KritzKast #321: Just Pretend, Fox Peace

Posted on: Apr 23rd 2015 by Agro

The remarkably lovely Fox Peace joins us tonight. YouTube | Twitter | Twitch | Steam So that we can figure out if Makani’s comic #7 is real, TF2 is dead, needs talent, the Legend is endless and if anyone can ever really afford to go to Blizzcon.

KritzKast #320: The Uncle Dane & Uberchain Show

Posted on: Apr 18th 2015 by Agro

The show is brought you today by two of the brains and brawn behind TF2can which raised over $9000 for charity in Winter 2014. It just happens that they are awesome guys from the TF2 community too. Joining us we have SFM artist Uberchain Youtube | Steam | Twitter | deviantArt | Tumblr | Patreon And rising YouTube superstar, Uncle Dane Youtube | Steam | Twitter | Twitch Also discussed is […]

MyM – Day 3 of 3

Posted on: Mar 23rd 2014 by Aeon Bollig

Valentin “3Dnj” Levillain – 26 – Mapmaker / Modeler / Texture Artist – Lyon, France In the east-central French city of Lyon, lives 26 year-old savant, Valentin Levillain. Colloquially known as 3Dnj, Levillain has numerous accomplishments with his personal work, as well as his professional, industry career as a level architect for Arkane Studios. “I started making maps for Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.6, maybe 10 years ago,” said Levillain. “Then I discovered the […]

MyM – Day 2 of 3

Posted on: Mar 22nd 2014 by Aeon Bollig

Benjamin “Badgerpig” Blåholtz – 21 – Texture Artist / Concept Artist – Svalöv, Sweden 21 year-old Benjamin Blåholtz resides in Svalöv, Sweden, where he studies graphic design at Fridhems Folkhögskola, and moonlights as a top-tier contributor to TF2, where several people know him as simply, Badgerpig. “I’m more or less living the ‘typical student life’,” said Blåholtz. “Lots of parties, usually at least two a week. In my spare time, I draw concept art […]

MyM – Day 1 of 3

Posted on: Mar 21st 2014 by Aeon Bollig

Aeon “Void” Bollig – 19 – Texture Artist / Concept Artist – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA   To start, I might as well give you my own story. Born and raised in the unpredictably-forecasted city of Minneapolis, Minnesota, I’m 19 year-old Aeon Bollig. A lot of people know me as Void, one of the many contributors to Team Fortress 2. With only a high school diploma, I’ve managed to move out and support myself […]

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