconic and some of them were simply heart warming, this is one of the later. Well done sunic on getting your Lo-Fi

SFM Group 1 Goes too[CB CO] Mr. Baconstrips

We had so many SFM images submitted that we couldn’t just pull 1 winner. it would be incredibly unfair. So we split them into 3 seperate groups. This picture of the holy hat was the winner of the first group we made. Breath taking and truly worthy of a Lo-Fi

SFM Group 2 Goes tooSevin

Did you know that wearing an Orange Max’s head gives youy the ability to jump as a sniper, Plus the ability to fly. Sevin understood this. This piece, superbly framed and rendered is a great piece that i would love to have on a T-shirt……hmmmm, thats a thought

SFM Group 3 Goes tooBuddy the Communist

Come on. Do I really need to explain why this picture is awesome? Don’t you wish this was a gamemode available to play. The problem is that whomever has an Orange Max’s Head will always be the winner. Buddy, Great idea, great execution and great work all round.

Video and the overall Winner isRonald_D_D

After we saw some of the entries flooding in, we understood people were putting a lot of time and effort into making their entries…..we had no idea how far somebody was willing to go. Its no doubt that most of Kritzkast and the server admins voted for the same winner.
Here it is A small hatty hatventure of a hat


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