NerfNow or forever hold your peace

Posted on: Aug 19th 2011 by Agro

Josue Pereira may not be a name you’re too familiar with. If, like me, English is the only language you have any talent in, it may not even be a name you can pronounce. But where I then to say NerfNow, or point out the super cute anime style webcomic that Jo draws I’d guess a fair few of you will go, “Oh, that Jo!”.¬† He’s been entertaining us with his interpretation of TF2 fan art since 2008 and now we have him caged out back. He has promised he’ll tell us everything in exchange for a little light freedom.

Generally when it comes to interviews we like to hold them in secret, with a list of questions only we know about. It’s a format that’s served us well in the past, but since Tempest has gone to all this trouble making the site shiny and new it makes sense for us to rethink our style too. For this one we’re going to do something a little cool. In addition to the interogations questions we have we want you to submit your own.

If we end up using your question (and you’re quoted in the interview) you’ll get your hands on a coveted Vintage Lo-Fi Longwave hat.

For one person, there’s a prize better than hats (though you’ll get one of those too). One question, chosen by Josue, will be drawn as a NerfNow comic.

This competition is now closed for entries since 31st August 2011. We’ve more 1000 email to sort through to find a dozen or so questions for the interview and the one super special question for Josue to draw.

Thanks to everyone who participated. The interview may be found here.