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Posted on: Jan 1st 2011 by Fukki

More than just blood, guts and bicycle wheels

We are extremely grateful to Gamers United EU for supplying us with our gaming servers. Check out your player stats for the servers. The more you play, the better your rank. These are bigger and better than we’ve ever had before. Not only that but we share them with no-one which means you guys get to muck around with some of the most awesome hardware money can buy.

Game Servers:

Server commands:
-type into chat “!helpmenu” to see all the commands
-type into chat “hlx” to see your server stats
-type into chat “/servers” to view our other servers, press a number then F3 to jump
-type into chat “!nextmap” to see what the next map will be
-type into chat “rtv” to vote in a new map

Voice Servers:
port: 64758
Click to connect

Don’t be a dick. If that needs clarification we’re following GamersUnited’s rule set. If you think you’ve been unfairly banned from the servers leave us a message on our Steam forum. Explain what you think happened giving as much detail as possible. Then grab the attention of the admins. They usually hang out in our Steam chat so that’s a good place to start looking.

As well as the hosts of KritzKast our
lead admins are Helene and Fukki.

Want to be a KK|GU Server Admin?
AdminsOur admins are among the best in the world; they’ve all been trained by Gamers United and served a tour of duty before being placed with us. If you think you can handle the responsibility Gamers United want to hear from you.

Be warned though, it’s a tough job, not everyone is cut out for it.

KK|GU Server Admin Application Form

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    Where do you live?* :

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    Twitter (without the "@")?

    Clans and Communities you're currently in

    Tell us some more about you, including the following:
    - how you heard of kritzkast
    - the days and the hours your likely to be able to admin
    - any admin experience you've had on TF2 and/or Mumble

    Finally, a quick test to prove you're human (required)

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