Tempest @ i46 – Thursday

Posted on: Aug 24th 2012 by Tempest

Its half 1 in the morning and this is the first time any of us have had to actually sit down and play games. But even though this day has involved setting up tent purchased minutes before, getting lost thanks to sat-nav’s and lots and lots of cables, It has been so much fun because I’ve been doing it with some of the best people in the world.

Ok, so let me explain. In case you didn’t know this weekend is i46. Multiplays UK LAN Event. But more importantly, it is easily the biggest TF2 LAN event of all time. The ratio of player playing all the games here, swings very heavily towards TF2. So much so, we basically have an entire Hall, just of TF2 Players. But not us, Not kritzkast. We couldn’t settle for a large hall full of sweaty bodies. We much prefer and Clan box full of sweaty bodies. So much so, we Have 2 of them, next to each other, with the wall pulled apart. If you want to see it for yourself, keep your eye on the Kritzkast Live Feed very soon. Hopefully you will be able to see us all in our full glory*

I must admit, I knew it was going to be great fun here, but its only after all the different people started arriving that I realized how Amazing these events are. Sitting to my left, Agro is setting up files for Postman Pat. To my left is Chronos. The real Chronos, all the way from the US. Right in front of me is Pat, frantically editing away trying to bring you the first of our many videos this weekend. and on the other end of the table is ruskydoo. He’s not really working right now, the slacker, but he is getting very heavily into a game of MvM.

You know what, If you’re on your way to meet us, get here quicker. If your not able to make it, Keep your eyes on kritzkast.com for more content than we can cope with.

*full glory may not be obvious between the hours of 1AM – 7AM





My God, Rusky’s setup is AMAZING. I mean, I knew what it would look like, but I never truly KNEW until now. Beautiful. I am now jealous.



Came to see you at 7:30am

No-one in

Leave disappointed 🙁

Lucky Luke


Good clanbox! See y’all tomorrow.

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