KritzKast #321: Just Pretend, Fox Peace

Posted on: Apr 23rd 2015 by Agro

The remarkably lovely Fox Peace joins us tonight. YouTube | Twitter | Twitch | Steam So that we can figure out if Makani’s comic #7 is real, TF2 is dead, needs talent, the Legend is endless and if anyone can ever really afford to go to Blizzcon.

KritzKast #320: The Uncle Dane & Uberchain Show

Posted on: Apr 18th 2015 by Agro

The show is brought you today by two of the brains and brawn behind TF2can which raised over $9000 for charity in Winter 2014. It just happens that they are awesome guys from the TF2 community too. Joining us we have SFM artist Uberchain Youtube | Steam | Twitter | deviantArt | Tumblr | Patreon And rising YouTube superstar, Uncle Dane Youtube | Steam | Twitter | Twitch Also discussed is […]

KritzKast interviews Gary Schwartz

Posted on: Feb 25th 2014 by Agro

You may recognise Gary Schwartz by name alone but for those looking puzzled I’ll clue you to his clones. He’s been one half of a double act of mimes. He’s Trekked across Deep Space hundreds of times. As a kid playing in Our Town the crowd called for more! Much later he lent his voice to Pleo the dinosaur. He has acted with Hollywood hits, like Tobey Maguire, not bad for the idiot who thwarted The Quest for Fire. […]

SourceOP closes their doors to traders

Posted on: Jan 26th 2014 by Sir Grey

SourceOP has seen some major changes over their lifetime but none has hit quite as hard as the announcement that their forums will no longer be available as a reputation site for traders wishing to turn their items into real world cash. Sir Grey sat down with SoureOP‘s You Are The One to get some answers. Sir.Grey: First of all, for those who don’t know SourceOP, what do you all […]

Hand Made HoUWaR

Posted on: Jan 5th 2014 by Agro

Whether you’re after a Teddy Roosebelt or a Max’s Severed Head hat you’ll be wanting to talk to Threnodi. She is well known to the TF2 community for her squishables and real-life interpretations of in-game hats but now it seems that Valve are paying her a bit of attention too. They have put her in contact with the guys at We Love Fine with an expectation that they’ll be working together to produce […]

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