KritzKast #452: B4nny

Posted on: Feb 25th 2018 by Agro

It almost doesn’t matter at this point if you’re into TF2 esports or not. There are just some people who have been knee deep in it for so long that they seem to transcend the question of whether or not it’s a good idea. One such person is B4nny. And we were lucky enough to get him to ourselves for nearly a whole hour. Also on the show: TF2 Pro […]

KritzKast Interviews: NHBL

Posted on: Mar 26th 2017 by Agro

There are two types of Heavies in this world; those that have beaten the cheesecake out of their opponents in a boxing ring and those that plan to do it tomorrow. We caught up with two such hardballs, Clayface and The Gentlemann’s Fedora, who have taken hand to face combat into a whole other level by creating the National Heavy Boxing League. A safe place for gentle persons of the […]

KritzKast #406: Holy FUNKe!

Posted on: Jan 12th 2017 by Agro

What a way to start a new year! We have YouTuber FUNKe on the show, so you know we have to grill him within an inch of his life. Also featured: Jill responds to CELT sound issue comic speculations, will it/won’t it drop? ESA REWIND Teamfortresstv thread | Teaser video with Fribs | did you know both Uberchain and Agro are in attendance? The “Test of Time” doesn’t go to TF2 […]

Invasion Interviews: UEAKCrash

Posted on: Oct 27th 2015 by Agro

Interviewers: Ruskeydoo and Sir Grey A few notable quotes from UEAKCrash: “I’m gonna make a not-legit map and it’s going to go Batshit Crazy!” “I want this idea, how can I wrangle the engine into doing it?” “There’s four different varieties of them, some of them are shooting lasers, some of them are just visually there on the map and some of them will explode like pumpkin bombs.” All our Invasion […]

Invasion Interviews: Chaofanatic

Posted on: Oct 26th 2015 by Agro

Interviewers: Agro and Sir Grey A few notable quotes from Chaofanatic: “the main person who approached me was CobaltGemini cos we worked together on L’il Guardian Pyro” “On the map, there’s a Laser effect, down in one of the basement. Making the effect for that was a lot of fun because I got to use a refraction effect [like the scout’s function trails].” “I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration lately […]

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