Weekly Warehouse #4

Posted on: Jan 30th 2012 by Hideous

What’s this? A number 4? Well, I never! Now, you say “But Hideous, these are only 6 items! Last week you had 10” – and I say, sure, maybe I did. But then I say if I keep it to 10 every week I am going to run out of items. So now it’s 6 items. And now, you will read about them. YOU WILL READ.

Weekly Warehouse #3

Posted on: Jan 22nd 2012 by Hideous

And I’m back! It’s been a month, but hopefully I can keep up the weekly-ness now. This week we have everything from helmets, to softcaps and a rifle with a chain attached.

Weekly Warehouse #2

Posted on: Dec 19th 2011 by Hideous

And so we have reached week 2 of the warehouse postings! It might be one day late, but as they say, better Nate than lever. Portable Death Ray The ever-lovely Svdl uses his modeling and texturing magic to bring us a more in-universe interpretation of a raygun. Rather than the outlandish steampunk items created by Weta Workshop, this actually looks like it could be from the same universe. The Limited […]

Weekly Warehouse #1

Posted on: Dec 11th 2011 by Hideous

Hey there, and welcome to the inaugural Weekly Warehouse post! This is a segment in which I’ll be going through some of the best Steam Warehouse submissions of the week, and hopefully some of the best underdogs that people have missed. Considering the month and how far we are away from the holidays, this first week will be dedicated to festive items. Click on the images to get to the […]

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