Posted on: Jun 21st 2013 by Agro

Anyone can stream 24hrs of Team Fortress 2 for charity but only KevinIsPwn brings you 25hrs! Weโ€™re raising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. With great guests, fun challenges, and donor pickup games, TF2-25 is the Saxton Hale of TF2 marathons.

ย We will be playing on the KritzKast servers and streaming on our live page or you can go straight to if you prefer. We’re hoping to raise $500 but we’ll be grateful for anything you can give. Speaking of which, it’s not always possible for people to pay in with actual currency, and this is TF2 so thanks to lending us one of their bots we’ll be accepting donations of metal, keys, bills & buds. Just add the St. Jude Research bot as a friend and open a trade with it to make your donation.

Current confirmed guest list include (in no particular order):

geel9 –
ashkan – ETF2L admin/TF2mixup
Comedian –
Stabby Stabby – YouTube
HelenAngel – SteamRep
Wolfsgorawr – YouTube
Hideous – hat maker
LuckyLuke – eXtv
Psyke – hat maker
Mnemosynaut – hat maker
Zach Scott – BioWare/Saxxy winner
Ollie Raiden – YouTube
CanFo – ETF2L admin
Psycopath – GangGarrison2
Arnold – map maker
wm – ozfortress/Gamers United

Thanks to everyone who attended and helped us raise $1,022.94 for charity. It’s people like you who have helped make and keep this game great for years.





Ah! Cant wait! ๐Ÿ™‚

Liquid Fire


These livestream charity events are always awesome.



Awesome, good luck & cya tomorrow!






Here’s me, my 24hr TF2 (and other game) stream in the works for a couple of months and you come along and try and one-up me, eh? Well good luck to you! ๐Ÿ˜€

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